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Choosing a Used Auto Lift

SVI International, Inc. understands most automotive shop owners are hesitant to purchase fresh off-the-shelf equipment, especially when it comes to expensive auto lifts. As the auto lift industry’s leading parts supplier for both the repair and production of all types of automotive lifts, we provide our clients with information to help them make the best decisions regarding their automotive equipment. Below, we’ll walk through a few of the most important factors to consider when choosing used auto lifts, ensuring you have a reliable product for years to come.

ALI Certified

Safety comes first. That is why one of the most important aspects of buying a used auto lift is making sure whichever lift you purchase is ALI Certified (Automotive Lift Institute.) An ALI Certification lets you know the lift falls under rigorous safety and quality requirements. During your used auto lift buying journey, take some time to go onto the ALI Certified website and see which models are included. An ALI certified sticker should also be on the lift itself.

Type of Lift

When looking for the right used auto lifts, it is important to know what kind of vehicles you’ll be working with. Different vehicles require unique lifts to make sure the car is lifted correctly, and the work environment is safe.

Here are some of the different types of used lifts on the market:

Two-Post Lifts

A two-post lift is the most common and versatile life. This type of car lift can be used on most vehicles and allows for easy access for most mechanical work.

Four-Post Car and Truck Lifts

A four-post car lift is great for a high-traffic environment. Not only are four-post lifts more time-efficient for exiting, but they are generally considered safer than a two-post lift.

Car Parking Lift

Car parking lifts are very secure and long-lasting. There are many types of car park lifts, with four post parking lifts being favored for their practicality and ability to store more than one vehicle. If you need storage for multiple vehicles and are looking for a lift that can be relied upon for long-term stress, a car parking lift is worth looking into.

Scissor Lift

If space is a concern in the shop, a scissor lift is a good choice on account of its smaller size compared to a traditional two- or four-post lift. In fact, some scissor lifts are even portable. Different scissor models come with varying heights to help you select based on the average height of the vehicles you work on and the ceiling heights in your shop.


Purchasing an auto lift can be pricey, even when purchasing used. However, an auto lift gives freedom of space on account of the storage aspect. Ease of access to the vehicles being worked on also makes the investment worth it for many clients.

There are good deals on used auto lifts out there, you may just need to look around a bit to find them. Some places to shop are private sales and foreclosure auctions. Big-name manufacturer lifts that are ALI Certified hold the greatest resale amount and are the safer choice when shopping used. Any lifts you are considering purchasing should undergo a thorough inspection before being acquired.


A downside to buying a used auto lift is the absence of a warranty with the purchase of the lift. Auto lifts are an investment for any shop, big or small. All due diligence can be done to find the perfect used auto lift, but if any breaks happen after purchasing the entirety of the cost is on the owner. Factor in your budget and the risk versus gain when it comes to a used auto lift and the absence of a warranty.


Close inspection is crucial when looking to buy a used auto lift. Make sure to review all cylinders and seals for signs of hydraulic fluid leaks. Cables should be checked for fraying and abnormal wear. As a whole, the lift should be checked for corrosion and if there are any deeper integrity related issues with rust.

Choosing a Used Auto Lift with SVI International

Buying a used auto lift is a comprehensive process and SVI International is here for you every step of the way. Not only do we offer the most information on purchasing used auto lifts, but we are also there for our customers beyond the purchase. We carry replacement parts to ensure your used auto lift remains fully functional and safe for years to come.

From large commercial shops to mom-and-pop shop on the corner, SVI International is there to serve all our clients with the highest quality service. Feel free to stop by our website or reach out to us today at 800-321-8173 with any questions about purchasing your own used auto lift or repair parts for your current machinery.

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