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DTO28 Drop-In Rack and Pinion Equalizer Kits for Rotary

Automotive Lift Products and Accessories – Rotary Lift

STOP Rotary DTO28 equalizer box cave-ins from causing premature and costly lift replacement.

SVI’s Drop-In Rack and Pinion Equalizer Upgrade Kit is the solution DTO28 lift owners have been seeking.

New system includes: rack bars, pinion gears, shaft, brackets, center cover, guide tubes, manual placement locks and fasteners.

This kit provides DTO28 lift owners with a real service solution. Many DTO28 lifts have one problem in common, the equalizer box corrodes and begins caving-in. This condition causes the crossbeam portion of the existing equalizer mechanism to hang up and impair or completely stop the lifts function. While, there is nothing else wrong with the lift, lift owners in the past were faced with two costly options, replace the lift or excavate and install a new equalizer—this is over!

The SVI Rack and Pinion Upgrade Kit increases the usable service life of DTO28 lifts. Many DTO28 lifts are in service facilities deemed national accounts by the lift manufacturer. Why sacrifice service facility dollars through unnecessary lift replacement? DTO lift owners would rather save their DTO keeping its versatility and avoiding the expense of a new lift. SVI is your answer!

Installation of the SVI Drop-In Rack and Pinion Equalization system is simple. For all the specific details contact SVI for more details.

DTO28 lifts were produced by Rotary lift and can be readily found in the following locations: Muffler Shops, Tire Dealerships and Car Dealerships.

No need to replace—repair Rotary DTO28 Lifts. To keep Rotary DTO28 Lifts in use, contact SVI today 800-321-8173.

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Rack & Pinion Eq DTO28 4.00

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Rack & Pinion Eq DTO28 4.00 LOCKING

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Rack & Pinion Eq DTO28 4.75

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