Flush-Mount Tailpipe Adapter

SVI Part #: ES-1015-75SC

FOR: Crushproof
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Flush-Mount Tailpipe Adapter with Suction Cup

Crushproof Exhaust Capture Adapter

For flush mounted tailpipes, the ES-1015-75SC (ref F675-SC) provides the perfect solution! It’s industrial-grade suction cup will stick to any vehicle without damaging the finish and hold the adapter over the tailpipe, creating a capture shroud. Because it does not slide over the pipe, it does need to be used as part of a fan-assisted system.

Special Note: Must be used with a fan-assisted system.

Use with the following Exhaust Removal Hoses:

  • ES-1000-30 (ref FLT300) 3″ x 11′ Flarelock Exhaust Hose
  • ES-1000-40 (ref FLT400) 4″ x 11′ Flarelock Exhaust Hose
  • ES-1002-40 (ref ACT400) 4″ x 11′ Continuous Exhaust Hose

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