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If you need a repair part for Direct Lift, SVI is the one to call.

  • SVI offers a full range of replacement Direct Lift lift repair parts.
  • Our inventory includes over 15,000 auto lift repair parts.
  • We are re-domesticating the import segment of the lift industry with our products.

Direct Lift models are very competitively priced imported lifts from Rotary Lift Consolidated, a Dover Corporation Company all have one thing in common. They will all need repair parts from SVI at one time or another. That’s right if you own a Direct Lift auto lift one company can help you keep your spare parts costs to a minimum so you can keep your lift operating safely, while keeping some extra money in your wallet.   

There remains a growingly substantial number of Direct Lift auto lifts in service throughout the United States. Of course, one company stands tall to help make sure owners of Direct Lift auto lifts have a source of supply for repair parts. When an owner of a Direct Lift auto lift needs help with parts they turn to SVI. 

Many of the imported lifts in service today are repaired with American Made products by SVI. We like to say that everyday we are re-domesticating the import segment of lift industry with our non-import auto lift repair products.

When you need to fix your Direct Lift auto lift – SVI “Direct Fit” brand lift repair parts are at your service. Contact SVI, the auto lift parts professionals. We carry over 30,000 auto lift repair parts and provide you with unmatched delivery speed by utilizing our closest to you “Ready Ship” warehouse location. SVI warehouses are located in Baltimore, Chicago and Los Angeles. 

Note: Use only SVI genuine “Direct Fit” brand products when performing any auto lift repairs. SVI products can not only meet, but exceed industry accepted specifications.

For parts for Direct Lift auto lifts – SVI is your answer.

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.