Parts For Powerrex Repair

Part #sort descending OEM OEM Ref. #1 OEM Ref. #2 Description
BH-7560-01 Powerrex

6" Slip-On Height Ext

BH-7560-01-4 Powerrex

6" Slip-On Height Ext- Set of 4

BH-7560-02 Powerrex

4"-6" Slip-On Adj Height Extension ALDH

BH-7560-03 Powerrex SL3

1" Thick Rubber Arm Pad (early models)

BH-7560-04 Powerrex SL4

1/2" Thick Rubber Arm Pad (early models)

BH-7560-05 Powerrex SL5 Screw Up Adapter
BH-7560-06 Powerrex SL6

Front Arm Assy w/Adapter & Pad

BH-7560-07 Powerrex SL7

Roll Pin for Eq Engage Gear

BH-7560-08 Powerrex SL8

Adapter, Large Screw

BH-7560-09 Powerrex SL9

Rear Arm Assy w/Adapter & Pad

BH-7560-10 Powerrex SL10

Arm Restraint Shaft

BH-7560-100 Powerrex SL100

Electronic Fuse Block Assy. With (2) fuses

BH-7560-101 Powerrex SL101

Electronic Power On Red Light Bulb Holder Assembly

BH-7560-102 Powerrex SL102

Electronic Power On Light Bulb

BH-7560-103 Powerrex SL103

Inside Column Carriage Both Sides

BH-7560-104 Powerrex SL104

Cylinder Head

BH-7560-105 Powerrex SL105

Cylinder Tube

BH-7560-106 Powerrex SL106

Cylinder Rod

BH-7560-107 Powerrex SL107

Cylinder Piston with Seals

BH-7560-108 Powerrex SL108

Power Unit Column Mounting Vibration Rubbers - Large

BH-7560-109 Powerrex SL109

Fitting for Hydraulic Hose Block Staight Male Pipe x Male JIC

BH-7560-11 Powerrex SL3 1/2" Thick Rubber Arm Pad 1 hole
BH-7560-110 Powerrex SL110

Powerrex Decal 31 cm x 31cm / 12.20" x 12.20"

BH-7560-111 Powerrex SL111

Powerrex Decal 14.5 cm x 14.5 cm / 5.70" x 5.70"

BH-7560-112 Powerrex SL112

Powerrex Decal 11.3 cm x 11.3 cm / 4.40" x 4.40"

BH-7560-113 Powerrex SL113

Powerrex Decal 8 cm x 8 cm / 3.14" x 3.14"

BH-7560-114 Powerrex SL114

Hydraulic Block 90 Degree Male EII #5 Jic to #4 Male Pipe

BH-7560-115 Powerrex SL115

Blue Lacquer Paint Spray Can 12 Ounce

BH-7560-116 Powerrex SL116

1 Ft Height Extension Kit Assy. To 13' 5" Height

BH-7560-117 Powerrex SL117

2 Ft Height Extension Kit Assy. To 14' 5" Height

BH-7560-118 Powerrex SL118

10 Inch Lower Extension Kit Assy. To 10' 8" Overhead Height

BH-7560-119 Powerrex SL119

2 Piece Overhead Inside Small Slide In. (New Style)

BH-7560-11S Powerrex SL11

Arm Restraint Spring

BH-7560-12 Powerrex SL12

Snap Ring 42mm x 49mm

BH-7560-120 Powerrex SL120

2 Piece Overhead Outside Large Slide Over (New Style)

BH-7560-121 Powerrex SL2

Anchor Steel Shims

BH-7560-122 Powerrex

Rubber Arm Pad Hex w/2 holes

BH-7560-13 Powerrex SL13

Snap Ring 22mm x 27mm

BH-7560-14 Powerrex SL14 Arm Restraint Gear Set (one per arm)
BH-7560-15 Powerrex SL15

Arm Pad Screw

BH-7560-16 Powerrex SL16

Arm Pin

BH-7560-17 Powerrex SL17

Arm Pin "C" Clips

BH-7560-18 Powerrex SL18

Arm Roll Pin

BH-7560-19 Powerrex SL19

Cable Sheave 24mm X 9cm

BH-7560-20 Powerrex SL20

Equalizer Cable

BH-7560-20BP Powerrex SL20BP

Equalizer Cable, 5/16" od

BH-7560-21 Powerrex SL21

Carriage Slider Block

BH-7560-22 Powerrex SL22

Column Base Plate Shim 16" x 16" x 5/8"

