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4 ATV Lift Benefits

While ATVs are often used for both recreational and industrial endeavors, it is crucial to regularly service ATVs for optimal use.

As you consider buying a lift for your equipment, such as an ATV, we don’t recommended to buy on impulse. Alternatively, we recommend exploring your lifting options and learning about their benefits of before deciding on a particular make or model. In the content below, we discuss four benefits of an ATV lift for maintaining and repairing your small equipment machinery.

What is an ATV Lift?

An ATV lift is a type of small equipment shop maintenance (SESM) lift. Smaller in frame than a traditional auto lift, these lifts perfectly accommodate smaller equipment or vehicles such as ATVs, motorcycles, lawn mowers, golf carts, and more.

While it is important to properly utilize the lift machinery to effectively service your ATV, you must also consider protecting your auto lift investment. By doing so, your SESM lift will properly perform the following functions for an extended lifetime:

  • Height adjustability
  • Prevent tip overs during service via strategic tie down slots included in the platform
  • Full access for front and rear wheel service
  • Operates off shop-air compressor
  • Load capacity extends from 1,000 to over 25,000 pounds, depending on the requirements of your specific application
  • Designed to last a lifetime
  • Improves productivity within the shop or garage
  • The ability for 360-degree rotation allows for use between the work and the workbench
  • When lowered, no obstruction exists, ideal for parking directly over the lift
  • Superior operation and safety compared to above-ground scissor lifts
  • Optimal for a beautiful platform and ideal for showroom displays

4 ATV Lift Benefits

This lift type offers countless applications from cleaning to showcasing. However, in terms of servicing your ATV and other small machinery, equipment, or vehicles, there are four main benefits to utilizing an ATV lift.

#1. Ease of Service and Visibility

Like servicing any portion of a vehicle, auto lifts help the mechanic view every component with ease. Similarly, whoever makes the repairs to your ATV must be able to clearly detect and identify every gear and leak. With the installation of an ATV lift, both routine maintenance and emergency repairs will take a fraction of the time.

#2. Comfortable Work Environment

Servicing and maintaining ATVs demands priority before returning it to its original rotation. However, as vehicles and small motored equipment are serviced, repair technicians often need to bend down or work on their knees to repair a specific motor or other component. As repairs are continually made, mechanics can experience chronic pain, fatigue, or even lasting injury.

Therefore, effectively prevent injury and inconvenience by using ATV lifts to make repairs simpler and more time effective. With the option of adjustment, it can be brought to any desired height and increase the technician’s comfort level and safety. Furthermore, certain hydraulic SESM lifts collapse into the floor. This feature allows a safe process of parking the ATV directly on top of the lift.

#3. Storage

Like four-post automotive lifts, ATV lifts can provide convenient storage during time in which you leave your ATV idle. For example, if you do not ride during the winter, your ATV can be stored on the lift itself to create more available floor space below. Limited obstruction is an essential feature for shops and home garages alike.

Lift storage prevents air pressure loss in the tires and any unwanted de-conditioning while not in use. Therefore, by storing your ATV on the lift, you increase the likelihood of it remaining in the same condition later in the year.

#4. Load Capacity

Hydraulic SESM lifts are manufactured to sustain and effectively lift a load capacity of nearly 2,000 pounds. However, to ensure lift safety, be sure to select an ATV lift that can withstand double the weight of your heaviest ATV. By doing so, you will ensure a safe and secure maintenance process while utilizing the lift.

Discover ATV Lift Benefits at SVI International

Finding a reliable auto lift supplier with high-quality products doesn’t have to be difficult. At SVI International, we are the industry’s leading supplier of repair parts for all types of automotive lifts.

Besides traditional, every-day parts, SVI is known in the industry as the problem solver – tackling specialty lift concerns with innovative products. Our supply of high-quality products can play a significant role in protecting your auto lift investment.

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