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Repair Parts for Kwik-Way Lifts

Even though Kwik-Way no longer makes auto lifts, SVI still sells parts for Kwik-Way repairs

  • SVI sources or makes all kinds of replacement Kwik-Way lift parts
  • SVI is the leader when it comes to automotive lift repair parts
  • Commonly replaced items are in-stock in our three “Ready Ship” warehouses for faster delivery to minimize downtime.

The Kwik-Way company history includes development of an early system to scientifically recondition a valve or valve seat of an automobile engine. This and other innovations including a side mounted brake lathe led the company to an interesting position of creating products for other brands. Such was the case for a while with Kwik Way and Snap-on. Others included Lempco, which they acquired, and Ward Products of Canada. Eventually though, market forces dictated which Kwik-Way products were able to stick around, and unfortunately their auto lifts were one of the products they ceased manufacturing.

If you’re in need of Kwik-Way brake lathe parts, SVI is also there to serve you. Call today for Silencers and more.

Snap-On KwikWay lifts are reliable and associated with one of the industry’s well-known brands. At SVI, we’re proud to stock an extensive array of Kwik-Way parts and components. Come to us with your part needs, and we’ll find a “Kwik-Way” to get them to you!

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.