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Small Equipment Lifts – Small Equipment Shop Maintenance

In Ground Small Equipment Shop Maintenance Lifts – SESM Lifts – SVI

SESM Lifts — Easy Installation!

SESM Lifts from SVI are a perfect solution for those engaged in the sale, service and use of smaller equipment associated with the outdoor power and turf equipment industries. Our style of outdoor power equipment lifts can be found in golf carts dealerships, landscape equipment maintenance shops, UTV / ATV dealers, motorcycle shops and just about anywhere else someone wants to make their job more productive and easier to accomplish.

SVI International, Inc. is a leading supplier of high capacity, low pressure single acting cylinders for the automotive lift industry.

Various Landscape Equipment Lifts Configurations Available
Choose Platform, Frame or Undercarriage-Engaging Lifting Structures

SESM Lift Small Equipment Shop Maintenance Lift
SESM Lifts are the perfect small equipment lift for:
  • ATVs / UTVs
  • Golf Cart Maintenance Lift
  • Landscape Equipment
  • Lawn Mowers
  • Motorcycles
  • Personal Watercraft
  • Small Engine Shops
  • Snowmobiles
  • And More!

SVI is a family-owned business that also operates two subsidiary businesses—MLM Lifts and Manufacturing (a specialty fabrication shop and hydraulic cylinder company) and Valley Precision Solutions (a customer-specific hydraulic seal company). Great pride is taken in the job we do, as SVI is an America-First enterprise. We support American jobs, American craftsmanship, American engineering and all the American companies we can proudly call our customers. Please put an SESM lift to work for you in your shop today. Become a fan of SVI and add to our growing list of wonderful testimonials from satisfied customers. You will not be disappointed.

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Call SVI at 800-321-8173 to discuss your lifting needs.
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