Waste Oil Transfer Pumps

Petroleum-based or synthetic waste oil can be a hazardous material within a shop and requires careful removal and disposal. Waste oil transfer pumps can help.

Waste oil transfer pumps serve as paramount components during the process of effectively removing contaminated, wasted, or used oil from a vehicle. With a surplus of vehicle types, oil products, and applications, it may be hard to discern how to choose the proper waste oil transfer pump for your shop needs.

Waste Oil Transfer Pump Product Considerations

Before selecting a transfer pump product, it is important to consider the following points:

  • Most waste oil transfer pumps effectively work with hydraulic oil, transmission oil, gear box oil, motor oil, and brake fluids.
  • Examine the pump’s included parts and functions. What type of oil will you be primarily working with? Do you need a pump to include a filtration system? Will the pump face extreme temperatures?
  • Understand the difference between high volume, high torque, and diaphragm High volume pumps transfer thin or warm oils while high torque pumps transfer thick or cool oils. Diaphragm pumps—built for mineral oil, vegetable oil, or biodiesel oil transfers—are primarily utilized for centrifuge systems.
  • When selecting your transfer pump product, it is important to note that the best pumps are portable, powerful, trustworthy, and always apt to meet specific functionality requirements.

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