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My Shop’s Lift is Old. How Do I Find Replacement Parts?

Finding the right replacement parts for your old lift is no small task. With a plethora of manufacturers and models containing individual and unique parts, the search can be time-consuming and fruitless.

At times, purchasing an entirely new lift seems easier than finding a specific replacement part – although this option is more costly. Our desire is to streamline the process of finding the specific replacement part you require. In the content below, we explore two simple steps to finding replacement parts for your shop’s old lift. First, identify your lift. Second, choose your replacement part via our comprehensive guides.

Identify Your Lift & Choose Replacement Parts


We are experts at transforming old Nussbaum lifts to smoothly functioning tools. We always keep hundreds of Nussbaum replacements parts in our inventory. Anything we don’t have in stock, we can create. A full line of height extensions are available for STL7000s, SPL8000s, and multiple other models. These extensions, of course, are crucial for hoisting vehicles with uneven lifting points. Every replacement part is also available for the Nussbaum lifts listed below, as well as many additional models.

Above Ground Mid Rise Lifts

  • Quick Lube NT
  • Sprinter

In-Ground Side By Side Lifts

  • 2.40TLK
  • TSK 12000 DG
  • TSK 8000

Above Ground Rolling Bridge Jacks

  • 5000
  • Jack 2500

Nussbaum replacement parts can be identified by selecting a specific type of lift from SVI’s primary Nussbaum page. Once a specific type is chosen, your model can be selected; for example, navigate to “Above Ground Mid Rise Lifts Nussbaum” and choose the Sprinter model. The Sprinter page leads to a comprehensive pdf list of auto lift parts for this particular Nussbaum model, including but not limited to cables, pads, switches, and valves.


Formerly one of North America’s leading 4-post surface mount lifts, Acanus is no longer in business. However, auto shops still utilizing Acanus lifts require a source of repair and maintenance supplies; after all, replacing individual auto lift parts is significantly more cost-effective than replacing an entire lift. Below, we’ve listed common Acanus models we service.

Above Ground 4-Post Lifts:

  • 138
  • BM-168
  • FT-168
  • FT-204
  • SA-168
  • SA-204

Above Ground Rolling Bridge Jacks:

  • AJS6000
  • PJ-6000

Replacement parts for Acanus lifts can be found in the same manner as Nussbaum’s. Navigate first to SVI’s primary Acanus page. From here, specific types and models can be explored, along with comprehensive guides to their replacement parts.


We often call Grand lifts the “granddaddy” of auto lifts. Most Grand predecessors have used the exact Grand lift design or something similar – this says a lot for their quality and timeless integrity. Shops utilizing older Grand auto lifts can continue using these classic, trustworthy lifts without replacing the entire system.

Above Ground 4-Post Lifts:

  • FP12L
  • FP12L18
  • FP12LW
  • FP12N
  • FP12NW
  • FP12S
  • FP12SW

“Granddaddy’s” main page is simple and can be navigated similarly to both prior examples. Along with a pdf list of replacement parts, you can explore a chain identification guide, auto lift power unit selection brochures, auto lift cables reference, power units and parts surface mount lifts, and other helpful guides. These related documents are available in nearly every model page.


Known for the popular lift design EC-881, Weaver Lifts was one of the oldest lift manufacturers in the United States. With a uniquely robust design, many transit bus operators and municipal garages solely use Weaver style lifts. The Weaver lift design is durable, tested over time, and cost-effective, which is why SVI readily produces a heavy-duty, Weaver style lift. However, Weaver designs extend beyond the heavy-duty lift we produce – and beyond the widely used EC-881. SVI provides replacement parts, including safety legs, rack bars, chain, seal kits, rollers, and custom and standard adapters for every Weaver lift. The selection below is a small sample of the Weaver lift designs we service.

  • EC-081-11
  • EC-292B
  • EC-292C
  • EC-881C
  • EC-885C
  • EC-081
  • EC-284

SVI’s Weaver Lift main page presents navigation to every model of Above Ground 2-Post Lifts, In Ground Front and Rear/ Fore and Aft Lifts, In Ground Side by Side Lifts, and In Ground Single Post lifts. Selecting a model will guide you to both an interactive list of replacement parts and the comprehensive pdf list. For example, selecting Above Ground/ Surface Mount 2-Post Lifts, AFH-70 will guide you to a screen similar to this:


At SVI, we source or make replacement parts for Lincoln auto lifts engineered to flawlessly function and replace your original parts. If we don’t currently carry the exact part you require, we will utilize your worn piece to manufacture an entirely new product. Below, we’ve listed specific Lincoln lift models.

In-Ground Front and Rear/ Fore and Aft Lifts

  • 6-102
  • 6-105
  • 6-107

In-Ground Single Post Lifts

  • 6-183
  • 6-183VW
  • 6-184
  • 6-184VW
  • 6-400

Once more, specific replacement parts can be identified by navigating to SVI’s Lincoln lift page and selecting your model – or the hose reel repair option. A comprehensive guide to Lincoln lift replacement parts will be available for your perusal.

SVI International

Didn’t see for your specific lift manufacturer or model? Don’t worry – SVI International has the part you need. The lift models and manufacturers identified above are only a small sample of the many brands SVI services. You can view our entire list of products by lift make and model.

Serving over 2,000 companies throughout North America with over 30,000 different items, SVI International is the undeniable leader of the automotive service equipment industry. We hope to serve you as well. With any questions, concerns, or required assistance placing an order, please call us at (800) 321-8173 or fill out our online contact form.

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All names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only. It is not implied that any part or product listed is the actual product of these manufacturers. SVI does not represent and is not associated in any way with any other companies.

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