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While SVI is one of the auto lift industry’s leading supplier of parts for both repair and production of automotive lifts, auto lifts are not all we do at SVI.

We also offer a huge inventory of air compressor parts, brake lathes and repair parts, exhaust system products, Gasboy Consumer Series repair parts, lubrication equipment repair parts, tire changer repair parts, and much more.

SVI also engineers, manufactures and “re-continues” parts for many industries
Download and print our informative product literature below and throughout the website to learn more about our products. These resources make excellent tools to present to your customers, answering any potential questions they may have. From mount / demount heads for tire changers to components for the leading brands of auto lifts, SVI has it all.

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Air / Hydraulic Pumps—Ideal for Rolling Bridge Jacks

Rod Seal Install Tools

Rod Seal Install Tools for Tight Rod Seal Installations.

SVI Replacement Part

SVI returns the life span to replacement parts with material and design improvements. By listening to customer needs and utilizing proven production methods, we can provide more reliable parts that add value and improve bottom line performance.

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