Parts For Globe Repair

Part #sort descending OEM OEM Ref. #1 OEM Ref. #2 Description
BH-1709-21 Globe

12-5/8" Expander Spring Only

BH-1709-22 Globe

12-5/8" Wiper Spring Only

BH-1709SP Globe UW-121 12-5/8" Spring Style Kit
BH-1709X Globe UW-121

12-5/8" Packing Kit

BH-1736 Globe A14434 7-1/2" Hoist Packing Kit for Globe Lifts
BH-1738 Globe S-77

7-1/2" Packing Kit

BH-1739X Globe UW70

7-1/2" Packing Kit

BH-1742 Globe C-10

8-1/2" Packing Kit

BH-1743 Globe C-11

8-1/2" Packing Kit

BH-1744X Globe S87/W85

8-1/2" Packing Kit

BH-1745 Globe UC-14 8-1/2" Packing Kit
BH-1746SP Globe UW80

8-1/2" Spring Style Pkg. Kit

BH-1746X Globe UW80

8-1/2" Packing Kit

BH-1747SP Globe UW100

10-5/8" Spring Style Pkg. Kit

BH-1747X Globe UW100

10-5/8" Packing Kit

BH-1748A Globe

7-1/2" Wiper Ring

BH-1760A Globe B-32101-2

Anti-Friction Washer

BH-1771X Globe UW71

7-1/2" Packing Kit

BH-1779X Globe UW73

7-1/2" Packing Kit

BH-1780-02 Globe 335X7

7-1/2" Optional Wiper

BH-1780XU Globe UW73

7-1/2" Universal Packing Kit

BH-1782-21 Globe 37457

8-1/2" Expander Spring Only

BH-1782SP Globe UW81 8-1/2" Spring Style Universal
BH-1782XU Globe UW81 8-1/2" Universal Packing Kit
BH-1782XUU Globe UW81

8-1/2" Univ. UniSeal Packing Kit

BH-1786 Globe Q70

7-1/2" Packing Kit

BH-1788SP Globe

8-1/2" Spring Style Pkg. Kit

BH-1788X Globe UW81

8-1/2" Packing Kit

BH-1789 Globe Q73

8-1/2" Packing Kit

BH-1791 Globe C-12

8-1/2" Packing Kit

BH-1792 Globe Q77

10-5/8" Packing Kit

BH-1794 Globe C-13,14

8-1/2" Packing Kit

BH-1795SP Globe U102/W104

10-5/8" Spring Style Pkg. Kit

BH-1795X Globe U102/W104

10-5/8" Packing Kit

BH-1797SP Globe UP100

10-5/8" Spring Style Pkg. Kit

BH-1797X Globe UP100

10-5/8" Packing Kit

BH-1798-18 Globe 30125-001

10-5/8" Pkg Install Tool

BH-1798-21 Globe 37354

10-5/8" Expander Spring Only

BH-1798-30 Globe B-35056

10-5/8" Plastic Hold Down Ring

BH-1798-75 Globe

10-5/8" UniSeal (one piece seal & wpr)

BH-1798HP Globe UW104

10-5/8" High Pressure Seal Kit

BH-1798SP Globe UW102 10-5/8" Spring Style Packing Kit
BH-1798XU Globe UW102 10-5/8" Universal Packing Kit
BH-1798XUU Globe UW102

10-5/8" Univ. UniSeal Packing Kit

BH-7250-01 Globe DG 3032700 01 Rubber Arm Pad-Rectangular
BH-7250-01-4 Globe DG 3032700 01

Rubber Arm Pad-Rect (set of 4)

BH-7250-05 Globe for AFO's

6" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7250-11 Globe DG 5540800 00

Equalizer Cable AFF-6071 26'-4.87

BH-7250-12 Globe 8-Apr DL 5540800 00

Equalizer Cable AFF-7071 28'-4.87

BH-7250-31 Globe B-300180-5

Cable Assy 2-way

BH-7250-32 Globe B-300180-8

Cable Assy 2-way

BH-7250-33 Globe B-45557-GO1

Arm Restraint Pin Gear

BH-7250-34 Globe B-45518-002

Arm Restraint Release Pin

BH-7250-35 Globe B-45199-G01


BH-7250-70 Globe

3" Slip-On Height Extension LDM

BH-7250-71 Globe

6" Slip-On Height Extension LDM

BH-7250-72 Globe

9" Slip-On Height Extension LDM

BH-7250-73 Globe FS-013106-222

Limit Cable 222"

BH-7250-74 Globe FS-013731

Swivel Pulley

BH-7252-01 Globe 3-67 DC 5036700 01

Side Roller Assy AFF-7071

BH-7252-02 Globe 4-3 DG 5040300 00

Pulley AFF-7071

BH-7252-03 Globe 9-8 YY 3700000 00

Motor 1 phase AFF-7071

BH-7252-04 Globe 9-55 YY 3230000 79

1 phase Magnet Switch AFF-7071

BH-7252-05 Globe 9-5 DL 5090500 01

Pump Base AFF-7071

BH-7252-06 Globe 9-14 YY 3190000 16

Gear Pump AFF-7071

BH-7252-07 Globe 9-18A YY 3010000 20

Elbow AFF-7071

BH-7252-08 Globe 9-19 DM 5091900 00

Oil Strainer AFF-7071

BH-7252-09 Globe 9-94 YY 3310000 16

Terminal Block AFF-7071

BH-7252-10 Globe 9-2 DL 5090200 02

Motor Base AFF-7071

BH-7252-11 Globe 9-1 DL 4090100 01

Oil Tank AFF-7071

BH-7252-12 Globe 9-52 DL 5095200 04

Switch Box AFF-7071

BH-7252-13 Globe 9-57 YY 3180000 25

Micro Switch AFF-7071

BH-7252-14 Globe 9-30 DC 5022000 00

Check Valve Assy AFF-7071

BH-7252-15 Globe 9-66 DC 5096600 03

Control Handle AFF-7071

BH-7252-16 Globe 9-62 DC 5096200 02

Switch Box AFF-7071

BH-7252-17 Globe 2-35 DL 3023500 00

Spring AFF-7071

BH-7252-18 Globe 2-22 DL 5022200 00

Collar AFF-7071

BH-7252-19 Globe 3-4 DC 5030400 02

Bracket AFF-7071

BH-7252-20 Globe 4-8 DK 3040800 01

Cable AFF-7071

BH-7252-21 Globe 3-37 DC 5033700 02

Cable Shaft AFF-7071

BH-7252-22 Globe 3-14 DC 5031500 03

Roller Shaft AFF-7071

BH-7252-23 Globe 3-13A DK 5031300 01

Wire Guide AFF-7071

BH-7252-24 Globe 3-69 DK 5036900 00

Guide Roller AFF-7071

BH-7252-25 Globe 3-9 DK 5030900 00

Spacer (A) AFF-7071

BH-7252-26 Globe 3-35 DC 5033500 05

Lever AFF-7071

BH-7252-27 Globe 3-60 YY 3330000 03

Knob AFF-7071

BH-7252-28 Globe 3-34 DL 5033400 01

Stopper Shaft AFF-7071

BH-7252-29 Globe 1-50 DL 5015000 01

Throttle Valve AFF-7071

BH-7252-30 Globe 4-3 DG 5040300 00

Pulley AFF-7071

BH-7252-31 Globe 6-21 DC 5062100 01

Limit Switch Assy AFF-7071

BH-7252-32 Globe 1-20 YY 3130000 22

Chain AFF-7071

BH-7252-33 Globe 4-15 DC 5041500 00

Cylinder Support AFF-7071

BH-7252-34 Globe 1-2 DL 5010100 00

Piston AFF-7071

BH-7252-35 Globe 1-12 YY 3530000 28

Scraper AFF-7071

BH-7252-36 Globe 1-30 YY 3411045 00

O-Ring AFF-7071

BH-7252-37 Globe 1-11 DC 5011100 00

Sleeve AFF-7071

BH-7252-38 Globe 1-31 YY 3412080 00

O-Ring AFF-7071

BH-7252-39 Globe 1-0 DL 5010000 00

Hydraulic Cylinder AFF-7071

BH-7252-40 Globe 1-3 DC 5010300 03

Packing Retainer AFF-7071

BH-7252-41 Globe 1-10 YY 3530000 25

Wear Ring AFF-7071

BH-7252-42 Globe 1-7 YY 3530000 22

Packing AFF-7071

BH-7252-43 Globe 1-8 YY 3411021 00

O-Ring AFF-7071

BH-7252-44 Globe 1-36 YY 3760000 00

Snap Ring AFF-7071

BH-7252-45 Globe 1-21 DN 5051200 03

Chain Anchor AFF-7071

BH-7252-46 Globe 9-16 YY 3030000 02

Nipple AFF-7071

BH-7252-47 Globe 59-37 DD 5593700 00

Safety Valve Assy AFF-7071

BH-7252-48 Globe 52-46 DL 5524600 00

Lock Lever Assy AFF-7071

BH-7252-49 Globe 53-44 DC 5534400 00

Stopper Assy AFF-7071

BH-7252-50 Globe DL 312010

Seal Kit AFF-7071 & AFF-6061

BH-7252-51 Globe ATL30BU-2-0

Arm Restraint AFF-7071

BH-7252-52 Globe APL30BU3-67

Guide Roller Assy AFF-7071

BH-7252-53 Globe 917001

Valve Pushbutton

BH-7252-54 Globe 913840

Button Push Clippard

BH-7252-55 Globe 51-15 DK-5511500-00

Chain Wheel AFF-7071

BH-7252-56 Globe 35809 DL-5011400-02

Piston Head (yoke) AFF-7071

BH-7252-57 Globe DC-3035900-01

Spring AFF-7071

BH-7252-58 Globe APL25BU4-8

Cable-One Set of Two

BH-7252-59 Globe 917006

Coiled Oil Line

BH-7252-60 Globe APL30BU3-26

Spin-Up Adapter

BH-7252-61 Globe 918040

2-Way Valve

BH-7252-62 Globe 3-25

Sliding Arm AFF-7071

BH-7252-63 Globe 3-24

Sleeve AFF-7071

BH-7252-64 Globe 913807


BH-7252-65 Globe 45515-01

Air Cylinder

BH-7252-66 Globe 918576 Fitting
BH-7252-67 Globe APL30BU3-10


BH-7252-68 Globe APL30BU3-8


BH-7253-11 Globe

4" Slip-On Height Extension LDR

BH-7253-12 Globe

5" Slip-On Height Extension LDR

BH-7253-13 Globe

6" Slip-On Height Extension LDR

BH-7253-14 Globe

7" Slip-On Height Extension LDR

BH-7253-15 Globe

3" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7253-16 Globe

4" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7253-17 Globe

5" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7253-18 Globe

6" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7253-19 Globe

7" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7253-20 Globe

8" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7253-21 Globe

9" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7253-22 Globe

10" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7253-23 Globe

4"-6" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDR

BH-7253-24 Globe

6"-9.5" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDR

BH-7253-46 Globe

3" Slip-On Height Extension HDRNRW

BH-7253-47 Globe

6" Slip-On Height Extension HDRNRW

BH-7253-48 Globe

9" Slip-On Height Extension HDRNRW

BH-7253-49 Globe for AFO's

3" Slip-On Height Extension HDRNRW

BH-7253-50 Globe for AFO's

6" Slip-On Height Extension HDRNRW

BH-7253-51 Globe for AFO's

9" Slip-On Height Extension HDRNRW

BH-7253-52 Globe

4"-6" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDRNRW

BH-7253-53 Globe

6"-9" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDRNRW

BH-7253-54 Globe for AFO's

4"-6" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDRNRW

BH-7253-55 Globe for AFO's

6"-9" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDRNRW

BH-7254-01 Globe 45253-G01 Rail Shoe Assy ES-9000A
BH-7254-02 Globe 45281-001 Shoe Insert ES-9000A
BH-7254-03 Globe 45529-G02

