HSR Turf / Utility Tray Kit

SVI Part #: BH-7356-00

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HSR Turf / Utility Tray Kit for Many 2-Post Lift Models

2-Post Lift Attachments to convert your two-post lift for repairing lawn mowers, ATVs / UTVs, turf equipment and more.

The HSR or High Side Rail adapter hole-mount style is ideal for use on lifts where the adapters are the drop-in kind that can easily be lifted out. Once the standard lift adapter bases are removed and replaced with the optional height extensions, the side rail supports can be easily put in their place for full arm support. After installing the side rails simply set each lifting tray over the rails in the desired position and go. HSR style turf and utility vehicle tray attachments for two-post surface mount lifts are perfect for just about any suitable application found at golf courses, airports, ATV dealers, city, state and municipal parks, college campuses and so many other locations that have two-post surface-mount lifts and need a broader range of lifting capabilities.

Use with your existing 6″ (or greater) Height Extensions. If you need new height extensions, SVI offers a great selection for many lift makes and models.

  • Easy, quick installation
  • Go from car lift to “anything lift” in minutes
  • More versatile and takes up less shop space than any 4-post lift
  • Turns an Auto Lift into an Everything Lift
  • 7,000 lb Lifting Capacity / 3,500 lbs per Tray
  • 3,175 kg. Lifting Capacity / 1,587 kg. per Tray
  • Fits common two post surface mount symmetric lifts
  • Optional Composite Grating Available
  • When the HSR system is not in use, it takes only a minimal amount of floor space for storage.
  • Side Rails use existing lift height extensions (6″ or greater) for installation

The “HSR” patent-pending design is currently available for the lift models listed below. Versions to fit more models will continually become available, just call. Regardless, SVI has a Turf / Utility Vehicle lifting tray attachment kit to meet all your needs. The extremely versatile SVI Low Profile Overarm “LPO” Style can be made to fit any style of two-post surface mount lift found in shops.

Use the HSR Tray Kit BH-7356-00 along with an Adapter Kit to fit your Symmetric Lift Model.
Adapter Kit sold separately.

For Lift Make:Fits Models:Use with Adapter Kit SVI #:
ATLASMost 8K, 9K, 10K, 12K and 15K ModelsBH-7356-01 (9000 & 10000 lb Lifts)
BENDPAKXPR9, XPR10, XPR12 SeriesBH-7356-02
CHALLENGERCurrent Symmetric Designed CL10V3, CLFP9, CL12, E10, E12, LE10, SA10 (Symmetric)BH-7356-02
DANNMARD9, D10 Symmetric, Brigadier 10CXBH-7356-01 (Brigadier 10CX)
FORWARD LIFTI10, F10, I12, I12 PRO, F12, 9000FPBH-7356-01 (I10, F10, I12, I12 PRO)
MOHAWK LIFTSYSTEM I, LC-12, LMF-12, TP-16, TP-18, TP-26BH-7356-01 (System 1);
BH-7356-03 (Current LC-12, LMF-12, TP-16, TP-18, TP-26)
QUALITY LIFT Q10, Q12 BH-7356-02
RAVAGLIOLIAll 10K and 12K ModelsBH-7356-04
ROTARY LIFTSPO10 with round adapters, SPO12, SPO15, Rotary Flip-Up Style Pad Symmetric Lift Models SPO9, SPO10, SPO10-FABH-7356-02 (SPO15);
BH-7356-03 (SPO10, Late Model SPO12);
BH-7356-04 (SPO12 Old Style / Early Model);
BH-7356-05 (Rotary Flip-Up Style Pad Symmetric Lift Models Only: SPO9, SPO10, SPO10-FA)
WHIP10,000 liftsBH-7356-01
OTHERSymmetric Lift Models with a round drop-in style height adapter with an OD of 1.75″ OD to 2″ OD.BH-7356-01
OTHER Symmetric Lift Models with a round drop-in style height adapter with an OD of 2.75″BH-7356-02
OTHER Symmetric Lift Models with a round drop-in style height adapter with an OD of 2.5″BH-7356-03
OTHERSymmetric Lift Models with a round drop-in style height adapter with an OD of 2.15″ to 2.25″BH-7356-04

Special Note: SVI also offers other types of Turf and Utility Trays for 2-Post Lifts. Also check out our LPO Style and AWS / AWA Styles for other very popular Turf Trays. Available for both Symmetric and Asymmetric 2-Post Lifts. Turf Forks and Turf Jacks also available.

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Standard and Custom parts available. In-stock Lift Arm Pads and other Direct Fit repair parts ship same-day.

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