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Replacement Auto Lift Repair Parts for all Ben Pearson models, even imports

  • Repair parts for lifts from model LMP 9 to LMT 22 and all models in between
  • Auto Lift Repair parts for Liftmaster, even for the oldest models still operating
  • SVI offers three ready-ship warehouses for quick on-demand delivery of Ben Pearson Lift Parts

Believe it or not, this company was first famous for compound bows before it became known for auto lifts and exhaust tube benders. Today, there are two completely separate companies–one called Ben Pearson Archery and one called Ben Pearson. Since you are reading this, it probably means you aren’t on our website because of a compound bow, but rather a compound fracture that has occurred to one of the parts on your Ben Pearson auto lift. 

You came to the right place because SVI can help. SVI stocks repair parts for even the oldest models of Ben Pearson auto lifts still common in the field. And, even if you own a vintage 1983 Ben Pearson Liftmaster Lift model LMP 9, don’t let someone tell you your lift can’t be repaired. It just isn’t so because SVI has what you need to make your Liftmaster or any other Ben Perason auto lift work like the day it was new for many years into the future. Save money and fix it; don’t replace it.

From LMP 9 to LMT 22 and every model in between (even the imports)SVI is your answer.