Arm Restraint Kit ES-9000A

BH-7254-04 Globe FS-913802


BH-7254-05 Globe 45464-G01

Slave Side Cylinder

BH-7254-06 Globe 720014

Seal Kit ES-9000A

BH-7254-07 Globe 720015

Seal Kit ES-9000A

BH-7254-08 Globe 511539 Valve
BH-7254-09 Globe 720016

Seal Kit

BH-7254-10 Globe 720017

Seal Kit

BH-7254-11 Globe

Arm Restraint Lock ES-9000

BH-7254-12 Globe 45655

Arm Pin ES-9000

BH-7254-50 Globe 45880-G01

Cylinder GC-7

BH-7254-51 Globe 35802075

Bracket GC-7

BH-7254-52 Globe 45755-G01

Air Lock Assy

BH-7254-53 Globe 45548-1


BH-7254-54 Globe 45632-2

Spur Gear 180 Degree

BH-7254-55 Globe 45632-1

Spur Gear 90 Degree

BH-7254-56 Globe 45274-003

Arm Restraint Pin

BH-7254-57 Globe 46039-G02

Seal Kit

BH-7254-58 Globe FS-213833

Lock Release Spring AG-9A

BH-7254-59 Globe 45880-G02

Seal Kit

BH-7255-01 Globe FS-207842

Cylinder AG-9A

BH-7255-02 Globe 511537

9" Hydraulic Hose

BH-7255-03 Globe 511539

Deltrol Equalization Valve

BH-7255-04 Globe 511544

52" Hydraulic Hose

BH-7255-05 Globe 511545

18" Hydraulic Hose

BH-7255-06 Globe 511547

204" Hydraulic Hose

BH-7255-07 Globe 511549

65" Hydraulic Hose

BH-7255-08 Globe 511554

ES 7000 Hydraulic Hose

BH-7255-09 Globe 511555

67 1/2" Hydraulic Hose

BH-7255-10 Globe 511556

ES 7000 Hydraulic Hose

BH-7255-11 Globe 511557

ES 7000 Crossover Hydraulic Hose

BH-7255-12 Globe 907214

1 3/4" Retaining Ring

BH-7255-14 Globe 913804

Nycoil Elbow

BH-7255-15 Globe 913805

Nycoil Elbow Union

BH-7255-18 Globe 913808

Straight Nycoil Union

BH-7255-21 Globe 913850

Wave Spring -ES 9000

BH-7255-22 Globe 913851

Wave Spring -ES 7000

BH-7255-23 Globe 916387

Switch, Pin Sensor Bar

BH-7255-32 Globe 45632-001 90 Degree Spur Gear Segment
BH-7255-33 Globe 45632-002

180 Degree Spur Gear Segment

BH-7255-34 Globe 45632-003 180 Degree Spur Gear Segment
BH-7255-34A Globe 45632-004

90 Degree Spur Gear Segment

BH-7255-35 Globe 45216-001

Bolt On Rail Shoe

BH-7255-36 Globe 45289-001

Old Style ES 9000 Air Cyl Bracket

BH-7255-38 Globe 45518-001

ES 7000 Arm Restraint Release Pins

BH-7255-46 Globe 733309

Limit Switch

BH-7255-47 Globe 733323

Air Regulator

BH-7255-48 Globe 733348

#8-32 Rail Shoe Clip SHCS

BH-7255-49 Globe 916393

GC 7 & 9 (60") Hydraulic Hose

BH-7255-50 Globe 916394

GC 7 & 9 (358") Hydraulic Hose

BH-7255-51 Globe 916416

GC 7 & 9 (394") Hydraulic Hose

BH-7255-52 Globe 45930-001

Slide Block GC 7000

BH-7255-53 Globe 45930-002

Slide Block GC 9000

BH-7255-54 Globe 45942-001

Axle, Upper Sheave

BH-7255-55 Globe 45943-001

Axle, Lower Sheave

BH-7255-56 Globe 45956-004

Equalizer Cable (GC model 395")

BH-7255-56A Globe 45956-003

Equalizer Cable (GC model 401")

BH-7255-56B Globe 45956-002

Equalizer Cable (GC model 359")

BH-7255-56C Globe 45956-001

Equalizer Cable (GC model 365")

BH-7255-57 Globe 46053-G01

Synch Cable Sheaves

BH-7255-58 Globe 45580-G01

GC 7000 Cylinders (New)

BH-7255-59 Globe 45580-G02

GC 7000 Seal Kits

BH-7255-60 Globe

AG-9 Seal Kit - Arlington

BH-7255-61 Globe

AG-9 Seal Kit - Texas Hydraulics

BH-7255-62 Globe 46039-G01

Hydraulic Cylinder GC9000

BH-7255-80 Globe 45633-001

Ring Gear

BH-7255-90 Globe ES 7000

Arm Restraint 180 Degree Spur Gear

BH-7255-91 Globe ES 7000

Arm Restraint 90 Degree Spur Gear

BH-7255-92 Globe ES 7000

Arm Restraint Engage Weldment

BH-7256-01 Globe 66096-903

Drip Pan GV & GE

BH-7256-02 Globe 66096-902

Jack Tray GV & GE

BH-7256-03 Globe 66096-901A

Aluminum Ramp GV & GE

BH-7256-04 Globe 66185A 4P-12

Air Lock Cylinder

BH-7256-05 Globe 66185B 4P-12

Air Lock Cylinder Bracket

BH-7256-06 Globe GV-4P-12

90° Elbow #6 JIC x 3/8" NPT

BH-7256-07 Globe GV-4P-12

Hydraulic Hose 51-1/2" long

BH-7256-08 Globe GV-4P-12

Chain Roller 2-3/4" OD x 3/4" ID

BH-7256-09 Globe GV-4P-12

Shoulder Bolt 4-1/2" lg w/1" M16 thrds

BH-7256-10 Globe GV-4P-12

Spacer 15/16" x 1" x 5/16"

BH-7256-11 Globe GV-4P-12

M14 x 2 Nylock Nut

BH-7256-12 Globe GV-4P-12

M14 x 2 Hex Nut 2" long

BH-7256-13 Globe GV-10 Arm Restraint Gear 1/2 moon
BH-7256-14 Globe GV-10

Right Front Arm Assembly

BH-7256-15 Globe GV-10

Left Front Arm Assembly

BH-7256-16 Globe GV-10

Rear Arm Assembly

BH-7256-17 Globe GV-4P-12

Chain Roller Greaseable Pin

BH-7256-18 Globe GV-4P-12

Chain Roller

BH-7256-19 Globe GV-4P-12

Cylinder Rod End Chain Connector

BH-7256-20 Globe GV-10

Adapter Pad Assembly

BH-7256-20-KIT Globe GV-10 Rubber Pad Kit with Fasteners (4)
BH-7256-20A Globe GV-10

Adapter Base only

BH-7256-20P Globe GV-10

Rubber Arm Pad

BH-7256-21 Globe GV-09 66535

Hydraulic Cylinder

BH-7256-22 Globe GV-09 66535-001

Seal kit for Hydraulic cylinder-blue

BH-7256-23 Globe GV-09

Seal kit for Hydraulic cylinder-black

BH-7256-24 Globe GV-10 66540

Hydraulic Cylinder

BH-7256-25 Globe GV-10

Seal kit for Hydraulic cylinder-blue

BH-7256-26 Globe GV-10 66540-001

Seal kit for Hydraulic cylinder-black

BH-7256-27 Globe GV-10 66500

Rubber Arm Pad

BH-7256-28 Globe GV-4P-12 66189-001

Seal kit for Hydraulic cylinder

BH-7256-29 Globe 66507

Cable for GV-09-OHN/OHAN

BH-7256-30 Globe GV-09 66512


BH-7256-31 Globe GV-09,10 66504-009


BH-7256-32 Globe GV-09 66505

Cable GV-09 FPN

BH-7256-33 Globe GV-09 66506

Cable GV-09 FPW

BH-7256-34 Globe GV-09 65027 Overhead Limit Switch for Globe Lifts
BH-7256-34A Globe

Limit Switch Only

BH-7256-35 Globe GV-09 66508

Cable GV-09 OHW/OHAW

BH-7256-36 Globe GV-10 66509

Cable GV-10 OHN/OHAN

BH-7256-37 Globe GV-10 66510 Cable GV-10 OHW / OHAW
BH-7256-38 Globe GV-10 66511

Cable GV-10 OHAN

BH-7256-39 Globe

Cylinder Yoke for GV-09 Series

BH-7256-40 Globe 66189

Hydraulic Cylinder 4-post, 12,000

BH-7256-41 Globe GV-9/10 66504-001

Slider block for GV-9 & 10

BH-7256-42 Globe MR-6 MR-6-06

Fitting to Power Unit

BH-7256-43 Globe MR-6 MR-6-05

Fitting to Power Unit

BH-7256-44 Globe GV-4P-12 66173

Shoulder Bolt

BH-7256-45 Globe GV-4P-12 66174

Shoulder Bolt

BH-7256-46 Globe GV-4P-12 66175

Shoulder Bolt

BH-7256-47 Globe 66513

Cable GV-10-OHAN

BH-7256-48 Globe 66514

Cable GV-10-OHAN/OHN

BH-7256-49 Globe 66515

Cable GV-10-OHAW

BH-7256-50 Globe 066516 66516 Cable GV-10-OHAW / OHW
BH-7256-51 Globe 66504-023

Front Arm R & L, GV-10-OHN

BH-7256-52 Globe 66504-024

Front Arm Right GV-10-OHAN

BH-7256-53 Globe 66504-024L

Front Arm Left, GV-10-OHAN

BH-7256-54 Globe 66504-025

Front Arm Right GV-10-OHAW

BH-7256-55 Globe 66504-025L

Front Arm Left GV-10-OHAW

BH-7256-56 Globe 66517

Hydraulic Hose GV-09-FPN, 126"

BH-7256-57 Globe 66518

Hydraulic Hose GV-09-FPW, 139"

BH-7256-58 Globe 66519

Hydraulic Hose GV-09-N's, 392"

BH-7256-59 Globe 66520

Hydraulic Hose for Power Unit GV-09/10

BH-7256-60 Globe 66521

Hydraulic Hose GV-09-W's 405"

