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Founded in 1977, SVI International, Inc. is a leading automotive lifts manufacturer and shop equipment parts provider for most makes and models of car lifts and equipment found throughout North America.




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In addition to every-day popular parts, SVI is known as the problem solver in the industry. SVI knows custom—whether you’re looking for specialty lifts or innovative products, SVI is the “can-do” company. SVI is your answer.
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From shop equipment repair parts, lifting equipment, petroleum equipment parts, to fluid delivery products and everything in between, SVI is here for you. Find repair parts easily by looking at our breakdowns or search through our many products for various industries. Don’t see the parts or equipment you need, give us a call today and speak with our friendly, helpful team 800-321-8173. SVI is the answer.


  • Your staff is friendly, well trained and always willing to share their knowledge on the phone. Thanks for the great service and we look forward to many more years of doing business with SVI.Randall B. Burbage, President - Randy Burbage Equipment Company
  • A great company to work with! I have only been involved in this particular industry for a short time, but I come from a very long line of customer service work and know what great service is.Stacey Youngblut, Office Manager - F&W Service Co.
  • We have learned how your system works, how we integrate your flow into our system and together, how the "team" works. Thanks for the great job.Frank Pettinato, Owner - Quick Lift Services, LLC.
  • SVI backs their products 100%. SVI is always available to assist on special projects and applications that are out of the ordinary day to day repairs and or installations of their equipment.Thomas Eaton, Service Manager - Barlo Equipment Corp.
  • All of the sales staff we speak to for an order or help with part numbers or pricing has been extremely helpful. A very professional company to do business with.Don Novak - Pro Automotive Equipment
  • SVI tackles even the most challenging requests and they’re not afraid to dig in and go the distance for their clients.Adam Newcomb, Service Manager - Pacific Lift and Equipment Company, Inc.
  • SVI is a key partner in our business and pivotal to our success. SVI's representatives are knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. Their knowledge of industry equipment is second to none.Kevin Valdes, President - AEPN, Automotive Equipment Parts Network

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All names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only. It is not implied that any part or product listed is the actual product of these manufacturers. SVI does not represent and is not associated in any way with any other companies.

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For what you are about to read:

No business school, school of hard knocks, no nothing prepares anyone for what we are all currently experiencing.

At the close of business today, the SVI operation will remain OPEN to operate with a smaller crew. This is being done to allow everyone to protect themselves and many to “stay at home” until the Covid-19 virus shall pass or become severely minimized. We want everyone to get through this situation healthy and safe and that is our sole objective as a responsibly operating business.

In a very general and broad sense, we are considered an “essential” business by many. SVI is frequently called on to supply products to perhaps keep automotive lifts, other shop equipment, etc. in service that is needed to keep emergency vehicles properly operating.

To assist us in this difficult time:

Please email orders to your normal contact at SVI or to


Please fax order to 800-899-1784


Try calling 800-321-8173 but please be patient. The best thing now is for email contact.

Please be advised that some in sales are working from home and some in sales are currently deferred. If you should happen to email an order to someone in sales who is off during this period of time, do not worry, others in sales will see your email and respond. Since we are working with a more limited staff, you may encounter some delays in response, but everyone will be working hard to respond as soon as and as fast as possible.

Shipping and production has also been pared down, but UPS and some truck shipments will still be made from all three SVI warehouses.

Baltimore – Chicago – Los Angeles

Please keep in mind that due to some of our limitations, some same-day shipments may to an extent be affected and not get out the same day.

How long will this last? We have no idea whether the growing health concerns regarding the fast spread of the virus are going to last two weeks, one month, two months or more. For the sake of everyone and everything, let’s hope the sun starts shining and kills this virus dead soon. When any changes regarding any of this should occur you will be notified immediately.

We completely hope for everyone’s safety and good health through all of this. This is an unprecedented situation and not taken lightly at all by any of us at all. Health and safety is the number one priority.

Thank you for your understanding, your past efforts and hopefully your future support. We look forward to getting back to full steam as soon as possible.

Go straight to Hell Covid-19.