BH-7560-23 Powerrex SL23

Column Capscrew 10mm x 15mm

BH-7560-24 Powerrex SL24

Column Capscrew 8mm x 13mm

BH-7560-25 Powerrex SL25

Rubber Door Bumper

BH-7560-26 Powerrex SL26

Column Extension Standard

BH-7560-27 Powerrex SL27

Column Slide Block Grease

BH-7560-28 Powerrex SL28

Hydraulic Cylinder 75" L X 2.125 Bore

BH-7560-29 Powerrex SL29

Cylinder Screw in Fitting #4 Male 90 degree

BH-7560-30 Powerrex SL30 Cylinder Seal Kit
BH-7560-31 Powerrex SL31

Decal SL9000 Column Sticker

BH-7560-32 Powerrex SL32

Decal Safety Sticker

BH-7560-33 Powerrex SL33

Decal SL9000 Serial Number

BH-7560-34 Powerrex SL34

Electrical - 1 Main Power Box w/ Cables

BH-7560-35 Powerrex SL35

Electrical - 2 wire Electric Cable 108" B&W

BH-7560-36 Powerrex SL36

Electrical - 2 wire Electric Cable 41" B&W

BH-7560-37 Powerrex SL37

Electrical - 2 wire Electric Cable 27" B&W

BH-7560-38 Powerrex SL38

Electrical - 3 wire Electric Cable 240" B, W & G

BH-7560-39 Powerrex SL39

Electrical - 3 wire Electric Cable 48" B, W & G

BH-7560-40 Powerrex SL40

Electrical Box Keys for Main Power Lock

BH-7560-41 Powerrex SL41

Electrical Limit Switch 10A-250VAC

BH-7560-42 Powerrex SL42

Electrical Control Box Screws 4 mm x 15 mm

BH-7560-43 Powerrex SL43

Hydraulic Hose 18" - 1/4" (#5 Stright FJIC x 90 degree FJIC)

BH-7560-44 Powerrex SL44

Hydraulic Hose 20-1/2" - 1/4" (#5 Stright FJIC both ends)

BH-7560-45 Powerrex SL45

Hydraulic Hose 32' 4" - 1/4" (#5 Stright FJIC both ends)

BH-7560-46 Powerrex SL46

Overhead Brackets for Safety Bar

BH-7560-47 Powerrex SL47

Overhead Cap Screw 5 mm x 2 cm w/Nut & Lock Washer

BH-7560-48 Powerrex SL48

Overhead Left Cross Bar Driver Side 1 of 3 pieces (Old Style)

BH-7560-49 Powerrex SL49

Overhead Right Cross Bar Passenger Side 1 of 3 pieces (Old)

BH-7560-50 Powerrex SL50

Overhead Center Slip Coupling Female Slide in 1 of 3 pcs.

BH-7560-51 Powerrex SL51

Overhead Cylinder Limit Switch for 11' 6" or 12' 5" Setting

BH-7560-52 Powerrex SL52

Overhead Grey Limit Switch w/Electrical Cable

BH-7560-53 Powerrex SL53

Overhead Hex Head Bolts 10 mm x 2 cm

BH-7560-54 Powerrex SL54

Overhead Hex Head Bolts 10 mm x 3 cm

BH-7560-55 Powerrex SL55

Overhead Hex Head Nut 10 mm

BH-7560-56 Powerrex SL56

Overhead Lock Washer 10 mm

BH-7560-57 Powerrex SL57

Overhead Safety Bar w/ Silver Padding

BH-7560-58 Powerrex SL58

Overhead Sheave Axel 2.369 L x 1.0 OD x .795

BH-7560-59 Powerrex SL59

Overhead Sheave Axel Assy; Pulley, Axcel, Snap Rings and Sheaves

BH-7560-60 Powerrex SL60

Overhead Snap Rings for Overhead Sheave Axel

BH-7560-61 Powerrex SL61

Overhead Spacer Between Sheaves on Overhead

BH-7560-62 Powerrex SL62

Overhead Washer 11 mm Bolt

BH-7560-63 Powerrex SL63

Parts Box for SVLD-10-OH or KL-10-OH

BH-7560-64 Powerrex SL64

Power Unit Column Mounting Vibration Rubbers

BH-7560-65 Powerrex SL65

Pump 1002D Applied Power Unit Complete (Black Tank)

