Brake Lathe Parts

Brake lathes are essential tools in the automotive industry that help ensure a smooth and safe driving experience for all drivers. By correcting thickness variations on rotors that cause vibration and noise, brake lathes can help extend the lifespan of brakes and prevent accidents caused by worn-out components. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your brake lathe machines are in top condition to guarantee reliable and efficient operation. Neglecting maintenance or repairs can lead to costly downtime, reduced productivity, and even safety hazards. Regular inspections, cleaning, and repair of brake lathe machines can help avoid unexpected breakdowns and extend their service life. At SVI International, we specialize in providing brake lathe repair parts to keep your equipment in top condition and maximize its performance.

Brake lathes serve as effective tools that extend the longevity of brakes by curing problems concerning vibration and noise. To do so, they correct the thickness variations on the rotor, an issue that commonly occurs from one of two scenarios:

  • Chronic: Uneven contact of brake pads to the rotor’s surface will result in further unbalancing of uneven components.
  • Rust: Any rust that appears on the rotor surface causes damage and thickness variations. This occurs because of extended or frequent contact with road salt or a similar corrosive contaminant.

Because of chronic or rust-related brake lathe issues, auto technicians find these flaws responsible when drivers report a general, unspecific, “my brakes don’t sound or feel right” issue or complaint.

Brake Lathe Parts

Removing Rotor Imperfections

When brake lathe parts are found to be the culprit of the complaint, the rotor’s imperfections need to be removed. This process requires machining down the inconsistencies or rust areas to bring the entire surface even with the lowest point. Furthermore, the opposite rotor must also be shaped within a 0.01-inch (0.25 millimeter) tolerance of the first.

Alternatively, you can opt to replace the entire rotor. However, this process is typically more expensive.

Brake Lathes

There are two brake lathe types: an on-car lathe and an off-car lathe. On-car lathes are reliable and efficient as they are installed in the same position as the brake caliper. Therefore, the lathe mimics the wheel’s movement regarding the car’s calibrations. As a result, on-car lathes provide the most accurate resurfacing job possible.

Off-car lathes, or bench lathes, remove the rotor entirely from the car and mount it onto the lathe. Furthermore, this brake lathe heavily relies on keeping its own alignment, something that can easily shift in specs when damaged or used too frequently. However, this brake lathe type still functions well in auto shops and garages.

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