Parts For Forward Repair

Part # OEM OEM Ref. #1 OEM Ref. #2 Descriptionsort descending
BH-7235-72 Forward 996220

1-1/2" Pad Extension DPO

BH-7239-90 Forward 991084

1/16" Cable Clamp

BH-7239-105 Forward 992212

1/4" Return Line

BH-7239-88 Forward 991244

1/8" Cable Clamp

BH-7236-74 Forward

10" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7236-66 Forward

10" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7236-75 Forward

11" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7236-76 Forward

12" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7235-12A Forward 991284

2 Post Seal Kit 36" Prince chain over

BH-7238-23A Forward 991620

2" Chain Sheave/Roller only

BH-7238-21 Forward 120K14 120K07

2" Cross Rail Sheave w/ Pin long

BH-7238-23 Forward 120K13 120K05

2" Cross Rail Sheave w/ Pin short

BH-7239-97 Forward 108802

2' Column Extension Driver Side

BH-7239-97A Forward 108801

2' Column Extension Pass Side

BH-7239-505 Forward 137803

2' Extension

BH-7238-80 Forward 991053

2-3/4" Chain Roller 3/4" bore

BH-7235-15 Forward 991281 2-Post DP. Seal Kit 68" Prince DP
BH-7235-15A Forward 992317SKAA 2-Post DP. Seal Kit Arlinton DP
BH-7235-12 Forward 991305 2-Post Seal Kit 36" Holmac chain over
BH-7235-11 Forward 991193 2-Post Seal Kit 36" TMS chain over
BH-7235-10 Forward 991192 2-Post Seal Kit 36" Waltco chain over
BH-7239-96 Forward 991082

24" Wire Tie

BH-7235-71 Forward 995560

3" Pad Extension DPO

BH-7235-20 Forward

3" Slip Height Extension steel pad

BH-7236-67 Forward

3" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7236-81 Forward

3" Slip-On Height Extension HDRNRW

BH-7236-60 Forward

3" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7239-107 Forward 991504

3/4" Klip Ring

BH-7239-93 Forward 992419

3/8" JIC Branch Tee to 3/8" MPT

BH-7239-92 Forward 992431

3/8" JIC Bulkhead Run Tee

BH-7236-43 Forward 992502

3/8" JIC Tee

BH-7239-112 Forward 992609

3/8" NPT Breather

BH-7235-13C Forward 991282

4 Post Seal Kit 72" Prince

BH-7235-13A Forward 991195

4 Post Seal Kit 72" TMS 12K

BH-7235-13 Forward 991194 4 Post Seal Kit 72" Waltco 12K
BA-1200-01 Forward 045501

4 Post Slip Plate

BH-7235-14B Forward 991307 4 Post Truck lift Seal Kit Holmac 27K
BH-7235-14C Forward 991283

4 Post Trucklift Seal Kit Prince

BH-7235-14A Forward 991309 4 Post Trucklift Seal Kit TMS 25K
BH-7238-95 Forward 995640

4" Chain Roller

BH-7237-90 Forward 137603-1

4" Height Extension Adapter

BH-7237-89 Forward 137603

4" Height Extension Adapter set of 4

BH-7236-68 Forward

4" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7236-61 Forward

4" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7235-89 Forward 70606

4" Swivel Pad Weldment 2P

BH-7236-79 Forward

4"-6" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDR

BH-7236-84 Forward

4"-6" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDRNRW

BH-7236-77 Forward

4"-6" Slip-On Adj Height Extension ALDH

BH-7237-50 Forward 120700 4-Post Anti-Sway Kit - Available from SVI!
BH-7237-68 Forward 134101

4-Post Leg Main Side 40RV

BH-7237-69 Forward 134201

4-Post Leg Off Side 40RV

BH-7235-16 Forward 991306 4-Post Seal Kit 72" Holmac 12K
BH-7238-59 Forward 250102-P

4P 27K Column Main Power

BH-7238-60 Forward 250101

4P 27K Column Mainside

BH-7238-61 Forward 250201

4P 27K Column Offside

BH-7238-75 Forward 995130

4P Actuator Plate

BH-7238-96 Forward 995180

4P Chain Adj Stud 12,000

BH-7238-79 Forward 996120

4P Chain Roller Bearing 2-1/4"