BH-7560-65R Powerrex

Black Reservoir

BH-7560-66 Powerrex SL66

Pump Applied Coil & Down Valve Only used w/ Black Tank

BH-7560-67 Powerrex SL67

Pump CHSSI1002D Monarch Power Unit (Clear Tank)

BH-7560-67R Powerrex

White Reservoir

BH-7560-68 Powerrex SL68

Pump Din Connector for monarch & Applied Power Units

BH-7560-69 Powerrex SL69

Pump Fitting for Pump Manifold Pressure Side O-ring

BH-7560-70 Powerrex SL70

Pump Monarch Coil & Down Value, Only used w/ clear tank

BH-7560-70C Powerrex

Lowering Valve Coil for Monarch

BH-7560-71 Powerrex SL71

Pump Side O-ring for Pressure Fitting into Manifold Block

BH-7560-72 Powerrex SL72

Safety Cable Bolt for Release Handle

BH-7560-73 Powerrex SL73

Safety Cable Roller Sheave E-Clips

BH-7560-74 Powerrex SL74

Safety Cable Roller Sheave

BH-7560-75 Powerrex SL75

Safety L.H. Side Cable Roller Safety Release Assembly

BH-7560-76 Powerrex SL76

Safety Lock Assy.Drivers Side Complete under Blue Cover

BH-7560-77 Powerrex SL77

Safety Lock Assy.Passenger Side Complete under Blue Cover

BH-7560-78 Powerrex SL78 Safety Lock Cover Blue w/ No Slot for Safety Handle (No Screws)
BH-7560-79 Powerrex SL79 Safety Lock Cover Blue w/ Slot for Safety Handle (No Screws)
BH-7560-80 Powerrex SL80

Safety Lock Cover Screw - Phillips Head

BH-7560-81 Powerrex SL81

Safety Lock Driver's Side Column Lock Assembly Dog

BH-7560-82 Powerrex SL82

Safety Lock Handle Hex Head Nut 9 mm

BH-7560-83 Powerrex SL83

Safety Lock Handle Release w/ Plastic Ball Assembly

BH-7560-84 Powerrex SL84

Safety Lock Passenger's Side Column Lock Assembly Dog

BH-7560-85 Powerrex SL85

Safety Lock Release Cable 3 mm 1/8" x 28' Steel Cable

BH-7560-86 Powerrex SL86

Safety Lock Release Handle Roller Assembly for Locks

BH-7560-87 Powerrex SL87

Safety Lock Shaft for Safety Locks and Clips

BH-7560-88 Powerrex SL88

(2) Safety Lock Springs for Safety Dog Return Lock

BH-7560-89 Powerrex SL89

Safety R.H. Side Cable Roller Safety Release Assembly

BH-7560-90 Powerrex SL90

Switch Down Screw 4 mm x 3 cm

BH-7560-91 Powerrex SL91

Switch Phillip's Head Screw 5 mm x 8 mm

BH-7560-92 Powerrex SL92

Truck Adapters 6" Slide on Gemini (Sold as a 4 pc set)

BH-7560-93 Powerrex SL93

Wire Ties 6" 20 piece Bundle

BH-7560-94 Powerrex SL94

Safety Release Handle Ball only

BH-7560-95 Powerrex SL95

Overhead Overhead Beam Assembly (2) piece Slide In

BH-7560-96 Powerrex SL96

Electronic Contractor Main Power Supply

BH-7560-97 Powerrex SL97 Electric Green Push Button - Up
BH-7560-98 Powerrex SL98

Electric Red Puch Button - Down

BH-7560-99 Powerrex SL99

Electronic On/Off Key lock with (2) Keys

BH-7561-01 Powerrex

Column Base (Power Unit Side)

BH-7561-02 Powerrex

Column Base

BH-7561-03 Powerrex

Safety Lock Handle Mount

BH-7561-04 Powerrex

Seal Kit for SL12OH

BH-7561-10 Powerrex

Cable Sheave for 10,000 lb. 4 Post

BH-7561-11 Powerrex

Cable Sheave Pin for 10,000 lb 4 Post

BH-7561-12 Powerrex

Cable Sheave for 12,000 lb. 4 Post

BH-7561-13 Powerrex

Cable Sheave Pin for 12,000 lb 4 Post