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Rotary Lift Repair Parts

  • SVI is your resource for high-quality repair parts for your Rotary Lift
  • SVI offers over 30,000 parts to the automotive lift industry, exceeding any other supplier
  • Top auto lift industry repair professionals rely on SVI for Direct Fit™ brand auto lift repair parts for Rotary Lifts
  • SVI’s innovative spirit has led to SVI-exclusive products available for your Rotary lift. Ask about the Aqua-Out Automatic Water Removal System for your cassette-style lift.
  • Minimize downtime with SVI’s three ready-ship locations placed across the U.S.

SVI is the company lift owners turn to when they encounter wear issues with their Rotary lifts. Through our original SVI Direct Fit brand repair parts, we stock more parts to repair Rotary products than any other supplier. Call SVI for products such as pulleys, USA-made cables, rubber pads, adapters, and of course, seal kits! Our Direct Fit™ parts either maintain or extend the service life of each Rotary lift—making them even better lifts for your business.

When you need to repair your Rotary lift, SVI’s Direct Fit repair parts are an even better option than traditional rotary hoist parts. From our patent-pending Aqua Out automatic water removal system to our drop-in rack and pinion equalizer system, our replacement parts turn your lifts into long-lasting durable structures.

SVI’s innovation shines through with the SVI’s drop-in rack and pinion equalizer system for use on Rotary lift model DTO28. The Rotary lift model DTO28 was once widely popular among auto dealership service facilities. Many of these DTO28 auto lifts are still in use today in auto repair facilities across the country, many thanks to SVI.

The SVI lift repair kit provides Rotary DTO28 lift owners with a real service solution. Many DTO28 lifts have one problem in common—the equalizer box corrodes and begins caving-in. This condition causes the crossbeam portion of the existing equalizer mechanism to hang up and impair or completely stop the auto lift’s function. While there is nothing else wrong with the auto lift, auto lift owners in the past were faced with two costly options, replace the auto lift or excavate and install a new equalizer housing—this is over!

The SVI Rack and Pinion Upgrade Kits extend the usable service life of Rotary lift DTO28 models. Many Rotary lift DTO28 models are in service facilities deemed national accounts by Rotary lift. Why sacrifice service facility dollars through unnecessary auto lift replacement? DTO28 Rotary lift owners would rather save their DTO28 Rotary lift keeping its versatility and avoiding the expense of a new auto lift. The SVI kit is not a Rotary lift part and is another example of SVI innovative Direct Fit™ brand products for Rotary lifts.

Rotary lift owners also look to SVI with restraint engagement issues on late model 2-post surface mount lift models such as the SPO9 and SPOA9. SVI’s main arm restraint gear with elongated mounting holes allows for precise adjustment of the main gear. As the lift begins to wear over time, the swing arms begin to slightly sag from normal wear. Eliminate sagging lift arms with high-quality repair parts exclusively from SVI!

In the auto repair parts industry, there is only one answer for lasting Rotary auto lift repairs. Contact SVI to learn more!

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.