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Transfer Pumps – AC Powered Pumps – SVI International – PTP-1140-GRD

PTP-1140-GRD Transfer Pump

Heavy-duty, industrial grade 110V portable waste oil transfer pumps are available from SVI. PTP-1140 pump is ideally-suited for use in extremely hot or cold environments. It features a cast iron gear pump with hardened steel helical gears and an internal bypass pressure relief valve. Plus, it comes with a round carrying handle for comfort when transporting.

These pumps provide a tremendous amount of convenience and the places they can be used are almost endless. Applications can include waste oil transfer at maintenance facilities scattered all across the Canadian oil sands, the removal of transformer oil by electric power co-ops, or any industrial or automotive facility where oils, etc. accumulate and eventually need to be transferred and hauled away. 

The pump can be ordered with or without an optional 10 micron spin-on filter system. Filtered waste oil is especially important when oil is being transferred into the reservoirs of oil burning furnace systems. Filtered oil will help keep misting nozzles from clogging to allow for proper and efficient combustion of the oil within the furnace. Surely, there are other uses for the filtration system, which does allow for the transfer of either filtered or unfiltered oil based an the valve positions.

In industrial environments, the pump can easily be used for periodic oil changes on large machinery such as lathes in high volume turning operations like MLM lifts and Manufacturing. MLM specializes in large hydraulic specialized cylinder production and frequently uses one of these pumps to refresh and renew the oil in their large lathes. Use the PTP-1140 to pump out the old oil and turn right around and use to pump in the new oil. It is simple to operate and easy to maneuver wherever the jobs calls. 

The PTP-1140 pump is designed to be long-lasting, robust and are not intended as a throw away product. SVI prides itself in making products that deliver real value, respect to the ultimate end customer. At your request, pumps can be stocked in any one of our three warehouse locations for fast delivery and reduced shipping costs.

Did you know... SVI also is the sole supplier of Consumer Series Gasboy Pump Repair Parts. Replacement Gasboy Motors also available!

Contact SVI today to get the best waste oil transfer pump on the market PTP-1140

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SVI Part #
Transfer Pump 1" NPT 110V

Motor Stand

Mounting Frame with Handle

Rear Gear Housing Cover

Front Gear Housing Cover

Large Drive Gear

Small Drive Gear

Cast Iron Gear Pump

10µ Spin-On Filter Canister

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Portable Transfer Pump – 110V

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Portable Transfer Pump 110V with Spin-On Filter

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