Parts For Rotary Repair

Part #sort descending OEM OEM Ref. #1 OEM Ref. #2 Description
BH-7523-35 Rotary 1815AA


BH-7523-36 Rotary 2069AA

Vari-Seal O-Ring

BH-7523-37 Rotary 19-7

Kee Klamp Side Out Tee

BH-7523-38 Rotary 2109AA

Hose Clamp

BH-7523-39 Rotary 1912AA


BH-7523-40 Rotary 2146AC


BH-7523-41 Rotary 1991AA

Plumbing Connector

BH-7523-42 Rotary 2155AA

Release Cap Assembly

BH-7523-43 Rotary 2196AA

Suction Kit

BH-7523-44 Rotary 2156AA

Suction Cover

BH-7523-45 Rotary 2231AA

Plumbing Clamp

BH-7523-46 Rotary 2157AA


BH-7523-47 Rotary 2234AB

Reservoir for P513 and P515

BH-7523-48 Rotary 2161AC

3 Phase Motor

BH-7523-49 Rotary 2235AC

Motor for P502 and P602

BH-7523-50 Rotary 2181BA

Coupling for P602

BH-7523-51 Rotary 2235BC

Motor for P702

BH-7523-52 Rotary 2341AA

Auto Bleed Valve

BH-7523-53 Rotary 2252BC

Power Unit Motor for P701

BH-7523-54 Rotary 2354AA

Switch Box Cover

BH-7523-55 Rotary 2310AA


BH-7523-56 Rotary 2440-AB


BH-7523-57 Rotary 2507AA

Check Valve for P602

BH-7523-58 Rotary 2479AC

Power Unit Motor for P601

BH-7523-59 Rotary 2520AA


BH-7523-60 Rotary 25-7

Kee Klamp Tee

BH-7523-61 Rotary 2534BA


BH-7523-62 Rotary 2538AA


BH-7523-63 Rotary 2535AA

Washer for P602

BH-7523-64 Rotary 2569AA

Inlet Plumbing Assembly

BH-7523-65 Rotary 2537AA

Plumbing Inlet Assembly

BH-7523-66 Rotary 26-7

Kee Klamp Cross

BH-7523-67 Rotary 2817AA

Pendant Control Holster

BH-7523-68 Rotary 2640AA

Palm Valve

BH-7523-69 Rotary 2890AA

Plumbing Elbow

BH-7523-70 Rotary 2693AC

Electric Switch Box

BH-7523-71 Rotary 30T3102A

Amphenol Female Plug

BH-7523-72 Rotary 3350AA

Cylinder Air Release

BH-7523-73 Rotary 3139AC

Motor Ng

BH-7523-74 Rotary 3437AA

Breather Cap for P700 Series

BH-7523-75 Rotary 3346AA

Tank Screw

BH-7523-76 Rotary 3443881MI

Pacoma Bleeder Screw

BH-7523-77 Rotary 3729AA

Relief Valve Cap Assy for P702

BH-7523-78 Rotary 3451AC

Reservoir Kit

BH-7523-79 Rotary 3898AA


BH-7523-80 Rotary 3454AC

Reservoir Kit

BH-7523-81 Rotary 4140AC

Reservoir Kit

BH-7523-82 Rotary 3899AA

Reservoir Kit

BH-7523-83 Rotary 53-016-1

Down Limit Switch Link

BH-7523-84 Rotary 68-7

Kee Klamp Coupler