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Auto lift replacement parts for BendPak auto lifts (2-post, 4-post, and more) are available from SVI

  • Bend-Pak makes a diverse line of auto lifts for which SVI provides replacement Bend-Pak parts.
  • Models include literally dozens of styles of varying weight capacity and durability
  • SVI offers three ready-ship warehouses for quick on-demand delivery of Bend-Pak replacement parts.

There is probably no single other auto lift company that has made its way into more mail-order catalogs with its broad product line than Bend-Pak. Bend-Pak auto lifts can be found everywhere from farms to home-owner garages and independent muffler shops to mom and pop automotive service centers or anywhere else vehicle service is performed. It seems like everyone knows someone who owns a Bend-Pak.

Bend-Pak’s growth over the years is very impressive. SVI has kept pace right along by continuing to expand the amount of on-the-floor inventory of repair parts for Bend-Pak auto lifts. This means when your Bend-Pak lift needs a new part or two, SVI will come through.

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