BH-7238-97 Forward 991021

4P Clip on Approach Ramps

BH-7238-57 Forward 10702

4P Column 5 Pos Main

BH-7238-58 Forward 10703

4P Column 5 Pos Main Offside

BH-7238-56 Forward 010701-P

4P Column 5 Pos Main Power

BH-7238-54 Forward 10708

4P Column Align Main

BH-7238-53 Forward 010707-P

4P Column Align Main Power

BH-7238-55 Forward 10709

4P Column Align Offside

BH-7238-51 Forward 120101

4P Column Main

BH-7238-50 Forward 120102

4P Column Main Power

BH-7238-52 Forward 120201

4P Column Offside

BH-7238-74 Forward 991073

4P Compression Spring

BH-7238-70 Forward 120400

4P Crossrail no parts

BH-7238-71 Forward 120401

4P Crossrail w/parts no chain

BH-7238-77 Forward 913762

4P HexHead Capscrew

BH-7238-76 Forward 913600

4P Nylok Jam Nut 3/4"

BH-7238-82 Forward 996190

4P Ramp Wheel

BH-7238-73 Forward 120402A

4P Safety Latch "Tex" New Style

BH-7238-72 Forward 120402

4P Safety Latch "Tex" Old Style

BH-7238-81 Forward 995210

4P Safety Rod

BH-7238-78 Forward 51804

4P Sheave Pin

BH-7238-94 Forward 995190

4P Top Rail Chain Connector

BH-7238-91 Forward 120302

4P Top Rail Latch Cam

BH-7238-90 Forward 120321

4P Top Rail Latch Ear

BH-7238-93 Forward 995170

4P top Rail Latch Pivot Pin

BH-7238-92 Forward 995230

4P Top Rail Wheel

BH-7236-69 Forward

5" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7236-62 Forward

5" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7235-70 Forward 995550

6" Pad Extension DPO

BH-7235-21 Forward

6" Slip Height Extension steel pad

BH-7236-70 Forward

6" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7236-82 Forward

6" Slip-On Height Extension HDRNRW

BH-7235-88 Forward

6" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7236-85 Forward

6"-9" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDRNRW

BH-7236-80 Forward

6"-9.5" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDR

BH-7236-78 Forward

6"-9.5" Slip-On Adj Height Extension ALDH

BH-7239-129 Forward 995040

7" Dia Cable Sheave

BH-7236-71 Forward

7" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7236-63 Forward

7" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7236-72 Forward

8" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7236-64 Forward

8" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7235-89A Forward 70608

8" Swivel Pad Weldment 2P

BH-7235-22 Forward

9" Slip Height Extension steel pad

BH-7236-73 Forward

9" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7236-83 Forward

9" Slip-On Height Extension HDRNRW

BH-7236-65 Forward

9" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7235-67 Forward 992410 992426

9/16" to 3/8" JIC Swivel Nut

BH-7239-504 Forward 137604

Adapter Base

BH-7238-26 Forward WG-1 Air Cylinder
BH-7239-315 Forward QG01-9100 Air Cylinder CR14, RFP14
BH-7238-17 Forward 991107

Air Jack - 4K Air Bladder old style

BH-7238-14 Forward 992107

Air Jack - 4K Air Hose

BH-7238-11 Forward 15602

Air Jack - 4K Inside Scissors

BH-7238-10 Forward 15601

Air Jack - 4K Outside Scissors

BH-7238-18 Forward 991270

Air Jack - 6K Air Bladder new style

BH-7238-15 Forward 992128

Air Jack - 6K Air Line

BH-7238-13 Forward 30602

Air Jack - 6K Inside Scissors

BH-7238-12 Forward 30601

Air Jack - 6K Outside Scissors

BH-7238-16 Forward 991190

Air Jack - 6K Regulator

BH-7238-04 Forward 15705

Air Jack - Foot Pad Weldment

BH-7238-05 Forward 15402

Air Jack - Roller Body Assy

BH-7238-09 Forward 15401

Air Jack - Roller Body Bracket

BH-7238-07 Forward 995820

Air Jack - Roller Body Bushing

BH-7238-08 Forward 991200

Air Jack - Roller Body Spring

BH-7238-06 Forward 995830

Air Jack - Roller Body Wheels

BH-7238-01 Forward 991108

Air Jack - Valve only

BH-7238-01A Forward 015K01 991108P

Air Jack - Valve w/ Adapter Plate

BH-7237-50K Forward 120701 120701BL Anti-Sway Kit (set of 2)
BH-7238-25R Forward 45401

