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High-Quality Tire Changer Machine Repair Parts

High-quality, durable tire changing repair machines are crucial components to garages and automotive service stations.

High-volume service is demanding, and most auto shops do not have the resources to continually purchase new equipment. Thus, selecting a high-quality tire changer machine initially can lead to increased productivity and cost savings – and finding a repair parts resource for these excellent machines provides lasting value.

What Makes SVI’s Tire Changer Repair Parts Unique?

SVI International, Inc delivers an extensive variety of repair parts, built for quality and durability. The following content explores the range of repair parts SVI offers for many tire changer machines brands – including a brief summary of each make and model.

While exploring the following content, you may wish to search for your specific tire changer model – specific model numbers will be listed throughout this piece; a search and find may guide you to the exact part you require efficiently.

What Repair Parts Does SVI Offer?

ACCU Industries

SVI provides repair parts for a number of Accu Industries tire changer machines, including:

  • 320 S
  • 326 S
  • 3390
  • 3400
  • 3402
  • 3450
  • 3501
  • 3602
  • 3650
  • 4401
  • 4402
  • 4501
  • 4502
  • 526T
  • 5402
  • 5602
  • 5802 HP

The number one source for Accu-Turn Tire Changers, SVI supplies mount/ demount heads, bead breaker seal kits, quick-release dump valves, bead air blast control valves, tire iron bead levers, drop center tool plies, and a number of other parts. In short, SVI has what you need. View our entire collection of Accu Industries repair parts.


Hunter Engineering Company has been engineering equipment since 1946, with a reputation for visionary leadership. SVI International supports and supplies the very best products; thus, SVI provides repair parts for an extensive variety of Hunter tire changers. These include:

  • Auto34
  • TC3000
  • TC3100
  • TC3250
  • TC3500
  • TC3500SS
  • TC3700
  • TCA34
  • TCX500
  • TCX550
  • TCX575


SVI provides parts for ten varieties of Teco tire changers:

  • BPS
  • SPH
  • Teco 21, 27, 36, 46, & 48
  • TPH
  • UPH


Snap-On is known for a wide variety of useful products for a variety of applications, from auto repair shops to personal garages. Among these include tire changer products. Of course, SVI provides repair parts for an extensive Snap-On inventory, including (but not limited to):

  • EEWH300A
  • EEWH302A
  • EEWH303A
  • EEWH304A
  • EEWH305A
  • EEWH305B
  • EEWH306A
  • EEWH307B
  • EEWH310A
  • EEWH311A
  • EEWH312A3
  • EEWH315A
  • EEWH317A

Simpasfaip/ Faip

SVI provides a plethora of repair parts for two specific tire changer makes:

  • M 928
  • M 928 ROYAL


Silverline provides excellent tire changer equipment for light-duty applications. SVI International provides repair parts for the Tire Changer, Silverline, SL11.


Founded in 1964, Sice is a well-known manufacturer of tire changers, wheel balancers, wheel alignment systems, and a variety of other tire servicing equipment around the world. Operate with a Sice tire changer? SVI carries repair parts for a variety of models:

  • M380
  • P350
  • PT 100
  • PT 98
  • S390
  • S408
  • S408 GP
  • S408 Maxi
  • S412
  • S415
  • S419
  • S425
  • S432
  • S435
  • S436


Sicam is poised to be an industry leader in manufacturing high-quality products, including tire changers. SVI International carries parts for the following Sicam tire changer machine models:

  • COLIBRI BL 502
  • Falco AL508
  • Falco AL510
  • Falco AL518
  • Falco AL520
  • Falco NA524
  • Falco NA526
  • JUMBO TCS 26
  • NIBBIO EL 400


Not to be confused with the pasta, Ravaglioli is a top-ranking company in the garage equipment industry. Established in 1958, Ravaglioli has dedicated years to developing a great product – over 350,000 of them. SVI International carries repair parts for a broad spectrum of Ravaglioli tire changers:

  • G7246ID
  • G7645
  • G7645D
  • G76451
  • G7645OD
  • G7645IT
  • G7645ITD
  • G7645ITV
  • G7645IV
  • G7645V
  • G83RA


SVI International distributes excellent repair parts for the following Ranger tire changers, including (but not limited to):

  • R23
  • R23AT
  • R23LT
  • R23ST
  • R26AT
  • R26DT
  • R26EX
  • R26ST
  • R30XLT
  • R710
  • R745


When you need to repair your Nussbaum tire changer machine, SVI International has every repair part you may require. Nussbaum’s primary tire changer machine model is TC 355.

Mondolfo Ferro

SVI International carries repair parts for two Mondolfo Ferro tire changers: AS 912 TI and AS 914 TI.


Like Mondolfo Ferro, Launch produces two primary tire changer machines, both with readily available repair parts at SVI – the two machines are TWC-481 and TWC-581.


Kwik-Way manufactures a broad expanse of auto equipment, including parts washers, cylinder hones, brake lathes, seat grinders, surface grinders, and – of course – tire changers. SVI has a collection of repair parts for the following models:

  • 502T
  • 530
  • 540
  • 545 Extreme XL
  • 580
  • 584

John Bean

John Bean heavy-duty tire changers are built to hand any type of wheel, including trucks, buses, earthmoving machines, and agricultural vehicles. Purchasing a brand-new tire changer for your specific application can be costly and, ultimately, unnecessary. SVI carries repair parts for:

  • 7600
  • 7700
  • 8931
  • 8936
  • 8950INA
  • 8950INO
  • 8960INA
  • 8960INO
  • 8990 INO Electric


Hofmann, like many of the previously explored brands, carries many tire changer machines in extensive variety. SVI has repair parts for many of the varieties, including:

  • Easymont PT98
  • Geodyna 30-3
  • Geodyna 30-3TM
  • MH 310
  • MH 320PRO
  • Monty 1100
  • Monty 12.S
  • Monty 12SE
  • Monty 1510
  • Monty 1520
  • Monty 1550
  • Monty 1565

All Tool

All Tool provides two tire changer machines, All Tire 212 & All Tire Plus. SVI International carries extensive parts for both types.


Since 1976, Giuliano has been active in the creation and optimization of automotive equipment. They build their products with a passion for reliability and steady industry growth. SVI carries repair parts for eight Giuliano tire changers:

  • S 109 Bike
  • S224
  • S225
  • S232
  • S551
  • Silver 112
  • Silver 112F
  • The BOSS

SVI International, Inc

The list we have compiled above is only a fraction of the tire changer machine brands SVI International, Inc carries repair parts for. Other high-quality brands include Focus, Coats, Eagle, FMC, Fasep, Butler, Bear, Ammco, and Tuxedo.

At SVI International, Inc, we are the leader in repair parts for automotive and industrial equipment. With over 40,000 repair parts readily available for high-quality equipment. In addition to ever-day parts, SVI is known as a problem solver, innovative in every industry. We are a “Can-Do” company, dedicated to providing answers for industry issues.

Get in touch with us today at (800) 321-8173 or via our online contact form to learn how we can help you.

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All names, numbers, symbols and descriptions are used for reference purposes only. It is not implied that any part or product listed is the actual product of these manufacturers. SVI does not represent and is not associated in any way with any other companies.

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