BH-7256-61 Globe 66522

Hydraulic Hose GV-10-N's 401"

BH-7256-62 Globe 66523

Hydraulic Hose GV-10-W's 414"

BH-7256-63 Globe 66536

Front Arm GV-09-FPN/OHN

BH-7256-64 Globe 66537

Rear Arm GV-09-FPN/OHN, all arms on 9-FPW/OHW

BH-7256-65 Globe 66538

Front Right Arm GV-09-OHAN

BH-7256-66 Globe 66538L

Front Left Arm GV-09-OHAN

BH-7256-67 Globe 66539

Front Right Arm GV-09-OHAW

BH-7256-68 Globe 66539L

Front Left Arm GV-09-OHAW

BH-7256-69 Globe 66504-015

Lock Release Cable GV-10-OHN/OHAN

BH-7256-70 Globe 66504-004

Rear Arm For GV-10-OHAN/OHAW

BH-7256-71 Globe MR-6 66026

Cylinder Repair Kit for 1 cylinder

BH-7256-72 Globe 066504-005

Rear Arm for GV-10-OHN/OHW, Front for OHW

BH-7256-73 Globe 66544

Front Right Arm for GV-09-OHAN

BH-7256-74 Globe 66545

Rear Arm for GV-09-OHAN

BH-7256-75 Globe 66504-008

Safety Lock Cover for the GV-10

BH-7256-76 Globe 66503

Plastic Cover on Carriage for GV's

BH-7256-77 Globe 66525 3-way Hydr Fitting GV-9 & GV-10
BH-7256-78 Globe 66504-019

Cable Sheave Shaft Pin GV's

BH-7256-79 Globe 66504-010

Pulley & Bolt for Safety Release Cable

BH-7256-80 Globe GV-4P-12 66186

Air Lock Release Valve

BH-7256-81 Globe GV-4P-12 66168

Flow Restrictor

BH-7256-82 Globe 66547

Carriage & Chain for GV-9's

BH-7256-83 Globe 66504-003

Carriage for GV-10's

BH-7256-84 Globe 75004

Hydr Fitting GV-4P-60-RJ, Pump to Hose

BH-7256-85 Globe 66002

MR-6 Safety Release Cable

BH-7256-86 Globe 66082

High Pressure Hose, set of 2

BH-7256-87 Globe 66504-017

Arm Pins for GV

BH-7256-88 Globe 66183

Air Cylinder Hose

BH-7256-89 Globe 66196

Approach Ramps for GV-4P-12

BH-7256-90 Globe 66501

3" Nesting Height Extension

BH-7256-91 Globe 66502

6" Nesting Height Extension

BH-7256-92 Globe

Arm Rest. Handle, Gear and Spring for GV's

BH-7256-93 Globe GV-4P-60-RJ 66369

Pump to Jack Fitting GV-4P-60-RJ

BH-7256-94 Globe GV 2 post 65016

Female Bulkhead Fitting all GV 2posts

BH-7256-95 Globe 65017

Hydr Hose 8" -all GV 2 posts

BH-7256-96 Globe 65018

90 Degree PU Fitting -GV 2 posts

BH-7256-97 Globe 65028

Power Unit Fitting - all GV 2 posts

BH-7256-98 Globe 65015

Swivel Connector -all GV 2 posts

BH-7256-99 Globe 65029

3/8 x 3/8 JIC PU Fitting-all GV 2 posts

BH-7257-01 Globe MR-6 66025

Adapter and Pad for MR-6

BH-7258-00 Globe GV-4P-07 76006

Steel Approach Ramps-Blue

BH-7258-00R Globe GV-4P-07 076006R

Steel Approach Ramps-Red

BH-7258-01 Globe GV-4P-07 76050

Caster Kit for Parking Lifts

BH-7258-02 Globe GE-4P-07

Steel Approach Ramps

BH-7258-02D Globe GE-4P-07

Steel Approach Ramps, Diamond Plate

BH-7258-03 Globe GE-4P-07 76018

Lock Handle & Linkage Rod

BH-7258-04 Globe GE-4P-07

Long Rod

BH-7258-05 Globe GV-4P-07-GLWR 76043

Pin for Pulley

BH-7258-06 Globe GV-4P-07 76024

Eyelet Bearing

BH-7258-07 Globe GV-4P-07 76009

Right Rear Column, GV-4P-07-GLWR

BH-7258-08 Globe GV-4P-07-GLWR

Pulley for GV-4P-07-GLWR lift

BH-7258-09 Globe GV-4P-07-GLWR 76038

Short Threaded Rod with Ball Joint Ends

BH-7258-10 Globe GV-4P-07-GLWR 76039

Long Threaded Rod with Ball Joint Ends

BH-7258-11 Globe GV-4P-07-GLWR 76067

90 Degree x #6 JIC fitting PU - GLWR

BH-7258-12 Globe GV-4P-12 66187

Straigth Male Tube Connector-GV-4P-12

BH-7258-13 Globe GV-4P-12 66190

Silencer for Release Valve - GV-4P-12

BH-7258-14 Globe GV-4P-12 66191


BH-9409 Globe 42850-001 Rack Bar - Auto Locking 4 position
BH-9410ML Globe Manual Style Rack Bar Lock
BH-9411 Globe 39999 Pinion Gear
BH-9411-01 Globe 39089

Key 3/8" x 1"

BH-9411-KIT Globe 40826

Pinion Gear 2" x 1-1/2" w/key

BH-9412-01 Globe 41384 Equalizer Bracket Manual Locking
BH-9412-01OS Globe

Eq. Bracket Old Style

BH-9412-02 Globe 33207-007

26-1/2" Eq. Shaft Only

BH-9412-02L Globe

26.5" Locking Eq. Shaft

BH-9412-03 Globe 101269 33207-001

29-1/2" Eq. Shaft Only

BH-9412-03L Globe 42851-004

29.5" Locking Eq. Shaft

BH-9412-04 Globe 33207-004

36" Eq. Shaft Only

BH-9412-04L Globe 42851

36" Locking Eq. Shaft

BH-9412-05 Globe 33207-002

39" Eq. Shaft Only

BH-9412-05L Globe

39" Locking Eq. Shaft

BH-9412-06 Globe 33207-003

42" Eq. Shaft Only

BH-9412-06L Globe

42" Locking Eq. Shaft

BH-9412-07 Globe 33207-005

46" Eq. Shaft Only

BH-9412-07L Globe

46" Locking Eq. Shaft

BH-9412-08 Globe

57-1/2" Eq. Shaft Only

BH-9412-08L Globe 42851-002

57.5" Locking Eq. Shaft

BH-9412-09 Globe 33207-006

83-1/2" Eq. Shaft Only

BH-9412-09L Globe 42851-001

83.5" Locking Eq. Shaft

BH-9412-10 Globe 42851-003

88" Eq. Shaft Only

BH-9412-11 Globe

Equalizer Housing Bushing

BH-9412-12 Globe Manual Eq. Lock Pin
BH-9412-26 Globe

26-1/2" p.c. Eq. Assem

BH-9412-26C Globe

26.5" Eq. Assy COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-26L Globe

26.5" Eq. Assy Locking

BH-9412-26LC Globe

26.5" Eq. Lock COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-29 Globe

29-1/2" p.c. Eq. Assem

BH-9412-29C Globe 2869

29.5" Eq. Assy COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-29L Globe

29.5" Eq. Assy Locking

BH-9412-29LC Globe 3821

29.5" Eq. Lock COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-36 Globe

36" p.c. Eq. Assembly

BH-9412-36C Globe 2870

36" Eq. Assy COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-36L Globe

36" Eq. Assy Locking

BH-9412-36LC Globe 3772

36" Eq. Lock COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-39 Globe

39" p.c. Eq. Assembly

BH-9412-39C Globe 1744

39" Eq. Assy COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-39L Globe

39" Eq. Assy Locking

BH-9412-39LC Globe

39" Eq. Lock COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-42 Globe

42" p.c. Eq. Assembly

BH-9412-42C Globe 1743

42" Eq. Assy COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-42L Globe

42" Eq. Assy Locking

BH-9412-42LC Globe

42" Eq. Lock COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-46 Globe

46" p.c. Eq. Assembly

BH-9412-46C Globe

46" Eq. Assy COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-46L Globe

46" Eq. Assy Locking

BH-9412-46LC Globe

46" Eq. Lock COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-57 Globe

57-1/2" p.c. Eq. Assem

BH-9412-57C Globe

57.5" Eq. Assy COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-57L Globe

57.5" Eq. Assy Locking

BH-9412-57LC Globe 3774 & 3771

57.5" Eq. Lock COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-83 Globe

83-1/2" p.c. Eq. Assem

BH-9412-83C Globe 3560

83.5" Eq. Assy COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-83L Globe

83.5" Eq. Assy Locking

BH-9412-83LC Globe 3770

83.5" Eq. Lock COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-88 Globe

88" p.c. Eq. Assembly

BH-9412-88C Globe

88" Eq. Assy COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-88L Globe

88" Eq. Assy Locking

BH-9412-88LC Globe 3822

88" Eq. Lock COMPLETE with racks

BH-9412-90 Globe 100054 37440

Wiper Cover (gland)

BH-9412-91 Globe 37447

Seal Holder Ring 8-1/2"

BH-9412-92A Globe 37441-505

8-1/2" Upper Guide Brng 8.505

BH-9412-92ATF Globe 37441x

8-1/2" Adjust To Fit Upper Bearing

BH-9412-92B Globe 37441-513

8-1/2" Upper Guide Brng 8.513

BH-9412-92C Globe 37441-520

8-1/2" Upper Guide Brng 8.520

BH-9412-92D Globe 37441-527

8-1/2" Upper Guide Brng 8.527

BH-9412-92T Globe

8-1/2" DUSL Style Upper Bearing

BH-9412-92TK Globe

8-1/2" DUSL Style Upper Brng Kit

BH-9412-92TSK Globe

8-1/2" DUSL Seal Kit - only

BH-9412-93 Globe 42976

Casing Assembly

BH-9412-94 Globe 37442-013

Plunger Assembly

BH-9412-95A Globe 41584-270

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9412-95B Globe 41584-285

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9412-95C Globe 41584-290

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9412-95D Globe 41584-295

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9412-95E Globe 41584-305

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9412-95F Globe 41584-310

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9412-95G Globe 41584-315

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9412-95H Globe 41584-335

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9412-95I Globe 41584-320

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9412-95J Globe 41584-280

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9412-95K Globe 41584-275

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9412-97 Globe 37449

Seal Holder Ring 7-1/2"

BH-9413-01 Globe 42838

Auto Eq. Lock Shaft

BH-9413-01G Globe

1/4" Grease Fitting

BH-9413-01K Globe

Repair Kit for Auto Lock Eq Bracket

BH-9413-01L Globe 42854

Eq. Brckt-Auto Lock Left

BH-9413-01R Globe 42840

Eq. Brckt-Auto Lock Right

BH-9413-02 Globe 42845

Auto Eq. Pin

BH-9413-03 Globe 42843

Auto Eq. Push Rod

BH-9413-04 Globe 42844

Auto Eq. Lift Ring

BH-9413-05 Globe 42837

Auto Eq. Lock Lever

BH-9413-06 Globe 42847

Auto Eq. Torsion Spring

BH-9413-07 Globe 42839

Auto Eq. Spring Arm

BH-9413-08 Globe 916015

Groove Pin

BH-9413-09 Globe 42846

Compression Spring

BH-9413-10 Globe 41228-12


BH-9413-12 Globe 360XC-008

Cotter Pin 1/8 x 1"