Approach Ramp

BH-7238-83 Forward

Approach Ramp

BH-7239-106 Forward 914502

Arm Pin

BH-7235-35 Forward 995910

Arm Pin 12,000 OH/DPO12 10"

BH-7235-33 Forward 995090

Arm Pin 7000B 6"

BH-7235-34 Forward 995430

Arm Pin 7A,8A,10A,DPO,9OH

BH-7235-24H Forward 70707

Arm Rest. Bumper Slider 10"

BH-7235-55 Forward 148708

Arm Rest. Bumper Slider 10" rear

BH-7235-53 Forward 148705

Arm Rest. Plunger 10.4"

BH-7235-24C Forward 148705 37703

Arm Rest. Plunger 10.4" long

BH-7235-49 Forward 148706

Arm Rest. Plunger 12.5" 12,000TP

BH-7235-24I Forward 106702

Arm Rest. Plunger 7" DPO

BH-7235-24F Forward 70703

Arm Rest. Plunger 8.5" 7B

BH-7235-50 Forward 148709

Arm Rest. Plunger 8.5" 7B

BH-7235-24G Forward 70704

Arm Rest. Slider 10" 8A, 10A

BH-7235-57 Forward 148704

Arm Rest. Slider 10" front

BH-7235-54 Forward 148703

Arm Rest. Slider 11" front

BH-7235-24B Forward 148707 70706

Arm Rest. Slider Bar 7.7" rear

BH-7235-24J Forward 106701

Arm Rest. Slider rear DPO

BH-7239-77-4 Forward 994258

Arm Restrain Kit for Four Arms

BH-7236-54 Forward 10715

Arm Restraint

BH-7235-52 Forward 148707 Arm Restraint Bumper Slider 8" Rear
BH-7235-24E Forward 991209 Arm Restraint E-Clip 5/8" #1000-62
BH-7239-77 Forward 143535

Arm Restraint Engage Gear

BH-7235-58 Forward 116K01

Arm Restraint Kit

BH-7239-130 Forward 994258

Arm Restraint Kit

BH-7235-29 Forward 112K01

Arm Restraint Kit 10,000A

BH-7235-37 Forward 112K02

Arm Restraint Kit 10000A

BH-7235-18 Forward 137K03 Arm Restraint Kit 12,000TP
BH-7235-28 Forward 37760

Arm Restraint Kit 7000A

BH-7235-36 Forward 119K01 Arm Restraint Kit 7000A, DPO7A
BH-7235-24 Forward 070K02 Arm Restraint Kit 7000B
BH-7235-38 Forward 037K04KIT 037K04 Arm Restraint Kit 8000A, 9000A
BH-7235-23 Forward 158K01

Arm Restraint Kit DP/DPO9/97/10, Asymmetric

BH-7235-23X Forward 159K01

Arm Restraint Kit DP/DPO9/97/10, Symmetric

BH-7235-19K Forward 073K02 Arm Restraint Kit for 7500
BH-7239-77-1 Forward 994258x

Arm Restraint Kit for One Arm

BH-7239-78 Forward 143536

Arm Restraint Pin

BH-7239-78S Forward 116533

Arm Restraint Pin Spacer

BH-7235-56 Forward 148701 Arm Restraint Plunger 7"
BH-7235-19 Forward 073K01

Arm Restraint Retro Kit 7500

BH-7235-51 Forward 148702 Arm Restraint Slider 8" front 7A,7B
BH-7235-24A Forward 148702 70705 Arm Restraint Slider Bar 8" front
BH-7235-25 Forward 991216

