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Mechanic Shop Cleaning Checklist: Complete Guide

Mechanic Shop Cleaning Checklist:

Having a clean and organized mechanic shop is essential to your customers and also vital to employee success. For example, if a customer enters a dirty waiting area or sees tools and equipment lying on the floor of the automotive bays, they may decide to take their business elsewhere.

Additionally, a technician working in a disorganized and dirty bay may be unable to find the right tool they need, causing the employee to take longer on the job. Or spilled beverages and automotive fluids can cause safety issues for the technicians, including slips and falls.

However, with a clean and organized environment, customers can trust the shop’s technicians and overall business. Also, the employees are more likely to have higher productivity and higher quality work.

So, now that you know the importance of a clean shop, let’s review the mechanic shop cleaning checklist:

Purchase Proper Cleaning Tools

You must first obtain the proper cleaning tools to have a clean shop. Many shops use chemical dispensing units for their ease of use, efficiency, and safety. These dispensing units provide quick access to properly mixed chemicals, ensuring that your technicians aren’t exposing themselves to more chemicals than necessary.

Use Mats

Mats are one of the easiest ways to keep your shop clean, safe, and productive. For example, shop mats can capture automotive fluids, so they don’t spread to the waiting area. In addition, placing mats at the entry points prevents the spread of dirt, grime, and debris.

Place mats at all entrances to prevent the spread of debris throughout the shop. Putting them in high-activity areas is also essential to reduce worker injury and catch any automotive spills. To keep the mats functional and effective, it’s a good idea to partner with a mat laundering service.

Stock Supplies for Potential Spills

Mats will help your auto shop maintain cleanliness, but it’s also essential to stock oil containment products nearby for any potential spills. A quick response to spills is necessary and having easy access to cleaning supplies is a must!

Designate a Home for Tools and Equipment

It’s integral for technicians to have a designated space to put tools when they are finished using them. When your shop has a home for each instrument, your technicians can quickly find the necessary tools, and the shop looks organized. Likewise, when you order new automotive repair parts or supplies, make sure that there is a designated place for them to go.

Use Approved Storage for Hazardous Materials

One often overlooked area in a mechanic’s shop is hazardous materials. This area will stay clean and safe if you use approved storage containers with securely closed lids and a proper fit. If you don’t have the correct containers, it’s necessary to purchase them as soon as possible.

Set up a Floor Cleaning Protocol

Not only is a clean floor safe for employees, but also for customers. While sweeping and mopping are essential, you must also use heavy-duty scrubbers to wash oils and fluids away. Ensure that you’re using the right chemicals and mops for proper cleaning.

Clean and Disinfect the Waiting Area

A clean and comfortable environment is the most critical element for your customers, so it’s essential to ensure it’s in top condition every day. Design a cleaning schedule for disinfecting the floors, chairs, and tables so your customers can be comfortable while waiting.

Sanitize and Clean Restrooms

Both customers and employees need a clean bathroom, including plenty of soap, toilet paper, and paper towels. It’s a good idea to have extra supplies on hand, so you don’t run out unexpectedly. Also, set up a daily reminder to sanitize and disinfect all surfaces.

Air fresheners are essential in public restrooms, and time-release systems are even better. They will reduce any unpleasant odors and keep your bathrooms smelling fresh.

Schedule Deep Cleanings

Daily cleaning is essential but doesn’t remove all automotive fluid build-up from the floor and other spaces. Power steering fluids, antifreeze, and lubricants can make the shop floor an unsafe environment for employees and customers, but it’s also unsightly.

If your shop doesn’t have the resources to deep clean all of the shop’s surfaces, there are plenty of service providers that specialize in automotive facility cleaning.

Declutter the Shop

If you have equipment, parts, or supplies in your shop that are broken or obsolete, it’s time to purchase the necessary repair parts or get rid of them. Not only do they take up extra space, but they add to a disorganized workplace.

Improve Employee Appearance

While employee appearance doesn’t dictate how qualified a technician may be, customers may be more willing to do business with clean, uniformed technicians. In addition, uniforms that show the shop’s name and employee name create a great first impression for the customers.

Plenty of rental services will launder and return freshly cleaned uniforms for the employees.

Promote Clean Hands

Technicians will inevitably have grease and oil on their hands after working on cars, so you must provide proper handwashing stations. Standard soap isn’t sufficient to remove oil and grease, so make sure you supply heavy-duty soaps and substantial paper towels.

Additionally, if your technicians perform more heavy-duty services, you must provide heavy-duty protective gloves. Gloves protect their dirty hands from spreading grease and grime to other tools and equipment.

Provide Clean Shop Towels

Few things are more important in an auto shop than an abundant supply of clean shop towels. It’s a fantastic idea to partner with a laundry service so your technicians can always access fresh towels.

When you own a mechanic’s shop, there are many things to consider beyond having solid automotive knowledge. Not only do you have to possess management skills, but you also need to be an excellent communicator to speak to customers. Many soon-to-be shop owners don’t think about keeping the shop clean, but it’s just as crucial to the shop’s success as possessing automotive knowledge.

When you open a new shop, partnering with trustworthy institutions like a uniform rental company, an automotive shop cleaning company, and a reputable automotive repair parts supplier is essential. So let SVI International be your trusted automotive repair parts partner, whether you need air compressor components, spray equipment products, or tire changer parts. SVI is here to help your shop be as successful as it can be!

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