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How Do You Jack An ATV?

The prospect of sliding through a muddy trail is one of the greatest outdoor adventures, inspiring hundreds of thousands of United States citizens to purchase ATVs. However, like any automobile, maintenance is part of the investment and most repairs require the ability to lift the body of the vehicle off the ground.

How do you jack an ATV for repair? In the content below, we explore a few of the most common ways to lift an ATV off the ground to perform maintenance.

Safety Is a Worthwhile Investment

Before diving into lift options, we most note that safety is of upmost importance. While some online resources suggest DIY methods of jacking an ATV, these are unsafe and should be avoided. It is best to purchase a system intended for lifting.

Though lifting the ATV off the ground for maintenance involves some risk, following proper procedures minimizes the risk of injury. Safety is a worthwhile investment!

Best Options For Lifting an ATV

Hydraulic Floor Jack

Hydraulic floor jacks can be used to lift a variety of personal vehicles, including lawn mowers or small cars. Because these jacks serve a multiple of functions and are one of the safest jacks to use, they are a worthwhile investment. They are fast and simple to use. The downside of hydraulic floor jacks is that they are heavy, making them difficult to move. However, if you plan to primarily work in one location, such as the garage, the hydraulic floor jack is an excellent option.

ATV/ Motorcycle Jack

ATV and motorcycle jacks are specifically designed to lift these small vehicles. Some ATV jacks have wheels for easy transportation. Additionally, these lifts are built to hoist ATVs and motorcycles with purposefully-designed balance.

Why not just purchase a lift designed for your ATV? Well, ATV lifts are not flawless. Consider a few downsides. First, these lifts hoist the vehicle from the center, so that area is not accessible for maintenance. Secondly, the price is not always worth it, because ATV or motorcycle lifts have limited functionality.

Scissor Jack

Unlike hydraulic floor jacks, scissor jacks are small and portable. If your ATV needs a quick repair in the middle of the outdoor track, you can simply carry the jack to your vehicle and perform the repair. Though scissor jacks are portable and lightweight, they are not as efficient as the aforementioned options. These jacks must be manually lifted by turning a handle, requiring a bit more effort and time.

Table Jacks

Table jacks look like miniature tables and often have wheels. Though table jacks are found in automotive shops more often than a garage, they are an excellent option to achieve undercarriage ATV access. However, table jacks capable of hoisting heavier ATVs and small vehicles can become expensive.

SESM Lifts

Small Equipment Shop Maintenance lifts are powerful outdoor power equipment lifts, designed for golf carts, UTVs, ATVs, lawn mowers, motorcycles, and any other small vehicle that requires quick, effective maintenance.

SESM lifts are often found in shops and dealerships; however, they are also an excellent option for residential automotive shops and garages. SESM lifts are installed directly into the ground and can lift a wide variety of small equipment. Though SESM lifts are not the most inexpensive option, they are trustworthy and designed to last.

I Bought My Jack. How Do I Lift The ATV?

Once you have selected and purchased the best ATV jack for your location and vehicle, place it on flat, sturdy ground. If the lift is a permanent solution, pick a place in your garage or driveway where it will accessible but out of the way.

After your jack or lift has been installed in the best location, you can hoist your ATV utilizing specific ATV lift points. Proper lift points differ based on model of ATV, so take the time to learn the best points for your vehicle. However, as a rule of thumb, do not lift the ATV from the A-Arms, bottom of the engine, rotors, or rear sprocket.

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