Arm Restraint Spring

BH-7239-79 Forward 143537 Arm Restraint Spring
BH-7235-24D Forward 913206 Arm Restraint Washer
BH-7239-14 Forward 137602 Arm Slider 12K / DPO12 / 15K
BH-7239-01 Forward 70603

Arm Slider 7000B

BH-7239-26 Forward 145603

Arm Slider DP/DPO10

BH-7239-25 Forward 106703

Arm Slider DP/DPO9/97

BH-7239-31 Forward 119605

Arm Slider Long 7000A/DPO7A

BH-7239-12 Forward 112608

Arm Slider Long 9A/10A

BH-7239-22 Forward 145603

Arm Slider Long DP/DPO10

BH-7239-21 Forward 106703

Arm Slider Long DP/DPO9/10/97

BH-7239-05 Forward 112608

Arm Slider Long LH 8A/9AN

BH-7239-07 Forward 116603

Arm Slider RH 9000B/OH

BH-7239-18 Forward 143602

Arm Slider Short DP/DPO10

BH-7239-17 Forward 106608

Arm Slider Short DP/DPO9/97

BH-7239-29 Forward 119603

Arm Slider Short 7000A/DPO7A

BH-7239-10 Forward 112606

Arm Slider Short 9A/10A

BH-7239-03A Forward 37603

Arm Slider Short LH 8A/9AN

BH-7239-13 Forward 137601

Arm Tube 12K/DPO12/15K

BH-7239-00 Forward 70602

Arm Tube 7000B

BH-7239-28 Forward 119602

Arm Tube LH Short 7000A/DPO7A

BH-7239-24 Forward 145602

Arm Tube LH Symm DP/DPO9/10/97

BH-7239-30 Forward 119604

Arm Tube Long 7000A/DPO7A

BH-7239-04 Forward 37606

Arm Tube Long LH 8A/9AN

BH-7239-20 Forward 143605

Arm Tube Long LH DP/DPO9/10/97

BH-7239-11 Forward 112607

Arm Tube Long RH 9A/10A

BH-7239-19 Forward 143604

Arm Tube Long RH DP/DPO9/10/97

BH-7239-06 Forward 116602

Arm Tube RH 9000B/OH

BH-7239-27 Forward 119601

Arm Tube RH Short 7000A/DPO7A

BH-7239-23 Forward 145601

Arm Tube RH Symm DP/DPO9/10/97

BH-7239-03 Forward 37605

Arm Tube Short LH 8A/9AN

BH-7239-09 Forward 112605

Arm Tube Short LH 9A/10A

BH-7235-42 Forward 106607

Arm Tube Short LH DP/DPO9/10/97

BH-7239-16 Forward 106607

Arm Tube Short LH DP/DPO9/10/97

BH-7239-02 Forward 36604

Arm Tube Short RH 8A/9AN

BH-7239-08 Forward 112604

Arm Tube Short RH 9A/10A

BH-7235-41 Forward 106606

Arm Tube Short RH DP/DPO9/10/97

BH-7239-15 Forward 106606

Arm Tube Short RH DP/DPO9/10/97

BA-1200-03 Forward 010631

Ball Locator Plate 3"

BA-1200-02 Forward 45631 045631 Ball Locator Plate 6"
BA-1200-18 Forward 010802


BH-7239-133 Forward 90804

Base Plate Assembly

BH-7239-132 Forward 991224

Bearing 1-1/4" x 1-3/4"

BH-7239-304 Forward H4P-3001

Bearing CR14, RFP14

BA-1200-14 Forward 010804

Bearing Ring

BH-7239-46-3 Forward

Bearing Spacer

BH-7237-35 Forward 992463

Bulkhead Fitting

BH-7235-91 Forward 991303

Bumper Strip DPO

BH-7236-53 Forward 992139

By Pass Return Line 168" 27K

BH-7236-52 Forward 992132

By Pass Return Line 34"