BH-9413-13 Globe 42853 Equalizer Housing Gasket
BH-9413-14 Globe 918053

Versa Valve

BH-9413-21 Globe 37440

8-1/2" Wiper Seal Cover

BH-9413-22 Globe 918570

4-Way Valve

BH-9413-50 Globe 33510

Spring Latch Old Style Leg

BH-9413-59 Globe 43911-040

Fib. Cyl Assy Rotary Bolt Pattern

BH-9413-60 Globe 43911-004

8-1/2" Clylinder Assy

BH-9413-62 Globe

10-5/8" Semi-Hydraulic CylinderAssy no/FG

BH-9413-62FG Globe

10-5/8" Semi-Hydraulic CylinderAssy w/FG

BH-9413-62FG-R Globe

Cylinder Assembly w/Rotary drilled plunger

BH-9413-63 Globe 43916-003

10-5/8" Dual Cylinder Assy

BH-9413-63A Globe

10-5/8" Dual Casing Con. Trench

BH-9413-63B Globe

10-5/8" Dual Casing

BH-9413-63CT Globe 43916-006

10-5/8" Dual Cylinder Assy Con.Trench

BH-9413-64 Globe 42969

PVC Rack Bar Housing

BH-9413-65 Globe 917373

Instruction Manual FSR-28BS

BH-9413-66 Globe 41571

4" Access Plug

BH-9413-67 Globe 43412-001 Pitform Cover for FSR-28BS
BH-9413-68 Globe 42983-002 Pitform Sub Assembly for FSR-28BS
BH-9413-69 Globe 40989-008

Pipe 1-1/2", sch 40, x 28-1/16"

BH-9413-70 Globe 42977-001

Cylinder Assy-Lumberstacker

BH-9413-71 Globe 913934

Nut Square Cage

BH-9413-72 Globe 43911-020

Fiberglass Cylinder Assy 10-160

BH-9413-73 Globe 43911-070

Fiberglass Cylinder Assy - Short

BH-9413-74 Globe 45168-G23

25 Gal Power Unit, Vertical Mount

BH-9413-75 Globe 45621-G01

Jack Assy

BH-9413-76 Globe 43911-030

Fiberglass Cyl Assy, 70" stroke

BH-9413-77 Globe 43911-010

Jack Assy

BH-9413-78 Globe 43911-013

Fiberglass Cylinder Assembly

BH-9413-79 Globe 43911-012

Fiberglass Cylinder Assembly

BH-9413-80 Globe 43911-057

Fiberglass Cylinder Assembly

BH-9413-81 Globe 43911-059

Fiberglass Cylinder Assembly

BH-9413-82 Globe 43911-052

Fiberglass Cylinder Assembly

BH-9413-83 Globe 45183-G02

Jack Assy

BH-9413-84 Globe 45168-G43

75 Gallon Power Unit

BH-9413-85 Globe 43911-024

Fiberglass Cyl Assy, 70" stroke

BH-9413-86 Globe 43911-058

8" Globe-A-Lizer Cylinder

BH-9414-01 Globe 43288 Bolster FSN-28, FS-28
BH-9414-02 Globe 43625

Bolster FSR-28

BH-9414-03 Globe 46235-001

Seal Kit FS-28HP

BH-9414-04 Globe 46235 Cylinder 8" High Pressure
BH-9414-05 Globe 913844

Bulkhead Union

BH-9414-06 Globe 913860

Rubber Washer

BH-9414-07 Globe 913846

Adapter 1/2" Terminal

BH-9414-08 Globe 913861

Rubber Washer

BH-9414-09 Globe 46222

Tube Assy 8" Cylinder

BH-9414-10 Globe 913845


BH-9414-11 Globe 913843

Hex Nut

BH-9414-12 Globe 913848

Locknut Adapter

BH-9414-13 Globe 913869

Elbow #6 ORBM x 6 JIC

BH-9414-15 Globe 43042

Safety Post Tube Assy

BH-9414-20 Globe

Upper Bearing Retrofit Kit FS-28HP

BH-9414-29 Globe 43409-004

Spacer Angle 29.5" Ctrs

BH-9414-57 Globe 43409-002

Spacer Angle 57.5" Ctrs

BH-9414-88 Globe 43409-003

Spacer Angle 88" Ctrs

BH-9414-89 Globe 913822

Cylinder Hose for FBH, FSR-28HP

BH-9415-29 Globe 42984-004

Pitform & Cover 29.5" Ctrs

BH-9415-40 Globe 43702 Nameplate - Valve Pit
BH-9415-57 Globe 42984-002

Pitform & Cover 57.5" Ctrs

BH-9415-88 Globe 42984-003

Pitform & Cover 88" Ctrs

BH-9415-89 Globe 42983-005

Pitform Sub Assy for FS-28BS

BH-9415-90 Globe 43412-002

Pitform Cover for FS-28BS

BH-9415-91 Globe 43756

Hydr. Motor and Valve Assy

BH-9415-92 Globe 38702-005

Semi-Hyd Plunger 60" stroke

BH-9415-93 Globe 38702-xxx

Semi-Hyd Plunger 67" 9-1/2" BC Wstrn

BH-9415-93CK Globe

Semi-Hydraulic CylinderAssy 9-1/2" BC Wstrn

BH-9415-94 Globe 43067

Casing for Lumberstacker

BH-9419-01 Globe 37450

7-1/2" Gland Ring

BH-9419-02 Globe 45621-G02

Jack Assy

BH-9419-12 Globe

12,000 lb. Superstructure Conv. Kit

BH-9419-13 Globe FSRG 60004

Equalizer Latch Pin

BH-9419-14 Globe FSRG 60005

Equalizer Latch

BH-9419-15 Globe 43666

Hangar Assy

BH-9419-16 Globe FSRG 60002

Equalizer Frame Assembly

BH-9419-17 Globe FSRG 60001

FSRG Equalizer Frame

BH-9419-18 Globe FSRG 60002-001

Equalizer Slider Blocks

BH-9419-19 Globe FSRG 60003

Fiberglass Housing

BH-9419-20 Globe FSRG 60003-001

Housing Cover

BH-9420 Globe 40689

Arm Spacer Bushing

BH-9420-01 Globe 41538-001 Plug & Dipstick Semi-Hyd
BH-9420-02 Globe 204X-003

Access Plug Gasket

BH-9420-03 Globe 359XM-125

Spring Pin

BH-9420-04 Globe 35573

10-5/8" Casing Full-Hyd

BH-9420-04A Globe 103955 35573-006

10-5/8" Casing short Full

BH-9420-05 Globe 35570

10-5/8" Plunger Full-Hyd

BH-9420-05A Globe 35570-012

10-5/8" Plunger short Full

BH-9420-06 Globe 38701-003

10-5/8" Casing short SH

BH-9420-07 Globe 38702-004

10-5/8" Plunger short SH

BH-9420-07A Globe 38702-010

10-5/8" Plunger w/Rotary Pattern

BH-9420-08A Globe 45707-265

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-08B Globe 45707-285

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-08C Globe 45707-290

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-08D Globe 45707-295

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-08E Globe 45707-300

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-08F Globe 45707-305

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-08G Globe 45707-310

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-08H Globe 45707-315

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-08I Globe 45707-325

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-08J Globe 45707-270

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-08K Globe 45707-275

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-08L Globe 45707-280

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-08M Globe

Machining Charge

BH-9420-08N Globe 45707-275

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-08P Globe 45707-255

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-08Q Globe 45707-335

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-08R Globe 45707-320

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9420-09 Globe 100776 34354 Sleeve & Adapter Assy 17-1/4"
BH-9420-09L Globe 101655 34354-011

Sleeve & Adapter Assy 22-1/4"

BH-9420-09LT Globe

Sleeve & Adapter Assy 22-1/4" taller

BH-9420-09N Globe 34354-008

Sleeve & Adapter Assy - narrow

BH-9420-09P Globe 40847

Sleeve & Adapter Assy

BH-9420-09S Globe ACC-174 43895-1

Sleeve with Spin up Pad Adapter

BH-9420-09T Globe 43849

Truck Sleeve & Spin-Up

BH-9420-10 Globe 413XH-007

Arm Stop Pin new style

BH-9420-10A Globe 359XH-075

Spring Pin

BH-9420-10B Globe 32247

Arm Stop Pin old style

BH-9420-10C Globe 367X-015


BH-9420-10D Globe 368X1

3/4" Steel Plug

BH-9420-12 Globe 43448

Sleeve & Adapter Assy.

BH-9420-13 Globe

9" Drop-on Height Extension

BH-9420-13A Globe ACC-209

Height Extension Flip Up OEM style

BH-9420-13P Globe

9" Drop-on Height Extension w/pad

BH-9420-14 Globe 35056

Seal Holder Ring metal

BH-9420-14A Globe

Seal Holder Ring metal w/bolt holes

BH-9420-14L Globe

Seal Holder Ring plastic 3 pcs.

BH-9420-14P Globe

Seal Holder Ring plastic

BH-9420-15 Globe 103678 35054 10-5/8" Wiper Cover SPWA
BH-9420-16 Globe 35055-618

10-5/8" Up Bearing 10.618

BH-9420-16A Globe 35055-625

10-5/8" Up Bearing 10.625

BH-9420-16ATF Globe 35055x

10-5/8" Adjust-to-Fit Upper Bearing

BH-9420-16B Globe 35055-632

10-5/8" Up Bearing 10.632

BH-9420-16C Globe 35055-640

10-5/8" Up Bearing 10.640

BH-9420-16S Globe

10-5/8" Seal for DUSL style

BH-9420-16T Globe 35055x 10-5/8" DUSL Style Upper Bearing
BH-9420-16TK Globe 10-5/8" DUSL Style Upper Brng Kit
BH-9420-16TSK Globe

10-5/8" DUSL Seal Kit - only

BH-9420-17 Globe 41085

Float Stop

BH-9420-18 Globe 39183


BH-9420-19 Globe 43457-G01 Orifice Bushing Kit without Tool
BH-9420-19A Globe 43457 Orifice Bushing Kit with Tool
BH-9420-19B Globe 46022-G01

