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Rubber Arm Pads for Automotive Lifts

Are rubber arm pads becoming a commodity item that anyone can make? Not so fast. There is more to making a good rubber arm pad than meets the eye.

SVI has been investing in tooling and supplying rubber arm pads since the early 1990s. Our original North American production partner of rubber arm pads is still our partner today. This means we have forged a consistent relationship based on quality, which remains in place to this day. Over twenty plus dedicated and loyal years of working together has ensured that SVI rubber arm pads are made to strict SVI requirements from the inside out.

SVI does not believe in using reground old material or fillers to minimize cost that negatively impacts product quality. Instead, SVI management and engineering requires that only 100% pure virgin rubber or other properly-suited materials are used, such as urethane compounds. SVI arm pads are superior, last longer, and are the top choice of true automotive lift repair professionals.

When SVI invests its resources in tooling for a pad, often times it also includes tooling on a stamped metal plate that is molded within the pad to provide additional support and lifespan. In the case of many of the pads flooding into North America from China, Taiwan or India, important details such as material quality, durability and metal inserts are simply ignored.

SVI is constantly expanding its selection of replacement rubber arm pads, and where possible, offering product enhancements such as embedded fabric reinforcement. Currently, SVI is also working on producing many new pads for use on European and Asian lifts found in North America.

As a part of the on-going efforts on your behalf, SVI is investing more money in additional tooling to improve productivity, and further reduce your costs. SVI’s low-cost pricing directly reflects the progress being made to support distributors, automotive lift users and North American jobs across the board.

SVI is committed to delivering real value to those who expect value to also mean quality.

Demand SVI quality; replace worn and damaged automotive lift pads today.

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