BH-7237-33 Forward 992631


BH-7327-34 Forward 992632


BH-7239-50 Forward 1070911

Cable for I10

BH-7235-09C Forward 992609-S

Cable for Overhead Limit Switch

BH-7239-50K Forward 1070910

Cable Set (2) for I-10

BH-7239-60 Forward 970912

Cable Set (2) for I-9

BH-7235-00 Forward 995020 Cable Sheave 4" diameter
BH-7235-66 Forward 995030

Cable Sheave 5" DP-9

BH-7239-300 Forward H4P-3003 Cable Sheave CR-14, RPF14
BH-7237-45 Forward 991104

Cam Roller

BH-7235-65 Forward 991070

Cap Nut

BH-7239-40 Forward 145501

Carraige Symm/Asymm DP/DPO10

BH-7239-42 Forward 106501

Carraige Symm/Asymm DP/DPO9/97

BH-7239-131 Forward 116530


BH-7239-503 Forward 137500


BH-7239-108 Forward 143540

Carriage Lock Release Rod

BH-7239-35 Forward 37503

Carriage M/S Weldment 8000A

BH-7239-36 Forward 37502

Carriage O/S Weldment 8000A

BH-7235-27 Forward 995120 Carriage Slider Block
BH-7235-27A Forward 106518 Carriage Slider Shim
BH-7235-27B Forward 137515

Carriage Slider Shim 15TP/DPO

BH-7239-41 Forward 57501

Carriage Weldment 10,000A

BH-7239-43 Forward 51501

Carriage Weldment 12,000TP

BH-7239-33 Forward 56501

Carriage Weldment 7000A

BH-7239-32 Forward 70501

Carriage Weldment 7000B

BH-7239-38 Forward 91501

Carriage Weldment 9000B

BH-7239-37 Forward 116501

Carriage Weldment 9000FP

BH-7239-39 Forward 90501

Carriage Weldment 9000OH

BH-7239-44 Forward 137501

Carriage Weldment DPO12/15,000TP

BH-7239-34 Forward 119501

Carriage Weldment DPO7A

BH-7235-39 Forward 995360

Chain Connector

BH-7235-61 Forward 995200

Chain Connector

BH-7237-28 Forward 992612

Chain for Rear Post

BH-7238-64 Forward 995150 Chain Pin
BH-7238-40 Forward 250442

Chain Slider

BH-7236-10 Forward 995060

Chain Yoke Roller w/Bearing

BH-7235-44 Forward 992604

Chain-long top rail 4 Post 12K

BH-7235-43 Forward 992603

Chain-short top rail 4 Post 12K

BH-7239-502 Forward 137801

Column Upright Segment

BH-7239-82 Forward 1070622

Complete Arm Assembly

BH-7236-56 Forward 991077

Cotter Pin

BA-1200-09 Forward 991092

Counter Sink Screw

BH-7237-75 Forward 250401

Cross Rail Only 27,000 4-Post

BH-7237-71 Forward 134401

Cross Rail Only 40,000 4-Post

BH-7237-76 Forward 250600

Cross Rail w/Hardware 27,000 4-Post

BH-7237-72 Forward 134400

Cross Rail w/Hardware 40,000 4-Post

BH-7239-302 Forward H4P-1007

Crossmember Cable Sheave CR14

BH-7239-83 Forward H4P-1007

Crossmember Cable Sheave CR14

BH-7239-303 Forward H4P-1009 Crossmember Sheave Shaft CR14
BH-7239-305 Forward H4P-1021

Crossmember Slider CR14, RFP14

BH-7237-84 Forward 996723

Crossrail Roller

BH-7239-81 Forward

Custom Chain Roller 1.41" x 4"

BH-7236-25 Forward 991324

Cut Off Switch

BH-7239-111 Forward 970804

Cylinder Bushing

BH-7239-121 Forward 970804

Cylinder Bushing

BH-7237-70 Forward 134102

Cylinder Mount 40RV

BH-7235-17 Forward 106802

Cylinder Mount Weldment

BH-7236-03P Forward 996510

Cylinder Pin 5-3/4" x 1"

