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Signal Bells and Accessories

Petroleum Equipment and Parts – Signal Bells and Accessories

SVI Gas Service Station Signal Bell
Milton Industries 805 Signal Bell for Gas Service Stations
Milton Industries 805 Signal Bell for Gas Service Stations

Complete enclosure of the entire drive lets station attendants know the instant a car crosses the sidewalk. Signal bell warnings are ideal for full-service stations or for any facility where security demands that attendants are warned when a car approaches.

SVI offers a specially compounded Signal Bell hose which provides long life and withstands flexing, loads, temperature and ozone. Furnished in 100 ft. and 300 ft. coils.

Or, if it is the Milton Signal Bell you prefer, they are also available. SVI is proud to be a Milton Industries Distributor.

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Electric Signal Bell - UL Approved, with 3 Wire Ground Cord

Control Switch - All purpose unit for most signals

Control Switch - Has no Bracket or Cover, Fits BP-1515A only

Control Switch - Weathertite, Switch on FSBC Cover

Hose Anchor - End Weight

Hose Wye Fitting with Clamps

Hose Splicer with Clamps

Coil Plunger Assembly

100' Coil Driveway Signal Hose

300' Coil Driveway Signal Hose

Milton Driveway Chime

Milton Driveway Signal Bell

Milton Signal Bell Kit

Milton Hose Anchor

Milton Remote Control Air Switch for Signal Bell

Milton Remote Bell

Milton Remote Chime

Milton 50' Signal Hose 3/8"

Milton 300' Signal Hose 3/8"

All names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only. It is not implied that any part listed is the product of these manufacturers.

Signal Bell with Ground Cord

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Signal Bell Control Switch-No Bracket

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Signal Bell Control Switch-Weather Tite

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Signal Bell Coil Plunger Assembly

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300' Coil - Signal Bell Hose

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