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Challenger Lift Parts

Challenger Vehicle Lift types include 2-post, 4-post, inground, mobile and home garage lifts

  • With a diverse line of popular products, replacement Challenger parts are a frequent request at SVI
  • SVI has over 30,000 auto lift repair parts and with its three ready-ship warehouses often provides same-day shipping for quick on-demand delivery of Challenger lifts parts
  • Whether you need lift chain, cables, rubber pads, height extensions, an Aqua-Out system, or a Power Station, SVI has the parts you need to repair your Challenger Lift.

The distinctive Challenger auto lift is seen in many service facilities around the country. Challenger lifts parts products include light and heavy duty 2-post car lifts and truck lifts, light and heavy duty general service 4-post car lifts, single and modular lube racks, heavy duty mobile column truck and bus lifts, light and heavy duty in-ground car lifts, light and heavy duty alignment racks and mid-rise and shore rise scissor lifts.

A while back, SVI received a call about a problem encountered at a busy shop. SVI listened and introduced the first higher-strength adapter bases for the CL9 and CL10 Challenger lifts. The thickness of the adapter plate was increase to 5/16” and then an extra weld was added to the bottom of the adapter plate. The end result is a more rigid adapter, deeper weld penetration and ultimately increased durability. In addition to these specialty adapter bases, ask about SVI-exclusive adjustable height adapters for the Challenger CL9 and CL10. Two sizes are available for these models: 4”–6” adjustable height adapters or 6”–9.5” adjustable height adapters. SVI’s Direct Fit™ brand for Automotive Lift Parts is a great example of how we listen to the lift users.

SVI proudly supplies repair parts for these great automotive lift products from Challenger. Our three strategically located shipping centers provide fast delivery, many times with same-day service.

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