Retrieval Tool

BH-9420-19C Globe 43418

Orifice Retainer

BH-9420-20 Globe ACC-208

Height Extension 7-10" sold ea

BH-9420-21 Globe 42876

Bolster Assembly

BH-9420-21C Globe 3760

Single Post Superstructure Complete

BH-9420-22 Globe 42936

Swing Arm-off set

BH-9420-22A Globe 101658 42936-001

Swing Arm - Straight

BH-9420-22W Globe 42936-002

Swing Arm-off set w/Restraint Holes

BH-9420-23 Globe 32101-002 Swing Arm Washer
BH-9420-24 Globe 3505

Hold Down Ring

BH-9420-25 Globe

Drop-on Height Extension SOGP

BH-9420-26 Globe

Drop-on Height Adj Ext SOGPA

BH-9420-27 Globe

9" Drop-on Height Extension w/pad SONRW

BH-9420-29 Globe Rubber Pad Adapter Only for In-Ground
BH-9420-30 Globe 42018

Shiping Rod

BH-9420-40 Globe 46215

Bearing Strip

BH-9420-40A Globe 46215-116

Bearing Strip .116 thick

BH-9420-40B Globe 46215-124

Bearing Strip .124 thick

BH-9420-40C Globe 46215-127

Bearing Strip .127 thick

BH-9420-40D Globe 46215-135

Bearing Strip .135 thick

BH-9420-40E Globe 46215-125

Bearing Strip .125 thick

BH-9420-40F Globe 46215-128

Bearing Strip .128 thick

BH-9420-50 Globe 42810

Sliding Arm Superstructure 10-5/8"

BH-9420-51 Globe 42807

Sliding Arm Assembly

BH-9420-52 Globe 42787

Bolt On Rubber Pad 17-1/2" X 7"

BH-9420-89 Globe 43254

Vehicle Locting Arrow

BH-9420-90 Globe 916043

Installation Manual FS-10AS

BH-9420-91 Globe 34354-005

Sleeve & Pad Assy

BH-9420-92 Globe 34354-012

Sleeve & Pad Assy 22-1/4" length

BH-9420-93 Globe 35581

Old style swing arm FS-10

BH-9420-94 Globe 35584-001

Old Style bolster FS-10

BH-9420-95 Globe 43464


BH-9420-96 Globe 34354-016 3/8" sleeve & pad assy
BH-9420-97 Globe 15237-173

10-5/8" Wiper Retainer Type 2

BH-9420-98 Globe 35002

Holder Ring

BH-9420-99FG Globe 43911-001

10-5/8" Full Hyd Cylinder Assembly

BH-9420-99I Globe

10-5/8" Full Hydraulic CylinderAssy no/FG

BH-9420-99IFG Globe

10-5/8" Full Hydraulic CylinderAssy w/FG

BH-9421-26 Globe 43610-001


BH-9421-31 Globe 32560-018

1" NPT x 218" Flexible Hose

BH-9421-32 Globe 43610-002

14' Front Frame

BH-9421-33 Globe 32560-012

Flexible Hose 1" x 272"

BH-9421-34 Globe 43610-004

Front Frame

BH-9421-35 Globe 43610-006

18' Front Frame

BH-9421-36 Globe 43610-005

17' Front Frame

BH-9421-37 Globe 43610-008

20' Front Frame

BH-9425 Globe 43360

Ratchet Rebuild Kit

BH-9425-01 Globe

Ratchet Lever

BH-9425-02 Globe

Ratchet Dog

BH-9425-03 Globe

Ratchet Dog Shaft

BH-9425-04 Globe 43652 Ratchet Wheel
BH-9425-05 Globe

48" Ratchet Shaft

BH-9425-06 Globe

Ratchet Hanger

BH-9425-07 Globe

Ratchet Hanger Bracket

BH-9425-08 Globe

Ratchet Chain Sprocket

BH-9425-09 Globe 43591

Roller Chain Assy #80

BH-9425-10 Globe 43359

Ratchet Handle

BH-9425-11 Globe 40386-001

Chain Adjuster

BH-9425-12 Globe 34262

Ratchet Dog-Old Style

BH-9425-15 Globe 43654

Ratchet Assembly

BH-9425-16 Globe 43665

Ratchet Clevis Assembly

BH-9425-25 Globe 42588

Axle Rod 19" OAL

BH-9425-26 Globe 102808 43535

Axle Rod 17-1/4" OAL

BH-9425-27 Globe 102806 42587

Axle Wheel

BH-9425-28 Globe 43652

Ratchet Gear

BH-9425-29 Globe 34120-004 Sprocket
BH-9425-30 Globe 43659


BH-9425-31 Globe 40390-004


BH-9425-32 Globe 43660-001

Shaft Angle Assy

BH-9425-33 Globe 34120-001


BH-9425-34 Globe 45826-G13

Pit Extension Assembly

BH-9425-35 Globe 45847-G10

Pit Extension Assembly

BH-9425-36 Globe 43725


BH-9425-37 Globe 43627-001

Plunger Assembly

BH-9425-38 Globe 45113-001

Sprocket Shaft

BH-9425-52 Globe 45188

Wheel Adapter Capacity 2200 lbs.

BH-9426-01 Globe 43707

10-5/8" Casing-Front

BH-9426-02 Globe 103955 35573-006

10-5/8" Casing-Rear

BH-9426-03 Globe 35570-014

10-5/8" Plunger-Front

BH-9426-04 Globe 42041-001

10-5/8" Casing

BH-9426-05 Globe 103021 35570-022

10-5/8" Plunger-Rear

BH-9426-06 Globe 201414 43655

Front Cylinder Assy 10-5/8"

BH-9426-06F Globe 43911-014

Front Cylinder Assy 10-5/8" Fiberglassed

BH-9426-07 Globe 43655-A

Cylinder Assembly

BH-9426-08 Globe 37353

Bleeder Plug

BH-9426-09 Globe 42205-002

Cylinder Assy 10-5/8" Semi Hyd

BH-9426-10 Globe 36063-SP

Semi-Hydraulic Plug

BH-9426-11 Globe 43651


BH-9426-12 Globe 38695

Plunger Head

BH-9426-13 Globe 43115

Bowl for adapter

BH-9426-14 Globe 15255-123

Plunger Head

BH-9426-15 Globe 43664

Hanger Bracket Ratchet

BH-9426-16 Globe 43464


BH-9426-17 Globe 43608

Cover Plate (Front pitform)

BH-9426-18 Globe 43614


BH-9426-19 Globe 46139-001


BH-9426-20 Globe 913842

Nylon lock nut

BH-9426-21 Globe 913865

Male Adapter #6 JIC x # 8 ORB

BH-9426-22 Globe 916991

Elbow .250 x .125 male

BH-9426-23 Globe 918028

Nut Acorn 312-18 Steel

BH-9426-24 Globe 42836-004

Stabilizer Bearing

BH-9426-25 Globe 46139-001


BH-9426-26 Globe 43044-003

Cover Door

BH-9426-27 Globe 43044-004

Cover Door

BH-9426-28 Globe 43044-006

Cover Door

BH-9426-29 Globe 43044-010

Cover Door

BH-9426-30 Globe 43679-001

Valve Handle

BH-9426-31 Globe 43736-003

Bolster (38")

BH-9426-32 Globe 104X-04B

Cap Pipe

BH-9426-33 Globe 204X-003


BH-9426-34 Globe 43762

Valve Modification 4-way

BH-9426-35 Globe 43977

Jack Sleeve

BH-9426-36 Globe 43378

Tubing Bolster/Saddle (34.062)

BH-9426-37 Globe 43482

Jack Sleeve

BH-9426-38 Globe 43044-005

Cover Door

BH-9426-39 Globe 43606

Cover Plate

BH-9426-40 Globe 42727

Hanger Ratchet

BH-9426-41 Globe 32937

Roller Wheel Assy

BH-9426-42 Globe 913821

Male Tee 9/16" JIC #26

BH-9427 Globe

Axle Assembly

BH-9427-01 Globe 42750 Axle Wheel
BH-9427-02 Globe 42749

Axle Rod

BH-9427-10 Globe 43611

Detachable Cover

BH-9427-11 Globe 43609

Sliding Cover-Notched

BH-9427-12 Globe 43653

Ratchet Pit Cover

BH-9427-13 Globe 43609-001

Sliding Cover

BH-9427-14 Globe 33114-001

Striker Block

BH-9427-15 Globe 43617-001

Cover Only

BH-9427-16 Globe 43620-001

Pitframe Assembly

BH-9427-17 Globe 43244

10-5/8" Bottom Sheet

BH-9427-18 Globe 43617

Cover Door for 10-5/8"

BH-9427-19 Globe 203675 43620

Pitframe Assembly

BH-9427-19A Globe

Pitframe Only

BH-9427-20 Globe 43208

Pipe Support

BH-9428-01 Globe 43615 Front Adapter for 10-5/8" (4")
BH-9428-01A Globe 43978

Front Adapter for 10-5/8" (3")

BH-9428-01A-1 Globe 43978

Front Adapter Fixed Height 4"

BH-9428-02 Globe 43685

Front Saddle for 10-5/8" (4")

BH-9428-02A Globe 43979

Front Saddle for 10-5/8" (3")

BH-9428-03 Globe 43686

Rear Saddle for 10-5/8"

BH-9428-04 Globe 200410 43580

Rear Adapter for 10-5/8" 5-1/2" wide

BH-9428-04W Globe 43580x

Rear Adapter for 10-5/8" 6-3/8" wide

BH-9428-05 Globe 43182-001

Wheel Stop for 10-5/8"

BH-9428-06 Globe 43383

Adapter Assembly

BH-9428-07 Globe 43714


BH-9428-08 Globe 43384

Adapter Stop

BH-9428-09 Globe 43381

Rolling Saddle

BH-9428-10 Globe 43481

Rear Adapter

BH-9428-11 Globe 42925


BH-9428-12 Globe 42923

Cover Assembly

BH-9428-13 Globe 43717-001

Bolster Plate 1 Cyl

BH-9428-14 Globe 43716

Bolster Dual Cyl

BH-9428-15 Globe 43622

Pulley & Bracket

BH-9428-16 Globe 43648

Safety Leg Casing

BH-9428-16-S Globe 43648-S

Rear Non Rotator - 48"

BH-9428-17 Globe 43718-001

Rear Lock Latch Assy

BH-9428-17A Globe 43718

Remote Release Latch

BH-9428-18 Globe 45002

Adapter (Jack) Assy for MP-310EDR

BH-9428-19 Globe 43050-008

Safety Leg

BH-9428-19A Globe 43050-006

Safety Leg

BH-9428-19B Globe 43050-007

Safety Leg

BH-9428-20 Globe 043502-001


BH-9428-21 Globe 46018-G01

Cover Assy Recessed

BH-9428-22 Globe 46019-G01

Cover Assy

BH-9428-23 Globe 43009

A.L. latch release assy

BH-9428-24 Globe 43009-001

Rear Latch Release Assy

BH-9428-40 Globe 43840

Adapter (Jack) Assy for D-SH-10

BH-9428-41 Globe 45447-G01

Power Spot Assy Man

BH-9428-42 Globe 45446-G01

Valve Box Assy - Mono

BH-9428-43 Globe 46148-G01

Jack Assembly

BH-9429-01 Globe 42762

Front Adapter Assy MP-210 Series 3

BH-9429-02 Globe 42766

Front Saddle Assy MP-210 Series 3

BH-9429-03 Globe 42760

Rear Adapter Assy MP-210 Series 3

BH-9429-04 Globe 42820

Rear Dual Saddle MP-310 Series 2

BH-9429-05 Globe 37227-004

Jack Hook

BH-9429-43 Globe 42943

Saddle Sub Assembly P-78

BH-9430-01 Globe 43838-001

Wiper Cover (gland)

