SVI offers the greatest selection of Western Lift repair parts available.

  • SVI stocks more repair parts for Western lifts than any other company.
  • When we do not have a product, we can make you a custom option.
  • Call on SVI for seals, cables, rubber pads, sleeve and adapter assemblies, safety legs, and general repair parts!
  • Our parts ship immediately from one of our three regional warehouses, arriving at your doorstep quickly.

Western Lift Repair Parts

The Western Lift Company has manufactured many lifts since its founding in 1928. The one thing all those lifts have in common is that SVI is the company to get them in working order and keep them that way. When you need parts for your in-ground or surface-mounted Western auto hoist models, we are the resource to trust.


Delivered to You Quickly

Headquartered in National City, California, the Western Lift Company distributed lifts throughout the United States. They even had a warehouse in Danville, Illinois at one time, near our headquarters. Wherever you have a Western lift, SVI can supply the parts and the expertise to get it back in working order. We ship immediately from our three “Ready Ship” warehouses in Baltimore, Chicago, and Los Angeles, using whichever location is nearest you. Contact us today to get your Western lift functional for the long haul!

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.

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