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The Pros & Cons of Exhaust Modification

Exhaust modifications are one of the most common types of automotive modifications. They are relatively inexpensive and simple enough for some handy car gurus to do at home themselves. Exhaust modifications can have many benefits, including increased performance, a more muscular look, and a powerful sound. However, an exhaust modification can also have negative effects if done improperly. The potential negative effects of an exhaust modification include an overly loud exhaust note and a decrease in performance. Read on to learn more about the pros and cons of an exhaust modification.


Increased Performance

One of the biggest reasons that people make exhaust modifications is to increase the performance of their vehicle. The right exhaust modifications can increase the power and responsiveness of a vehicle significantly. Not only can a properly installed, high-quality aftermarket exhaust help a car gain horsepower, but it can also raise the vehicle’s torque rating. An exhaust modification can improve performance by increasing airflow to your engine. An exhaust made of a lighter metal such as titanium can also increase performance by decreasing weight.

A More Muscular Look

Few drivers get a performance exhaust solely because of how it looks, but a more muscular look is certainly an added benefit of an aftermarket exhaust. These exhausts may be made out of a distinctive metal like titanium. Also, many aftermarket exhausts offer a larger muffler that simply looks more powerful. Finally, it is common for an aftermarket exhaust to have an eye-catching chrome finish instead of the dull metal that many stock exhaust systems use.

A Powerful Sound

Another important benefit of an exhaust modification is a more powerful sound. This is actually the most notable benefit of many exhaust modifications, as most cars will not actually gain a massive amount of power from a new exhaust. However, the larger, less restricted, and more resonant aftermarket exhaust will have a deeper and louder sound than the average stock exhaust. In fact, the new sound that a vehicle with a performance exhaust makes may just be enough to blow the doors off those who share the road with you.


Too Much Noise

Speaking of powerful noises, one of the most common problems seen with an exhaust modification is an excessive amount of noise. Many drivers want to get a more powerful noise with their exhaust modification. However, many communities have noise limits for vehicles. If a vehicle exceeds these noise limits, the driver can get a ticket or even have their vehicle impounded. A vehicle with an exhaust modification is almost always significantly louder, so it is much more likely to breach noise limits. Drivers who are thinking about getting an aftermarket exhaust should keep in mind not only the noise regulations in their home city, but also the noise regulations in any city they will drive through.

A Failed Exhaust Modification Can Decrease Performance

It is also common for a failed exhaust modification to decrease performance. This is more commonly seen when a car owner attempts to make an exhaust modification themselves. Often, they do not install the aftermarket exhaust properly. This can lead to a decrease in performance and even fuel efficiency. Sometimes, a low-quality aftermarket exhaust can actually harm a vehicle’s performance, even if it is installed properly. The high-quality aftermarket exhausts are pricier, but they are also much more effective. Drivers that plan to make an exhaust modification should get a high-quality exhaust and have it installed by a professional.

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