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Turf and Utility Tray Jacks

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Turf Tray Jack for use with Turf Trays on 2-Post Lifts

Turf and utility vehicle lifting trays are an ideal solution for any shop with an automotive lift that also services lawnmowers, ATVs, UTVs, or just about any other motorized vehicle that isn’t a car or a truck. SVI is the leader in standard and custom-made turf and utility vehicle attachments for lifts.

Optional lifting tray jack assemblies provide users with an even greater level of flexibility. These jack assemblies are ideal when a technician needs to remove wheels, service drive components, or gain better access for any reason. The jacks are easy to position on the tray rails and available in 500 or 1000 pound capacity models. Operation is easy, all you need is a socket and a ratchet and up or down it goes. Jacks can also be used in pairs for higher capacity lifting requirements or additional stability.

SVI produces jack versions to fit either the “LPO” or “HSR” styles of turf and utility vehicle lift attachments for automotive lifts. All final jack assembly is done in the SVI manufacturing facility located in DeKalb, Illinois.

To add more versatility to any lift, as always—SVI is your Answer!

Easily convert your 2-Post Lift with Turf Tray Attachments. Turf Tray Jacks work with SVI’s Turf Tray Attachments.

500 lb. Turf Tray Jack - HSR models

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500 lb. Turf Tray Jack - LPO models

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1,000 lb. Turf Tray Jack - HSR models

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1,000 lb. Turf Tray Jack - LPO models

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Rubber Adapter Black 1-1/2"

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Rubber Adapter Black 3" grooved

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