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Repair Parts for Grand Lifts

Your reliable leader in supplying Grand lift parts

  • SVI is the industry leader in auto lift repair parts
  • We serve over 2,000 companies throughout North America
  • Our product line includes over 30,000 different items, including replacement Grand parts

SVI offers a wide range of auto lift repair parts, including items specifically suited for Grand lifts. If you own a Grand lift or any of the other Texas lift makes, contact us to get the part you need. We supply chains, cables, rollers, hydraulic cylinders, adapters, and more.

Grand lifts definitely qualifies to be the granddaddy of auto lifts. Many other manufacturers have come and gone, but most all of their lifts were a direct copy or closely resembled the Grand Lift design. Thanks to SVI, owners of classic Grand auto lift around the country are still using their lifts. As the nation’s undisputed leader in the automotive service equipment industry, we offer repair parts available to keep old lifts in working order, whenever and however they were originally made.

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.