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SVI: The Leader in Repair Parts for Automotive and Industrial Equipment

SVI International, Inc has been providing quality products and repair parts for a wide variety of automotive and industrial equipment since 1977.

While we began as experts in hydraulic seals for in-ground lifts, we have expanded our horizons, now specializing in hydraulic cylinders for all kinds of lifts. Over the years, we have engineered parts for a wide variety of equipment including lubrication equipment, air compressors, and equipment used in the oil and petroleum industries.

We are best known for our enthusiasm to problem-solve and engineer solutions for older equipment, providing replacement parts that are no longer manufactured or overpriced because of their limited quantities. With three ready-to-ship warehouses scattered around the country for convenient shipping of our many stocked products, as well as a team of engineers who are eager to provide custom solutions, we pride ourselves in being able to quickly provide high-quality parts for numerous applications.

Full-Size Products

For over three decades, hydraulic cylinder lifts have been one of our main supplied products. We provide cylinders for many different makes and models of automotive lifts so you can keep your current lift working for many years to come. Our cylinders can also be used in almost any application that lifts heavy loads (e.g. turbines, printing presses, and commuter rail cars). We also provide large, single-acting cylinders for steel and lumber mills.

SVI specializes in custom solutions. This includes building automotive lift adapters to ensure that your lift can be used safely with car/truck models that are more complex, such as 2019 GM Trucks. These adapters can be installed directly onto most lifts for repairing models that are not compatible with the standard lift.

In addition, we offer top-of-the-line completely new lifts. We provide specialized lifts for small outdoor and turf equipment, including ATVs, golf carts, and landscaping equipment. Additionally, we manufacture car and light truck lifts as well as heavy truck and bus lifts with in-ground fore and aft, in-ground side by side, or in-ground single post configuration options.

Replacement Parts

At SVI International, we provide replacement parts for major lift brands, including Rotary, Challenger, Acanus, Benwil, Mohawk, Manitowoc Lifts, Nussbaum, Bend-Pak and more. For customers who are not quite ready to replace a trusted, decades-old lift, we can provide parts that other manufacturers have discontinued or are selling at exorbitant prices.

Some of our best-selling replacement parts include cables, chain pulleys, slider-blocks, and rubber arm pads. For more complex or lesser-known parts, we have an extensive offering of those, as well as the capacity to create a custom solution for parts we don’t yet carry. We enjoy problem-solving so that a quality lift can last for many years.

Engaged Engineers

Our team of mechanical engineers thrives on receiving specific requests for replacement parts that are not available on the market or that are too expensive elsewhere. The engineering team will come up with a quality solution at a competitive price, and the part designs will be available forever. Customers are involved in the entire design process to ensure that engineers meet the specific needs, and if the engineers are not able to provide an excellent solution, our customers will be notified as soon as possible.

Success Stories

General Motors needed to modify two of their in-ground lifts to increase the weight-bearing capacity without making the current in-ground lift impossible to store by changing the lift structure and size dramatically. The SVI engineering team had to account for safety requirements as well as GM’s desire to have the lifts recede into the ground to create a flush floor when the lifts were not in use. Our team of engineers successfully accomplished this goal using stronger rack bars, pinion gears, cross shaft, and lock components to increase the lifts’ capacity by 2,000 lbs, accommodating GM’s newer, heavier models. 

A customer approached SVI to provide a solution for Porsche 911-model lifts. These models are extremely low to the ground, which lead SVI to create a custom solution called a Dial-A-Dapter™, allowing users to locate the correct lifting points on the vehicle without full accessibility. The Dial-A-Dapter™ has a fine adjustment wheel, removing the need for spotting and guesswork while aligning the car on the lift properly.

Safety Solutions

SVI International is known in the lift industry for innovating methods to update existing lift models to meet continually developing OSHA standards. Safety and compliance are our top priorities, and we have created multiple easy-to-install solutions (including a solution for the DTO model Rotary lift) so customers can quickly update equipment to meet strict OSHA standards.

SVI International Inc.

If you’re not yet convinced that we are an industry leader in innovation for shop equipment repair parts, lifting equipment, and complete new lifts, request a quote today and let us impress you with our team’s customer service, competitive prices, and creative problem-solving.

We have included a few excellent reviews received below:

Kevin Valdes, President of Automotive Equipment Parts Network stated, “SVI has consistently been a key partner in our business and pivotal to our success. SVI’s representatives are extremely knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous. Their knowledge of industry equipment is second to none. SVI’s quick turn-around times and high availability have been instrumental in minimizing our end user’s downtime.  SVI has consistently allowed us to source replacement components for otherwise obsolete equipment, ensuring high customer satisfaction levels. We look forward to continue doing business with SVI for the foreseeable future.”

Stacey Youngblut, Office Manager of F&W Service Co. also experienced one-of-a-kind service: “What a great company to work with! Even though I have only been involved in this particular industry for a short time, I come from a very long line of customer service work and know what great customer service is. Whenever I reach out to SVI, I am always given excellent customer service. They have a great response time whether it comes to correspondence via email or phone. They are quick to resolve any questions I have and when orders are placed I can always rest assured that they were received because I get an email letting me know! Great job and keep up the excellent customer service!”

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