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Fleet Maintenance: Why a Reliable Automotive Lift Is Crucial

For industries relying on a fleet of vehicles, finding a reliable automotive lift that effectively services your fleet takes priority.

Servicing your fleet without helpful equipment such as an auto lift quickly costs your business valuable resources. In the content below, we discuss why a reliable automotive lift is crucial for fleet maintenance. Additionally, we explore the purpose and benefits behind in-house fleet maintenance.

What Is Fleet Maintenance?

Before discussing an automotive lift’s applications within fleet maintenance, it’s crucial to understand the concept. Fleet maintenance refers to a business investing time and money to safeguard its vehicles for their employees’ efficient and safe use. In comparison with personal autos, your business assumes full responsibility of regularly maintaining a commercial vehicle fleet and associated expenses.

Which Industries Utilize Fleet Maintenance?

In certain industries, a vehicle comes as a package with a job. Below are some common industries that often utilize fleets for their services:

  • Pest Control
  • Cable and Satellite Providers
  • Plumbers
  • Electricians
  • Window Repairmen
  • Postal and Delivery Services
  • Construction Workers
  • Cleaning Services

The Benefits of Fleet Maintenance

Although postponing maintenance tempts some, delaying repairs and service scheduling can quickly burden your budget. Therefore, consider the financial advantages of effective fleet maintenance. By performing preventative maintenance in-house, your business avoids taking valuable vehicles off the road for overdue repairs.

However, if your business fails to adhere to the maintenance schedule, you risk incurring costly damages. For example, neglecting to perform an oil change every three and six months can result in repairs exceeding $3,500. In addition to accruing expenses, you also put the longevity of your fleet and the safety of your employees at risk. Therefore, ensuring regular maintenance results in better fuel efficiency, greater vehicle longevity, and a safe staff while on the road.

How Do I Ensure Efficient Fleet Maintenance?

If you have a substantial active fleet, consider bringing a mechanic on staff, either part-time or full-time. As a result, you’ll have an employee dedicated to your fleet, ensuring each vehicle is in working order. Additionally, your on-site mechanic helps oversee vehicle rentals and returns in the event your employees aren’t assigned vehicles. As your business and fleet grow, you can consider hiring additional mechanics to continue servicing your fleet in-house.

When Reliability Counts: The Importance of Operating with Efficient Automotive Lifts

Automotive lifts are intended to facilitate a vehicle’s maintenance. From performing a tire rotation to changing the oil, lifts reduce the time spent on maintenance while protecting your mechanic. Below are three reasons explaining why a safe and reliable automotive lift is crucial for fleet maintenance.

Reliable Lifts Lead to Increased Productivity

Poorly designed auto lifts delay productivity and increase service time. Therefore, finding a quality lift that properly matches its intended application increases overall reliability.

Regarding fleet maintenance, increased productivity is essential when you only have one or two lifts to service your entire fleet. Auto lifts are intended to reduce a mechanic’s time spent servicing a vehicle or performing emergency repairs.

By raising the vehicle up several feet, your mechanic can better view your fleet’s undercarriage and evaluate any issues. Your mechanic can quickly notice troubling signs such as leaks, wear and tear, and damaged or missing parts. If any issues arise, your mechanic can easily access their parts and tools and quickly remedy the problem. Therefore, by repairing any issues early on, you prevent more expensive breakdowns. 

Reliable Lifts Enhance Mechanic and Fleet Safety

Every industry should value employee and product safety. As a result, auto lifts allow your mechanics to effectively service fleet vehicles while standing upright in a natural position. Doing so prevents them from straining muscles that reduce productivity over time. With having easier visibility of the vehicle and a greater working space, your mechanics can feel safe.

Additionally, purchasing a reliable automotive lift assists not only your mechanics and fleet managers but also your vehicles. Designed to securely lift and lower vehicles for maintenance and repairs, auto lifts can only work efficiently when used accordingly.

Automotive lift manufacturers heavily emphasize the importance of following a lift’s safety features. When operating a faulty lift, you risk the safety of your mechanic or anyone near the lift. If an accident occurred, the heavy machinery could incur serious injuries or fatalities. Therefore, it is crucial to regularly perform a lift inspection and ensure its proper usage.

Reliable Lifts Have Greater Longevity

We understand the importance of protecting your auto lift investment. Therefore, it’s crucial to purchase a reliable auto lift right from the start. To decide which auto lift best suits your business needs, evaluate a complete guide to different types of car lifts.

Poorly designed lifts guarantee a short life span, failing to offer necessary lifting capacities. Any lifts without the required arm configurations, adapters, and other attachments can quickly become overworked. As a result, you may maintain the lift more frequently than your fleet, causing excessive vehicle downtime and reduced shop productivity. 

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