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Gasboy Pump Parts and Repair Parts / Tokheim Consumer Series Pumps

Our respect for the iconic Gasboy pump means SVI will keep this great brand alive.

SVI is the exclusive supplier of Gasboy pump parts for repair and Tokheim Consumer Series Pumps. We stock repair parts for all Consumer Series Gasboy / Tokheim Pumps:

  • 20 Series / 420 Series
  • 60 Series / 460 Series
  • 70 Series / 470 Series
  • 300 Series
  • Slimline 390 Series
  • 600 Series
  • 1200 Series
  • 1500 / 1600 / 1700 / 700 Series Piston and Diaphragm Hand Pumps
  • 1800 Series
  • Meter Registry
  • Repair Kit for 1520A, 1720 A, 786, 787
  • Repair Kit for 1620, 1720, 1420, 1520, 1520T, 797-T
  • Model 124 Quart Stroke Pump
  • Quick References

Since the 1920s, Gasboy Consumer Series pumps have been safely and reliably distributing fuel for farmers and other single location fuel needs. Gasboy Pumps are so well-made that even some of the original pumps – now nearly 100 years old – are still in service. That’s why SVI offers Gasboy pump parts / Tokheim pump parts for repairs and maintenance.

We strongly believe in both the economy and practicality of keeping great equipment in service. That is why, at the encouragement of petroleum industry distributors, we have “recontinued” repair parts for the Gasboy brand for consumers and are now the sole provider of Gasboy / Tokheim repair parts and kits for these signature Consumer Series pumps.

In many ways, the Gasboy story symbolizes the values and commitment we live every day at SVI. Whether you want to maintain an automotive lift or you are seeking repair parts for your reliable Gasboy pump, SVI can make it happen. Over the years SVI has become a premier supplier of repair products and new equipment to the industries we serve, including automotive, hydraulic, petroleum, and lubrication.

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.