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Concrete Requirements for 2 Post Lifts

2 post lift concrete requirements

Nearly every repair shop you encounter across the country uses 2 or 4 post car lifts to suspend a vehicle above the mechanic to do repairs. For the auto repair enthusiast at home, you can even place a 2 post car lift in your garage if you have the right space for it. Perhaps you are one of those DIYers who wishes to install your own 2 post lift, or you’re a professional opening your own shop for the first time. To maximize efficiency for your shop repairs or favorite home restoration project, installing a 2 post car lift will give you the boost you need. However, you may be curious if your space meets the right requirements before you get started setting up any equipment. We will explain more about 2 post lift concrete requirements, safety factors to consider, and what you can do if you do not meet the right concrete specifications.  

2 Post Car Lift Safety

Safety should always be the absolute top priority when installing heavy equipment, so before you attempt to install a 2 post lift on your own, keep a few things in mind:

  • 2 post car lifts are dangerously heavy and thus should be treated with care. You should always have another person to help you lift the parts to prevent injury, even upon initial delivery of your lift. In general, it’s best to make this a team effort if possible.
  • Consult manuals to make sure you are using the proper tools and following all directions. Your manual will be your ultimate guide to ensuring you are following the correct requirements specific to your lift.
  • If the project becomes too much of a struggle, you would be wise to recruit the help of a professional automotive equipment installer to help you get on track. This way you will know you will be in good hands if any problems come up during the process.

Keeping these things in mind will keep you safe if you are willing to try the installation yourself. But they are not the only considerations to note. You will need to follow the strict 2 post lift concrete requirements to ensure your installation is truly safe.

2 Post Lift Concrete Requirements

First, it’s important to note that any kind of car lift must be installed on solid concrete surfaces only. Do not attempt to set up a lift on any defective concrete, including any expansion cracks, without fixing the slab first, we will explain more on this later. Lastly, the concrete should never be hand mixed if you’re planning on installing a lift over it. These considerations should be taken very seriously, since ignoring them could result in auto lift failure that can risk major personal injury.

The concrete slab also needs to be at a certain depth to safely install a car lift. A minimum of four inches of reinforced concrete is the standard, however, ideally, you should have at least six inches, and as much as twelve. If you’re using the opportunity to install a new slab in preparation of your lift installation, plan on creating a deeper slab that is anywhere between six to twelve inches deep and has a minimum PSI of 3,000 for the most optimal condition.

How to Install Lift on an Imperfect Slab

Even if your concrete slab isn’t up to par, there are still ways to make it work. If the concrete isn’t thick enough, or is too damaged or worn, you have a few options to modify the slab to safely accommodate the lift. In this case you will need to be prepared for some extra work and have additional tools ready.

Measure where you will place the two columns of the lift and dig holes large enough for the columns to fit. The hole should be at least two feet by two feet and around ten to twelve inches in depth. Simply pour concrete into the holes and you now have yourself a working slab to secure your 2 post lift. As always, you should adhere to the concrete requirements with any new slab so you know your workshop for your car lift is a safe environment.

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