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Repair Parts for Joyce Automotive Lifts

Keep your Joyce Automotive lifts in working order with repair parts from SVI.

  • SVI can source and build most any Joyce lift repair parts you need
  • Order seals, superstructure parts, cylinder components, and rack bars from SVI
  • A large amount of Joyce lifts are still in working order today and each has one thing in common: they are all maintained in proper working order with SVI repair parts.

Joyce-Cridland single- and two-post in-ground auto lift models go back a long way, but the company goes back even further. Joyce was established in 1873, but we’re not sure what they actually made back then. In our archives, we have an original auto lift sales catalog with brochures and pricing that is fun to browse through. Joyce had many, very-specialized auto lift models including one that was designed exclusively to handle all Volkswagen and Porsche models on the road in the 1960s. In 1963, an auto dealership’s cost for a new lift was $602.65 and if you operated a transit bus garage you could purchase a new bus lift for $1,526.00. Wow, things have really changed since the 1960s in the auto lift industry.

In the 1990s Joyce sold its automotive division to ALM, which later closed the division down. Today, Joyce has become the Joyce-Dayton Company, no longer involved in the automotive lift industry. Yet although the company moved on, Joyce auto lifts are still in existence—and nobody keeps them in better working order than SVI.

Whatever replacement Joyce lift parts you need, SVI is at your service. When we can’t locate a particular part, we’ll build it for you ourselves. Contact us to learn more!

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.