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Automotive Service Equipment Your New Repair Shop Needs

automotive service equipment

You will not be able to run a successful auto repair shop without the right equipment. Without it, nothing separates you from a person with a home garage and a toolbox. Investing in some large equipment will elevate the level of service you can provide. Ideally, you would like to get started purchasing all your equipment before you open your shop. This way you can spend the time to find the best quality products, and the best sales.

When you wait to buy something until the moment you need it, you may deal with out-of-stock products or miss out on sale prices by rushing to make an impulsive purchase. This could even potentially push back the timeline of a repair, which won’t help the reputation of your shop. If you want to feel best prepared, here is a list of automotive service equipment every new shop needs.

Vehicle Lift

The heart of your shop, this will be front and center of any automotive repair space and thus will be used frequently. This is a purchase you will need to put some thought into before pulling the trigger since your safety is at risk if you go with a cheaper lift model. There are also many types of lifts to consider, from symmetrical and asymmetrical, to 2 post or scissor lifts. Figure out what kind of lift will best compliment your area of work, but as always, take notice of the quality you’re purchasing.

Air Compressor

You won’t get very far without an air compressor since it’s required for the operation of many other tools. You should look for the largest capacity compressor within your budget and power limitations. This will likely be your first purchase, so make sure it’s quality!


Jacks come in all different sizes and are equipped with different capacity features. You know your repair work will require you to lift vehicles often, so investing in a high-capacity jack for your shop is essential. Since you are heavily relying on the safety of your floor jacks and pole jacks to avoid injury, never overlook the importance of getting top-quality.

Transmission Jack

While it’s important to have basic floor jacks, at times something more robust is necessary. If you plan on offering services where you will need to support large transmissions, consider purchasing a transmission jack. You should be able to find several additional uses for a transmission jack, as having it around will come in handy anytime you need to hoist something heavy.

Brake Lathe

While brake work can be done without one, having a brake lathe in your arsenal will allow you to perform brake repairs way more efficiently. Commonly used to fix noise issues, brake lathes help extend the life of brakes and therefore earn a valuable place in any repair shop. You may purchase an on-car or off-car brake lathe, which simply differs in how the lathe is mounted. Either one will accomplish the same goal.

Hydraulic Press

If you’re in need of crushing or bending metal material, look into the expensive, but useful hydraulic press. With this, you can separate rusted parts and straighten bent metal, which can really speed up certain repairs.

Engine Hoist

This will come in handy if you plan on doing work on engines that requires you to take them apart. Know the weight of the engines you will be servicing, as you will need a hoist that fully supports the weight. You will really appreciate this when it comes to installing engines in tight compartments.


This may be something you didn’t think about, but most of your work will be done on a workbench. Make sure you have one durable enough to withstand strong impacts. Expect steel benches to last much longer than wooden ones.

Where to Get Your Equipment

Overall, you will need more than just the equipment mentioned above, but it serves as a good place to start since it covers most of the larger purchases. Start purchasing vital equipment as you can afford it and put them aside for when you’re ready to open your shop. You could keep an eye out for quality used equipment to save some money, just ensure all safety features are up to standard, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make sure the instructions are included.

As mentioned above though, it would be best to keep an eye open for quality equipment and tools. Partner with a reliable distributor to get you the parts you need when you need them.

SVI International: Connecting You with High Quality Automotive Equipment

If ever in doubt about what kind of lift or lift parts you need to complete a maintenance repair on your vehicles, SVI International is always here to help. As a leader in repair parts for automotive lifts, you can always expect a prompt delivery from one of our three warehouses across the United States. Reach out to us at (800) 321-8173 or complete our online contact form. Browse our selection of products and reach out if you are in need of something custom for your space!

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