Resource Engineering

SVI operates with a staff of fully degreed mechanical engineers, and resource engineering is a practice employed to provide customers with alternative solutions for parts and products that others won’t help with, simply abandon or price too expensively.

This means SVI will design special products, re-continue parts that others have discontinued or make overpriced parts available for a reasonable cost. All you have to do to experience the benefits of SVI is provide input on a special need, parts or kits that could be available from SVI, and engineering goes to work.

SVI specializes in innovative cost-reduction resource engineering. Tell us you want a better priced repair kit for a diaphragm pumps, a better adapter solution for lifting new GM trucks, lower cost repair parts for hose reels, air motor rebuild kits for lubrication equipment, lower cost dry lock nozzle repair kits, or whatever. You name it, tell us about your demand and put SVI to work for you as your cost-saving source—SVI is your Answer.

With decades of experience, one SVI specialty is the design and manufacturing of single-acting high capacity hydraulic lifting cylinders. These hydraulic cylinders can be found in use in industrial applications such as turbine rebuilding, transformer repair, printing press lines, aluminum processing, ingredient mixing, commuter rail, large tank fabrication or just about anywhere heavy loads need to be lifted. SVI engineering works hand in hand with customers through the whole design process so all factors and needs are perfectly addressed with all industrial customers. Utilizing specialized tools like GeoMagic Capture and our vast materials and application knowledge base, SVI engineers are well suited for a multitude of special projects. This includes an ability to perform design and resource engineering activities across a broad spectrum of industries. There is no reasonable task or project that SVI engineers will not consider. And, if something is ever beyond SVI engineering capabilities, this is clearly communicated immediately upfront so there are no false expectations or unnecessary time wasted on anyone’s part. SVI is professionally always upfront about its capabilities and abilities to meet ones desired expectations.

Put SVI engineering to work for you today!