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Stewart Warner

Helping Stewart Warner lift owners for over 40 years

  • SVI has decades of experience restoring Stewart Warner lifts by offering replacement parts
  • The popular replacement Stewart Warner lift repair parts ship quickly and efficiently from one of our three warehouses
  • Our parts ship quickly and efficiently from one of our three warehouses

At SVI, there are rarely such things as discontinued parts; when a part is not available, we make one—and then it stays available forever. That’s why we’re the company to choose when it comes to restoring your Stewart Warner lift. We’ve been helping lift owners return their lifts to safe working order for decades through a wide range of Stewart Warner lift parts, and we can help you.

If you own an old Stewart Warner inground auto lift or hoist, SVI can help you return it to working order. Whatever part you need, we either have it on hand or we can make it. Top auto lift repair professionals count on us to provide lasting, high-quality solutions, and you can too. Contact us today to learn more!

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.

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