BH-9430-02 Globe 103679 43838-002 Seal Holder Ring
BH-9430-03 Globe 43838-003

Upper Guide Bearing

BH-9430-04 Globe 43838-004

Lower Guide Bearing

BH-9430-06 Globe 43838-006

12-5/8" Plunger 60" stroke

BH-9430-07 Globe 43838-007

12-5/8" Plunger 70" stroke

BH-9430-07L Globe

12-5/8" Plunger 74-3/8" stroke

BH-9430-08 Globe 43838-008

Casing Assy 60" stroke

BH-9430-09 Globe 43838-009

Casing Assy 70" stroke

BH-9430-10 Globe 43378-001


BH-9430-11 Globe 43831-070

Auto Lock Leg

BH-9430-12 Globe 43831-060

Auto Lock Leg

BH-9430-13 Globe 43829

Auto Lock Leg Casing

BH-9430-20 Globe 43573

Sliding Extension MP-210 (4)

BH-9430-21 Globe 43897

Extension MP-28 fits B-43199

BH-9430-22 Globe 37797

Expander Assy 12-5/8"

BH-9430-23 Globe 43199

Rear Adapter Assembly

BH-9431-01 Globe 102799 43744

8-1/2" Casing-Front

BH-9431-02 Globe 102796 42577-004

8-1/2" Casing-Rear

BH-9431-03 Globe 102811 37442-013

8-1/2" Plunger Front

BH-9431-04 Globe 102797 37442-014

8-1/2" Plunger-Rear

BH-9431-05 Globe 12812 43745

8-1/2" Front Cylinder Assy

BH-9431-13 Globe 43312

Attaching Hardware

BH-9431-14 Globe 102807 42687

Ratchet Handle

BH-9431-16 Globe 43114

Front Adapter Assy

BH-9431-16A Globe 103777 43114

Front Adapter Assy w/Bowl

BH-9431-17 Globe 45992-G01

Jack Assy

BH-9431-18 Globe 45610

Front Adapter Assembly

BH-9431-19 Globe 43408

Bolster for PD-28

BH-9431-20 Globe 43730

Sliding Cover-Notched

BH-9431-21 Globe 43731

Sliding Cover-Rear

BH-9431-22 Globe 43733

Detachable Cover Plate

BH-9431-23 Globe 102810 43119

Rear Adapter for 8-1/2"

BH-9431-24 Globe 413XH-008

Stop Pin

BH-9431-25 Globe 102792 43737

Bolster Front/Rear 8-1/2"

BH-9431-26 Globe 43182

Wheel Stop for 8-1/2"

BH-9431-27 Globe 43860-001

Safety Leg-Rear

BH-9431-28 Globe 43860

Safety Leg-Front

BH-9431-29 Globe 43860-002

Plunger Assy

BH-9431-30 Globe 43739

Cover Door for 8-1/2"

BH-9431-31 Globe 120814 43740

8-1/2" Pitframe Assy

BH-9431-32 Globe 43373

8-1/2" Bottom Sheet

BH-9431-33 Globe 43737-G03


BH-9431-34 Globe 46138-G01

Adapter w/ bowl and 6" flip-up

BH-9431-34-8 Globe 46138-G01

Adapter w/ bowl and 8" flip-up

BH-9431-35 Globe 43764-017 Remote Push Button
BH-9431-36 Globe 43882

Coupling & Retainer Assy

BH-9431-37 Globe 43745-003

Cylinder Assy 8-161

BH-9431-38 Globe 39839


BH-9432-01 Globe 916987

Air Cylinder-Latch Release

BH-9432-02 Globe 916990

Air Valve-Latch Release

BH-9432-03 Globe 43650

Front Safety Leg-Air

BH-9432-04 Globe 43643

Latch Dog

BH-9433-01 Globe 43617

Cover Door Rear 12-5/8"

BH-9433-02 Globe 41196-001

Door Hinge

BH-9433-03 Globe 43613

Pin Hinge

BH-9434-01 Globe 60013W 060013W Outer Arm FSDT-28W
BH-9434-02 Globe 060014W

Inner Arm FSDT-28W

BH-9434-03 Globe 60015

Arm Pin FSDT-28W

BH-9434-04 Globe 60016C Pad & Adapter Assembly
BH-9434-05 Globe 60016

Metal Pad for FSDT-28W

BH-9434-06 Globe 917700

Installation Manual FSDT-28

BH-9434-07 Globe 060012LW

Left Bolster FSDT

BH-9434-08 Globe 060012RW

Right Bolster FSDT

BH-9434-09 Globe 66096-004T

Sheave Spacer FSDT

BH-9434-10 Globe 60016E-KIT

FSDT Height Extension Kit

BH-9434-69 Globe -- Equalizer Assembly, Air Release , 10K for Globe Lifts
BH-9440-01 Globe 41053

Valve Handle

BH-9440-02 Globe 916984

Return Spring

BH-9440-03 Globe 43813

Oil Valve Handle

BH-9440-04 Globe 43680 Valve Retainer
BH-9440-05 Globe 43763

Air Valve Assembly

BH-9440-06 Globe 43812

Valve Extensions

BH-9440-07 Globe 43684

Manifold for C-43705

BH-9440-08 Globe 11800 601X-008 Ball Valve 1"
BH-9440-09 Globe 43814 3-Way Valve Handle
BH-9440-10 Globe 605X-008

Ball Valve 3-way 1"

BH-9440-11 Globe 15237-150.3

10-5/8" Plunger Full-Hyd 99-1/2" long

BH-9440-12 Globe 60013

Outer Arm, Narrow, FSDT-28-N

BH-9440-13 Globe 43645

Safety Leg Casing

BH-9440-35 Globe 43750

Heavy Duty Auto Lock Leg

BH-9440-50 Globe 50003

Safety Leg Tube

BH-9440-51 Globe 50004


BH-9440-52 Globe 43641


BH-9440-60 Globe ACC164

Air Lock Upgrade Option MP-810

BH-9455-01 Globe

Height Extension

BH-9460-01 Globe

10-5/8" Semi-Hyd 10' Stroke

BH-9460-01A Globe

10-5/8" Semi-Hyd Plunger 10' strk

BH-9460-01B Globe

10-5/8" Semi-Hyd Casing10' strk

BH-9460-01FG Globe

10-5/8" Semi-Hyd 10' Stroke FG

BH-9470-01A Globe

Front Adapter for SF Muni Saddle -Orion

BH-9470-02A Globe

Rear Adapter for SF Muni Saddle -Orion

BH-9470-03A Globe

Rear Adapter for Globe Saddle -Orion

BH-9470-05 Globe 112X-04G

Elbow 90° St Gal .500" M

BH-9470-09 Globe 32193-002

Spacer HRS 3/8 x 2 x 19-1/4

BH-9470-10 Globe 32560-003

Flexible Hose 1" NPT x 188"

BH-9470-11 Globe 32560-004

Flexible Hose 1" NPT x 196"

BH-9470-12 Globe 32560-005

Flexible Hose 1" NPT x 176"

BH-9470-13 Globe 32560-011

Flexible Hose 1" NPT x 260"

BH-9470-14 Globe 32560-015

Flexible Hose 1" NPT x 158"

BH-9470-14-1 Globe 32560-017

Flexible Hose 1" NPT x 208"

BH-9470-15 Globe 32560-018

Flexible Hose 1" NPT x 218"

BH-9470-16 Globe 32560-020

Flexible Hose 1" NPT x 242"

BH-9470-17 Globe 34354-009

4 Pos Adapter & Sleeve, 1.88 x 5.5

BH-9470-21 Globe 37508-01

Stabilizer Bracket 3"

BH-9470-22 Globe 41383

Stabilizer Bearing Assy

BH-9470-23 Globe 41916

Link Connecting

BH-9470-24 Globe 42711


BH-9470-25 Globe 42711-001

Carriage Plate

BH-9470-26 Globe 42714


BH-9470-27 Globe 42761

Side Support

BH-9470-28 Globe 42973-002

Spacer Channel Assy Bottom

BH-9470-29 Globe 42973-004

Spacer Channel Assy

BH-9470-30 Globe 43078

Retainer Casing Assy

BH-9470-31 Globe 43198


BH-9470-32 Globe 43528-004

Bracket Support A.L.

BH-9470-33 Globe 43530-002

Bracket Weldment AL/NR

BH-9470-34 Globe 43607

Cover Plate (With Notch)

BH-9470-35 Globe 43650-003

Plunger Assy A.L.

BH-9470-36 Globe 43650-004

Plunger Assy A.L.

BH-9470-37 Globe 43662

Clevis Ratchet Side

BH-9470-38 Globe 43720-001

Auto-Lock Plunger Rear MP210

BH-9470-39 Globe 43720-002

Auto-Lock Plunger Rear MP310EDR

BH-9470-40 Globe 43720-009

Auto-Lock Plunger CR-210

BH-9470-41 Globe 43722

Air Tube 1/4 OD x .19 (U/M = IN)

BH-9470-42 Globe 43723-002

Hose Hyd 8AX-8NP-8MS-24"

BH-9470-43 Globe 43723-004

Hose Hyd 8AX-8NP-8MS-48"

BH-9470-44 Globe 43746

Latch Dog

BH-9470-45 Globe 43750-G01

Plunger Assy A.L.

