Blade Kit with Lip Seal and Gasket

SVI Part #: BP-2159-76

FOR: Gilbarco
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Blade / Vane Kit with Shaft Seal and Gasket

PUS020 Replacement Blade / Vane Kit

The SVI repair kit number BP-2159-76 is a Direct Fit™ replacement blade/vane kit that cross references to the original part number of K35212 are for use in the Gilbarco Highline, Trimline and Legacy pumps produced after 1987. These vane pumps are used in single product, single hose or two product, two hose pumps with 1/3 horsepower electric motors. Normally the pumps feature a ¾” NPT threaded outlet but can be ordered optionally with either a 1” NPT threaded outlet or two bolt flange outlet. These Gilbarco vane pumps with a numbering series that begins with PUS020 are very popular and easy to service to keep running reliably day in and day out.

Quick content listing:

  • (6) Carbon Blades / Vanes
  • (1) Pump Shaft Seal
  • (1) Blade / Vane Housing Gasket

BP-2159-76 SVI replacement vane kit cross reference number K35212 detailed content listing:

  • Six (6) each of the SVI # BP-2159-75 Carbon Blade or Vane that cross references to the Gilbarco part number K76657. The dimensions for the blade or vane are 15/16” x 2-3/8” x 3/16”.
  • One (1) each of the SVI # BP-2603 Pump Shaft Seal that cross references to the Gilbarco part number K82472. This shaft seal is constructed with a steel case using a fuel resistant brown viton polymer. There are 3 mounting holes and the shaft seal is for use on a 5/8” diameter shaft.
  • One (1) each of the SVI # BP-2159-82 Blade/Vane Housing Gasket that cross references to Gilbarco part number Q12508-156. This 6” round gasket with an offset 4-1/16” diameter inside hole contains four (4) 5/16” diameter bolt holes and six (6) 3/8” diameter bolt holes. The 3/8” diameter bolt holes are equally spaced on 4-15/16” bolt circle. The gasket is constructed from .005” thick fiberflex gasket material, ideal for pump body flange sealing.

SVI is a premier and well-known supplier of replacement parts for Gilbarco equipment.

SVI is a premier and well-known supplier of parts such as this blade/vane kit for use on Gilbarco fuel pumps. In addition, to the complete kit SVI also supplies each kit component individually for small quantity rebuilding needs and for those who engage in large scale pump rebuilding activities that require bulk quantities of each component.

For nearly 100 years Gilbarco was owned by what is now the Exxon Mobil Corporation. In 2002 Gilbarco was combined with Veeder-Root. Today the company is known as Gilbarco Veeder-Root and owned by the Danaher Corporation. Ironically, in 2011 SVI purchased what was formerly known as the Gilbarco Automotive Lift Division from Gilbarco’s contract lift manufacturer in Manitowoc, WI called Consumers Inc. The home for the former Gilbarco lift company is now contained under the SVI umbrella.

When Exxon owned Gilbarco every newly constructed full-service Exxon gas station was equipped with Gilbarco gas pump and Gilbarco lifts. SVI continues on supporting all the existing remaining equipment and new as it is introduced with SVI Direct Fit Brand Repair Products and New Automotive Lifting Equipment. For repair parts for petroleum equipment and automotive lifts, SVI is your answer!

SVI has specialized in service and repair parts for petroleum equipment since 1977 through supporting equipment manufactured by many companies including that of the Gilbarco Company. Gilbarco was originally the Gilbert and Barker Company, which was established in Springfield, MA in 1870. In 1929 the Gilbarco name was officially adopted and still remains in use to this day.

Gaskets, seals and parts for petroleum pumping and metering equipment have been available from SVI for decades. New products are being added every day, let SVI know what you would like to see carried.

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