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Accu-Turn started in 1984 with brake lathes and progressed to lifts, wheel balancers, and tire changers. 

You will find Accu-Turn tire changers all across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Africa and Asia. Accu-Turn is now part of the Bosch Diagnostics Family. 

If you own an Accu-Turn Brake Lathe and need to repair or replace parts, SVI is a great source. Because we have a consistent demand, we often have the most common and necessary parts available when you need them.

You may have an AC2012S 2-post Asymmetrical 12,000 lb. lift or a AC12407AF 4-post lift, or some other model. SVI is your source for tire changer repair parts for replacement auto lift parts for Accu-Turn / Accu Industries equipment.

Whether you have a 526 tire changer or a heavy duty 426HD tire changer, SVI is your source for tire changer repair parts. Every tire changer will need a repair part. Avoid the high cost of replacing your tire changer and repair it.

There are many popular Accu-Turn models of brake lathes, lifts and tire changers. SVI can help you with just about every part request you may have. From the difficult to the most popular repair parts no one stocks more than SVI. Contact us today.