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2 post lift placement | 2 post lift layout

How Far from the Wall Should I Position My Two Post Lift? 

Auto lifts come in a variety of sizes, configurations, and the prices can vary significantly.…

A mechanic is using a car lift to work on a vehicle he knows the benefits and differences between used vs new car lift

Used vs New Car Lifts: Which Should You Purchase?

Buying a lift is one of the most important decisions you’ll make as a shop…

A mechanic wearing white gloves installs and electric fuel pump after learning the differences between mechanical vs electric fuel pumps

Mechanical vs Electric Fuel Pumps: Benefits & Uses    

Every vehicle has a fuel pump that moves fuel from the gas tank to the…

A man's hand in a white glove tightens a types of hydraulic fittings

Identifying the Type of Hydraulic Fitting You Need for Your Project  

Hydraulic systems are a must for any car shop, but like with any equipment, you’ll…

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