BH-9470-46 Globe 43768


BH-9470-46A Globe 43651

Shroud for Air Lock

BH-9470-47 Globe 43886-003

Dip Stick Assy

BH-9470-48 Globe 45010

Adapter Jack Assy

BH-9470-48A Globe 45106-G02

Sliding Jack Assy - Special

BH-9470-48B Globe 45182

Jack Assy

BH-9470-49 Globe 45366-001

Cover, Valve Box

BH-9470-50 Globe 45822-001

Beam, Support Man

BH-9470-51 Globe 45822-002

Beam, Support Man

BH-9470-52 Globe 45846-010

Cover, Pit Ext (100.50")

BH-9470-53 Globe 45873-G01 WMO Restraint Assy
BH-9470-54 Globe 46135-001

Templte, Beam Locator MP210,810

BH-9470-55 Globe 265440 Foot Valve Pedal Kit
BH-9470-56 Globe 916993

Union Tee .250 Tube

BH-9470-57 Globe 714-180-00

Hydraulic Cylinder FS-10 HP

BH-9470-58 Globe 714-190-00

Tube Assy FS-10 HP

BH-9470-59 Globe 913442

Quad Ring .875 ID x 1.125 OD C

BH-9470-60 Globe 913446

Seal Texacone 8E031 800 Series

BH-9470-61 Globe 916043

Install Manual

BH-9470-62 Globe 916383

Manual P28L

BH-9470-63 Globe 916970

Sprocket Cyl Movement

BH-9470-64 Globe 916992

Connector, Male .125 NPT

BH-9470-65 Globe 20554-864

Rack Bar 2" x 2" x 74-7/8" w/hole

BH-9470-66 Globe 43458-G01

Install Tool Set

BH-9470-67 Globe 43727

Lever Socket

BH-9470-68 Globe 45877-G01 Arm Restraint Package
BH-9470-68A Globe 45876

Instruction Sheet

BH-9470-69 Globe 907170

Roll Pin

BH-9470-70 Globe 42973-003

Base Channel

BH-9470-71 Globe 43720-001-S

Rear Non Rotator - Short 45"

BH-9470-72 Globe 43720-003

Auto Lock Plunger 54"

BH-9470-73 Globe 43713

Rear Latch Release Assy

BH-9470-74 Globe 43720

Front Non-Rotator 10-5/8"

BH-9470-75 Globe 43754

Front Cylinder Drive Chain

BH-9470-76 Globe

1/2 - .065 W 304SS Tub x 9.125

BH-9470-76 Globe 45055

Recessed Elec/Oil Pitbox Std

BH-9470-77A Globe

10" upper bearing holder WMO

BH-9471-03 Globe

Bar (10.062)

BH-9471-04 Globe

Bar Bent

BH-9471-05 Globe

Base Sliding

BH-9471-06 Globe

Beam S4 x 9.5 # x 60.75" lg

BH-9471-07 Globe

Bearing Plate

BH-9471-08 Globe

Bearing Plate

BH-9471-09 Globe

Bearing Plate, A/L Air cyl

BH-9471-10 Globe

Bolster 9.75 x 32.187 x 1.25 thick

BH-9471-11 Globe

Bolster arm

BH-9471-12 Globe

Bolster for ROWP-28

BH-9471-13 Globe

Bolster Plate

BH-9471-14 Globe

Bolt, Hex 1/4-20X2 GR8 ZC

BH-9471-15 Globe

Bolt,Hex 5/16-18X3/4 GR8 ZC

BH-9471-16 Globe

Bolt,Hex HD 3/8-16X3/4 G8 ZC

BH-9471-17 Globe

Bottom Plate

BH-9471-18 Globe

Bottom Plate

BH-9471-19 Globe

Bottom Plate

BH-9471-20 Globe

Bottom Plate Cylinder

BH-9471-21 Globe

Bottom Plate Cylinder

BH-9471-22 Globe

Bottom Plate Plunger

BH-9471-23 Globe

Bottom Plate Plunger

BH-9471-24 Globe

Bottom Plate, 2.8X4.0X0.25"THK

BH-9471-25 Globe

Bottom Plate, 8.25 X64.25 X 0.

BH-9471-26 Globe

Bottom Sheet Rear Pitform

BH-9471-27 Globe

Bottom Sheet Rear Pitform

BH-9471-28 Globe

Bracket Air Valve

BH-9471-29 Globe

Bracket AL/NR

BH-9471-30 Globe

Bracket Lower N.R.

BH-9471-31 Globe

Bracket NR

BH-9471-32 Globe

Bracket, 0.25X3.625X8" LG

BH-9471-33 Globe

Bracket, 3.5X3.81X0.50 THK

BH-9471-34 Globe

Bracket, 4.75X5.5X0.50" THK

BH-9471-35 Globe


BH-9471-36 Globe


BH-9471-37 Globe

Bushing M 1" X 1/2"

BH-9471-38 Globe

Bushing Orifice

BH-9471-39 Globe

Bushing Pipe Fitting

BH-9471-40 Globe

Bushing, Pipe SCH40 X 2.875"LG

BH-9471-41 Globe

Cap Grease

BH-9471-42 Globe

Cap Plate, 0.25 THK X 3.38 OD

BH-9471-43 Globe

Caplig EC-10

BH-9471-44 Globe

Caplug -Piston #T7-X

BH-9471-45 Globe


BH-9471-46 Globe

Casing End, 8.125OD X 1.25 THK

BH-9471-47 Globe

Casing Sub-Assembly

BH-9471-48 Globe

Casing Weldment, 10-HP

BH-9471-49 Globe

Casing Weldment-LH, 8-HP

BH-9471-50 Globe

Chain Adjustment(1.812)

BH-9471-51 Globe

Chain NO. 40

BH-9471-52 Globe

Channel 3" X 10"

BH-9471-53 Globe

Channel 3" X 102.25"

BH-9471-54 Globe

Channel 3" X 17.75"

BH-9471-55 Globe

Channel 3" X 34"

BH-9471-56 Globe

Channel 3" X 4.1# X60" LG

BH-9471-57 Globe

Channel 3" X 71.75"

BH-9471-58 Globe

Channel 7-1/2"LG

BH-9471-59 Globe

Channel Bottom

BH-9471-60 Globe

Channel HR 4"X5.4#X20.88"

BH-9471-61 Globe

Channel, Pit Ext (88.67")

BH-9471-62 Globe

Clevis Offset Side Ratchet

BH-9471-63 Globe


BH-9471-64 Globe

Conn Plate, Pit Ext MP210/310

BH-9471-65 Globe

Converter - T-99176

BH-9471-66 Globe

Cover Fixed

BH-9471-67 Globe

Cover Valve Pit

BH-9471-68 Globe

Cover, 19.22"X18.50" X 5/16"

BH-9471-69 Globe

Cyl 8 HP-RH,F/G-Pol Chrome

BH-9471-70 Globe

Decal Cylinder Pitform Sheet

BH-9471-71 Globe

DIA Plate,5/16"X72"X96"

BH-9471-72 Globe

DIA. Plate, Cover w/notch

BH-9471-73 Globe

Dish Plate 10.0 OD X 1.25" THK

BH-9471-74 Globe

DMD Plate .25"X72"X96"

BH-9471-75 Globe

Elbow, Pipe Fit 90 degree 1" 300

BH-9471-76 Globe

Elbow, ST. 90 Degree, 1"

BH-9471-77 Globe


BH-9471-78 Globe

Enclosure Ratchet Pit

BH-9471-79 Globe

Enclosure Ratchet Pit

BH-9471-80 Globe

Enclosure Valve Pit

BH-9471-81 Globe

Enclosure Mono Valve Recessed

BH-9471-82 Globe

End Angle, Ratchet Pit

BH-9471-83 Globe

End Plate

BH-9471-84 Globe

End Plate

BH-9471-85 Globe

End Plate without hole

BH-9471-86 Globe

End Plate with hole

BH-9471-87 Globe

End Plate 18.00

BH-9471-88 Globe

End Sheet Pitform

BH-9471-89 Globe

End Spacer

BH-9471-90 Globe

End Support Ratchet Pit

BH-9471-91 Globe

Expansion Shield

BH-9471-92 Globe

FBar 0.25"X1.5"X3.625"LG

BH-9471-93 Globe

Fitting Grease .250, ALL #1743

BH-9471-94 Globe

Fitting Grease 1/8" NPT

BH-9471-95 Globe

Flange 10" Cyl

BH-9471-96 Globe

Flange Cylinder

BH-9471-97 Globe

Flat Bar (10.440)

BH-9471-98 Globe

Flat Bar 0.25"X2.5"X16"LG

BH-9471-99 Globe

Flat Bar 0.25"X2.5"X59.375"LG

BH-9472-01 Globe

Flat Bar 1/2"X6X7-3/8" CTL.

BH-9472-02 Globe

Flat Bar Bend, 3/8X2X10.50" LG

BH-9472-03 Globe

Flat HR 3/4X3X7" CTL

BH-9472-04 Globe

Flat HR 3/8X7X20'A36 ASTM A36

BH-9472-05 Globe

Flat HR1/4X2.25X20'A36ASTM A36

BH-9472-06 Globe

Flat HR1/4X5X20'A36 ASTM A36

BH-9472-07 Globe

Flat HR1/8X1X20'A36 ASTM A36

BH-9472-08 Globe

Flat HR3/4X6X20'A36 ASTM A36

BH-9472-10 Globe

Foot Bracket Air Cyl

BH-9472-11 Globe

Form Ang, 0.25X5.50X23.25" LG

BH-9472-12 Globe

Front Form

BH-9472-13 Globe

Front Piston

BH-9472-14 Globe

Front Piston

BH-9472-15 Globe

Front Side RH

BH-9472-16 Globe

Front Side LH

BH-9472-17 Globe

Gusset, 0.375X0.75X4.75" LG

BH-9472-18 Globe

Gusset, 1.25 X3.5 X 0.25 THK

BH-9472-19 Globe

Hardener, Paint #VG-259

BH-9472-20 Globe

Head Plate, 10.0 OD X 0.25 THK

BH-9472-21 Globe

Head Plate, 6.875 OD X0.375THK

BH-9472-22 Globe

Head Plunger

BH-9472-23 Globe

Hinge Pin, Saddle Jack

BH-9472-24 Globe

Holder 8" HP Upper Bearing

BH-9472-25 Globe

Holder, 8"HP Lower Bearing

BH-9472-26 Globe

HR Flat

BH-9472-27 Globe

HR Flat (.1875 X 4 X 8)

BH-9472-28 Globe

HR Flat (.25 X .5 X 3)

BH-9472-29 Globe

HR Flat (.25 X 1 X 2)

BH-9472-30 Globe

HR Flat (.25 X 1.5 X 1)

BH-9472-31 Globe

HR Flat (.25 X 1.5 X 4.438)

BH-9472-32 Globe

HR Flat (.25 X 2 X 4.5)

BH-9472-33 Globe

HR Flat (.25 X 3 X 4.125)

BH-9472-34 Globe

HR Flat (.25 X 4 X 16)

BH-9472-35 Globe

HR Flat (.375 X .75 X 3)

BH-9472-36 Globe

HR Flat (.375 X 1 X 1.594)

BH-9472-37 Globe

HR Flat (.375 X 2 X 3.5)

BH-9472-38 Globe

HR Flat (.375 X 7 X 14)

BH-9472-39 Globe

HR Flat (.5 X .5 X 192)

BH-9472-40 Globe

HR Flat (.5 X .5 X 2)

BH-9472-41 Globe

HR Flat (.5 X 1.25 X 2)

BH-9472-42 Globe

HR Flat (.5 X 4 X 5)

BH-9472-43 Globe

HR Flat (.5 X 4.5 X 11)

BH-9472-44 Globe

HR Flat (.75 X 3.5 X 5)

BH-9472-45 Globe

HR Flat (.875 X 1.5 X 2.5)

BH-9472-46 Globe

Inside Angle 21.75

BH-9472-47 Globe

Install Support Bracket

BH-9472-48 Globe

Instruction Sheet

BH-9472-49 Globe

Instruction Tag

BH-9472-50 Globe

Jack Assy

BH-9472-51 Globe

Levery Assy

BH-9472-52 Globe

Lift Ring

BH-9472-53 Globe


BH-9472-54 Globe

Lower Casing Bracket

BH-9472-55 Globe

Lubricant, CRSN Preventative

BH-9472-56 Globe

Lubricant, Synthetic Grease

BH-9472-57 Globe

Lubricant, White Grease

BH-9472-58 Globe

Motor Support (11.062)

BH-9472-59 Globe

Mounting Plate

BH-9472-60 Globe

Mounting Plate AL

BH-9472-61 Globe

Mounting Plate PL 1/4"

