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Omega Lift Equipment

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SVI offers a variety of Omega Lift Equipment products including Air / Hydraulic Pumps ideal for rolling jacks, Wheel Hangers, Bottle Jacks, Magic Lift Service Jacks, Tripod Stands, Wheel Dollys, and much more.

Air / Hydraulic Pumps Ideal for Rolling Bridge Jacks and more

SF-22903 10,000 PSI Air/Hydraulic Pump 1.5 Quart for Rolling Bridge Jacks

SVI offers a variety of Rolling Bridge Jack Parts and Pumps! No matter your needs or your budget, SVI has an Air Actuated Hydraulic Pump
to fit your needs. Don’t forget to pick up a hose for your application with standard lengths ranging from 16” to 36”. Contact SVI today! Check out these Omega Air / Hydraulic Rolling Bridge Jack Pumps:

  • SF-22903 10,000 PSI 1.5 Quart Omega Air / Hydraulic Pump
  • SF-22905 10,000 PSI 2.1 Quart Omega Air / Hydraulic Pump
  • SF-22907 10,000 PSI 4 Quart Omega Air / Hydraulic Pump

SF-92100 • OMEGA Wheel Arm™ Tire / Wheel Hangers for 2-Post Lifts

SF-92100 Omega Wheel Arm Tire Wheel Hanger Set of 2 92100

SF-92100 The Omega Wheel Arm™ is an ideal shop addition which was created to hold tires on a vehicle lift arm when working on brake jobs and tire rotations. Also known as a Wheel Hanger, it will clamp to the arm of the lift, relieving the mechanic from constant bending and lifting.

The Omega Wheel Arm is adaptable to all configurations, is multi-holed and will fit almost any lift arm. If you hate tire rotations and anything that requires tire removal – you will love this wheel arm. You can hang the tire on the arm and put it back without bending and putting pressure on your back. It attaches to your lift in just seconds with an allen wrench and will save your back a lot of strain. Simply hang the tire on the arm without any bending while holding a heavy tire. While not in use, it will conveniently fold flat against the lift arm. Other brands require knowing the specific height and width of your lift before ordering. This one is much more versatile. The SF-92100 Omega Wheel Arm Tire / Wheel Hanger Kit includes 2 Wheel Arm Assemblies and 2 round magnetic tool trays for holding lug nuts or anything else you want to put in them.

SVI is your Shop Lift Equipment Headquarters—Contact SVI today!

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