Aqua-out System for Cassette Lift, 4 GPM

SVI Part #: BH-9786-25-5

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Aqua-Out System with Flexible EPDM Hosing Secured by Hose Clamps

For use on Cassette and Pit-Style In-Ground Lifts

Prevent potential out of sight, out of mind problems. When was the last time you actually looked below the surface?

Every time cassette/pit lifts are raised, fresh, moist air is drawn in to the containment tub. Down below, the cool surroundings cause moisture in the air to condense. This condensed moisture (water) accumulates and starts its almost termite-like assault on the lift. Is something lurking below?

There really is a quick solution to actually reduce the water level automatically—Install SVI’s Patented Aqua-Out system!



  • Protects Your Investment
  • Removes Water
  • Works Automatically
  • Air Operated
  • Eliminates Routine Periodic Pump Out Maintenance
  • An SVI Lift Industry Solution
BH-9786-25 Aqua Out System for Rotary and Any Cassette Pit Lifts
Get SVI's Aqua Out to avoid corrosion of parts.
This corroded air lock cylinder was removed from a lift. Could other parts be corroding as well?

SVI’s exclusive Aqua-Out Automatic Water Removal System installs in about two hours and gets the water out of your lift every time the lift is lowered or the air valve is actuated. Aqua-Out incorporates a moisture filter/regulator, pump and an in-line filter that are all specially designed for the rigors of service your application demands for any cassette lift. The pump’s operating temperature range is 40°F to 120°F (4°C to 49°C).

Prolong the life of your investment and don’t put this installation off another day.

Contact your local SVI Distributor to schedule an installation. This low-cost solution is worth every penny because you spent a lot of dollars to buy these lifts—now protect the investment. SVI is your answer!

For service, value and innovation, SVI is the most relied on provider of repair parts for all types of car (auto), truck and bus lifts. Even old once obsoleted parts are available again. Yes, parts not just for the new ones many old Rotary lifts can absolutely still be repaired. To get the longest life out of your lifting equipment, SVI is your answer!

SVI is a premier, well-known expert supplier and your best quality and cost option for In-Ground Lifts, Lift Parts for any make or model, and much more. SVI is your answer!

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