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Auto Lift Repair parts for Autoquip Lifts

Autoquip in-ground single-post lifts are one of the easiest lifts to reseal

  • Autoquip made unique and long-lasting vehicle service auto lifts with many still in service
  • SVI provides replacement seals and other Autoquip Parts
  • SVI offers three ready-ship warehouses for quick on-demand delivery of Autoquip Lift Parts

Originally founded in Chicago by Jess Clark after World War II, the Autoquip Company made many unique and long-lasting vehicle service auto lifts. The company was later relocated to Oklahoma City where production could be further increased.

Autoquip in-ground single post lifts were widely known for being one of the easiest auto lifts to reseal. In fact, they were the first style where the gland ring did not need to be removed just to put in new seal. A simple turn of the plunger caused the plunger to drop exposing the seal for easy removal and replacement. This Autoquip innovation was later incorporated into a design adopted by Rotary lift in the late 1980s. What a fine compliment to the innovative spirit of Jess Clark and his Autoquip Company.

Today, many Autoquip lifts still remain in service and the owners of these lifts rely on SVI for replacement seals and other parts for their very reliable and innovative lifts.

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