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Repair Parts for Hydralift Lifts

SVI parts have been used for restoring Hydralift lifts to top working order for generations

  • SVI specializes in finding or building replacement Hydralift lift repair parts, as well as lift repair parts for all makes and models
  • SVI has a reputation as innovators in the auto lift industry
  • Order cables, sheaves, cylinders, safety lock parts, and more from SVI!

For Hydralift lifts, the cable sheaves often end up needing to be replaced—and we’re the first and only company that builds a commonly replaced pulley from solid steel instead of cast aluminum. SVI is proud to offer a solution that is stronger and more durable than alternatives. So when you need any parts for your Hydralift lift model, make SVI the first place you contact.

Since they were first made in the 1980s, Hydralift lifts can be found throughout North America and abroad. Today, owners of Hydralift lifts often find their products need replacement parts and SVI is the top resource to trust. We specialize in handling all lift repair needs, whether related to a Hydralift or another model. From cables to sheaves to safety lock parts, we’ve got the replacement Hydralift parts you need to get your lift in working condition.

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.