BH-9472-63 Globe

Name Plate

BH-9472-64 Globe

Name Plate Cap

BH-9472-65 Globe

Nameplate Auxil. Roemer #23980

BH-9472-66 Globe

Nameplate Cap

BH-9472-67 Globe

Nameplate Conversion

BH-9472-68 Globe

Anchor Curb Angle

BH-9472-69 Globe

Nipple 1" X 3.5"

BH-9472-70 Globe

Nipple 1"X2"

BH-9472-71 Globe

Nipple, Pipe Fitt 1"X3.5" GALV

BH-9472-72 Globe

Nipple, Pipe Fitt 1"X5" GALV

BH-9472-73 Globe

Nipple,Pipe Fitt 1" Close Galv

BH-9472-74 Globe

Nut #6 JIC Female Cap

BH-9472-75 Globe

Nut Hex .625-11NC

BH-9472-76 Globe

Nut Hex .750-10

BH-9472-77 Globe

Nut Weld .312-18 GRIPCO C5168

BH-9472-78 Globe

Nut, 1/4-20 GR8

BH-9472-79 Globe

Nut, Hex 5/16-18 ZINC

BH-9472-80 Globe

Nut, Hex Head .375-16 UNC-2B

BH-9472-81 Globe

Nut Hex Head .500-13 UNC-2B

BH-9472-82 Globe

Nut, Nylon 750-16UNF-2B

BH-9472-83 Globe

Nut,Self Lock Hex Cap .313-18

BH-9472-85 Globe

Pad, Load

BH-9472-86 Globe

Paint, Black Enamel Air Dry

BH-9472-87 Globe

Pan HD Screw .25-20 X .625

BH-9472-88 Globe

Pin 0.625 DIA. X 0.50" LG

BH-9472-89 Globe

Pin M .125 X .625 HVY DT spirol

BH-9472-90 Globe

Pin, Roll 3/8" X 2" ZINC

BH-9472-91 Globe

Pin, Swivel

BH-9472-92 Globe

Pipe Plug

BH-9472-93 Globe

Pipe 1/2" SCH-80 X 21FT

BH-9472-94 Globe

Pipe 3/4" SCH-40 X 21 FT

BH-9472-95 Globe

Pipe 1" SCH-80 X 21FT

BH-9472-96 Globe

Pipe Plug M .250

BH-9472-97 Globe

Pipe 2.5" SCH 40 X 80" LG

BH-9472-98 Globe

Pipe 2.5" SCH 40 X 85" LG

BH-9472-99 Globe

Pipe 2.5" SCH 40 X 78" LG

BH-9473-01 Globe

Pipe Spacer, 1" SCH 40 X .5" LG

BH-9473-02 Globe

Pipe 1-1/4" SCH-40 X 3.687"

BH-9473-03 Globe

Pipe 1-1/4" SCH-40 X 1.75"

BH-9473-04 Globe

Pipe 17"

BH-9473-05 Globe

Pipe Guard

BH-9473-06 Globe

Pipe 1-1/4 X 1-1/2 LG

BH-9473-07 Globe

Piston, Weldment

BH-9473-08 Globe

Pit Angle

BH-9473-09 Globe

Pit Angle

BH-9473-10 Globe

Pit Angle

BH-9473-11 Globe

Pit Angle (End)

BH-9473-12 Globe

Pit Cover (Detachable)

BH-9473-13 Globe

Pitform Panel, Front

BH-9473-14 Globe

Pitform Panel, Rear

BH-9473-15 Globe

Pitform Sheet

BH-9473-16 Globe

Pitform Sheet

BH-9473-17 Globe

Pitform Side

BH-9473-18 Globe

PL 1/2 X 1-1/4X3-1/2"CFS

BH-9473-19 Globe

PL 1/2X5X11-1/2" CFS

BH-9473-20 Globe

PL 3/4X2-1/2X9-1/2" HR

BH-9473-21 Globe

PL. Hydraulic Fitt Support

BH-9473-22 Globe


BH-9473-23 Globe

Plate 10" Retro Adapter

BH-9473-24 Globe

Plate Chain Adjustment

BH-9473-25 Globe

Plate Connection

BH-9473-26 Globe

Plate HR 1-1/8X72X120 A36

BH-9473-27 Globe

Plate HR 3/16"X72"X96"

BH-9473-28 Globe

Plate Mounting (3.812)

BH-9473-29 Globe

Plate Support

BH-9473-30 Globe

Plate, 2" X 2.5"X 11GA

BH-9473-31 Globe

Plate, A/L Casing

BH-9473-32 Globe

Plate, Hangar

BH-9473-33 Globe

Plate, Jack Base

BH-9473-34 Globe

Plate, Release

BH-9473-35 Globe

Plate, Stop (2"LG)

BH-9473-36 Globe

Plate Support

BH-9473-37 Globe

Plate, Bottom Adapter

BH-9473-38 Globe

Plate, Round 7.800"DIAX3/4"THK

BH-9473-39 Globe

Plate, Round 9.950"DIAX3/4"THK

BH-9473-40 Globe

Plate HR 7/8X96"X120" A570-33

BH-9473-41 Globe

Plug MCAPLUG .875

BH-9473-42 Globe


BH-9473-43 Globe

Plug Pipe 1.00 NPT SCH-40 PVC

BH-9473-44 Globe

Plug, 0.375 THK X 2.375 DIA.

BH-9473-45 Globe

Plug, Hex Socket SS 1/8 NPT

BH-9473-46 Globe

Plunger Head, Rotary Pattern

BH-9473-47 Globe

Plunger Head, Special

BH-9473-48 Globe

Plunger Weld 10HP-Satin Chrome

BH-9473-49 Globe

Plunger Weld 8HP-POL Chrome

BH-9473-50 Globe

Plunger WEld 8HP-Satin Chrome

BH-9473-51 Globe

Quick Dry Enamel SRWL F77Y15.

BH-9473-52 Globe

Rail (72" LG)

BH-9473-53 Globe

Rail 6" X 14' (Painted)

BH-9473-54 Globe

Ramp, Bolster

BH-9473-55 Globe

Ramp, Bolster

BH-9473-56 Globe

RD Tube 1-1/4 O.D.X3/8WX20'

BH-9473-57 Globe

RD Tube 7/8"ODX3/16W

BH-9473-58 Globe

RD Tubing 2.75"ODX0.12WX99"LG

BH-9473-59 Globe

RD Tubing, 83.75" LG

BH-9473-60 Globe

Rear Piston

BH-9473-61 Globe

Reducer SO-560

BH-9473-62 Globe

Reinforcement, Saddle Jack

BH-9473-63 Globe

Release Lever A.L.

BH-9473-64 Globe


BH-9473-65 Globe

Retainer Bolster

BH-9473-68 Globe

Ring Setting10.000

BH-9473-69 Globe

Ring Setting 8.000

BH-9473-70 Globe

Ring Tube 5.625ODX5"IDX.875"LG

BH-9473-71 Globe

Rod 7/16" X 5"

BH-9473-72 Globe

Rod All Thread 5/16-18 X 12.88

BH-9473-73 Globe

Round HR .25X20'A36 ASTM A36

BH-9473-74 Globe

Round Rod, .88" DIA X 3.62" LG

BH-9473-75 Globe

S. Stud, 3/4-10UNCX 4"LG GRD5

BH-9473-76 Globe

S. Stud, 5/8-11UNCX3.0" GRD5

BH-9473-77 Globe

S. Stud, 5/8-11UNCX3.5" GRD 5

BH-9473-78 Globe

S. Stud, 5/8-11UNCX4" LG GRD5

BH-9473-79 Globe

Screw HHC .250-20 X .50 CAD PL

BH-9473-80 Globe

Screw HHC .250-20 X 1.250 CAD PL

BH-9473-81 Globe

Screw SHC .250-20 X .50 CAD PL

BH-9473-82 Globe

Screw 12PT .625-11X1.750 W/PAT

BH-9473-83 Globe

Screw 12PT .625-11X3 BLK OX

BH-9473-84 Globe

Screw Flat Head

BH-9473-85 Globe

Screw HHC .500-13 X 1"

BH-9473-86 Globe

Screw HHC .875-9 X 1.250

BH-9473-87 Globe

Screw HHC 1/2-13 X 2-1/4 GR 5

BH-9473-88 Globe

Screw RD HD Drive

BH-9473-89 Globe

Screw SHC .312-18 X 1"

BH-9473-90 Globe

Screw SHC .375 X 2.000 BAS

BH-9473-91 Globe

Screw SHSS 5/8-11X5/8" LG

BH-9473-92 Globe

Screw, Cap 5/16-18X1 GR8 ZC

BH-9473-93 Globe

Screw, Flat HD .312-18 X 1"

BH-9473-94 Globe

Screw, Set 3/8-16X1/2 CUP ZC

BH-9473-95 Globe

Screw, SOC 1/4-20X1-1/2 ALLOY

BH-9473-96 Globe

Screw, Cap .75-10X3.00 GD5 ZC

BH-9473-97 Globe

Screw ,Cap .75-10X4.00 GD5 ZC

BH-9473-98 Globe

Screw, Cap HXHD.5-13UNC-2A 1.50

BH-9473-99 Globe

Screw, Cap HXHD.5-13UNC-2A 2.00

BH-9474-01 Globe

Screw Cap HXHD.5-13UNC-2A 2.50

BH-9474-02 Globe

Screw ,F/Head 5/16-18X1/2" MMC

BH-9474-03 Globe

Screw,Hex Cap.38-16X1,G8,ZC

BH-9474-04 Globe

Screw,Hex Cap.38-16X1.25,G8,ZC

BH-9474-05 Globe

Screw,Hex Cap.38-16X1.50,G8,ZC

BH-9474-06 Globe

Seal PY19891 1373-070K Buna N

BH-9474-07 Globe

Ser Plt CYL Revc Roemer 23491

BH-9474-08 Globe

Shaft Pin

BH-9474-09 Globe

Shaft Spring Arm Assy

BH-9474-10 Globe

Shear Plate, 12X14X0.375" THK

BH-9474-11 Globe

Sheet HR 13 GA X 48 X 120 A569

BH-9474-12 Globe


BH-9474-13 Globe

Shipping Strap (23.063)

BH-9474-14 Globe

Shipping Strap (24.00")

BH-9474-15 Globe

Shipping Strap (24.00")

BH-9474-16 Globe


BH-9474-17 Globe

Side Plate, 1/4X3.5X12" LG

BH-9474-18 Globe

Side Plate, 1/4X3.5X12" LG, W/

BH-9474-19 Globe

Side Sheet

BH-9474-20 Globe

Side Sheet Front Pitform

BH-9474-21 Globe

Side Sheet Rear Pitform

BH-9474-22 Globe

Side Sheet Rear Pitframe

BH-9474-23 Globe

Side Support

BH-9474-24 Globe

Side Support

BH-9474-25 Globe

Side Support 6-3/4"

BH-9474-26 Globe

Side, Upright Sup. Saddle Jack

BH-9474-27 Globe

Sliding Plate Front