BA-1200-10 Forward 010810

Degree Gage

BH-7235-66 Forward 995030

DP Series Cable Pulley / Sheave

BA-1200-06 Forward 991084

Duplex Crimps

BH-7236-99 Forward 992402


BH-7235-01 Forward 992601 Equalizer Cable 27'-10" 2P 7000
BH-7235-01S Forward

Equalizer Cable 27'-6" 2P 7000

BH-7235-09F Forward 992645

Equalizer Cable 29' 7" 9000B

BH-7235-04 Forward 992624

Equalizer Cable 31'-6" 9100

BH-7236-96 Forward 1070914

Equalizer Cable 32' 11"

BH-7235-03 Forward 992663

Equalizer Cable 32'-4.5" 8000

BH-7235-06 Forward 992625

Equalizer Cable 32-10" 7000 Asym

BH-7236-94 Forward 970910

Equalizer Cable 33' 4"

BH-7236-95 Forward 1070911 Equalizer Cable 33' 8"
BH-7235-09 Forward 992630

Equalizer Cable 33' 9000 Asym

BH-7235-02 Forward 992662

Equalizer Cable 33'-2.5" 8000,DPO9A

BH-7235-08 Forward 992627 Equalizer Cable 33'-6" 10,000,DPO9A
BH-7236-91 Forward 992628

Equalizer Cable 34' 4"

BH-7235-05 Forward 992608

Equalizer Cable 34'-6.7" 7500 Asym

BH-7235-07 Forward 992614

Equalizer Cable 35-1" 9000 O/H

BH-7236-98 Forward 1072903

Equalizer Cable 36' 9 "

BH-7235-09E Forward 992640

Equalizer Cable 37' 0" 10KA2, 9KA2

BH-7236-93 Forward 992659

Equalizer Cable 37' 4"

BH-7236-97 Forward 1072901 Equalizer Cable 37' 6"
BH-7235-09A Forward 992639

Equalizer Cable 37'-6" DPO9A2

BH-7235-09B Forward 992626

Equalizer Cable 40'-2" 12,000

BH-7236-92 Forward 992629

Equalizer Cable 44' 2" DP-12 & 15-2

BH-7235-09D Forward 992609-E

Ext. Cable for OH Limit Switch

BH-7237-20 Forward 992611

Ext. Long Top Rail Chain

BH-7237-21 Forward 992610

Ext. Short Top Rail Chain

BH-7239-98 Forward 992496

Fitting DP7, DP97, DP10

BH-7239-98A Forward 992504

Fitting DP97A2/S2, DP10A2/S2

BH-7239-232 Forward 1070624

Front Arm Assembly RH- DP-10A..

BH-7239-48 Forward 1070631

Front Inner Arm

BH-7239-69 Forward 1070624

Front Swing Arm Assembly - Right

BH-7239-231 Forward 1080601

Front Swing Arm Assembly LH

BH-7237-48 Forward 120704

Guide Bracket Weldment

BH-7237-49 Forward 120743 Guide Slider Block
BA-1200-15 Forward 991075

Guide Spring

BH-7237-73 Forward 250431

Hand Lever 40,000 4-Post

BH-7236-90 Forward

Height Extension Kit 24"

BH-7236-32 Forward 992137

Hyd Hose 86" 7A,10A,DPO9A

BH-7236-02E Forward 992327

Hydraulic Cylinder

BH-7238-27 Forward 994432

Hydraulic Cylinder

BH-7237-40 Forward 992322

Hydraulic Cylinder DP-12, DP-15 mdls

BH-7236-02 Forward 992317 Hydraulic Cylinder for 7000/9000 Asymmetrical
BH-7236-05 Forward 992305

Hydraulic Cylinder Pad Lift

BH-7236-01 Forward 992301

Hydraulic Cylinder Prince 36"

BH-7236-04 Forward 992303

Hydraulic Cylinder Prince 60"

BH-7236-03 Forward 992302

Hydraulic Cylinder Prince 72"

BH-7239-506 Forward 992180

Hydraulic Hose

BH-7236-33 Forward 992138

Hydraulic Hose 101" 7A

BH-7236-49 Forward 992103

Hydraulic Hose 106" 12TP

BH-7236-30 Forward 992102

Hydraulic Hose 111" 7B

BH-7236-41 Forward 992144 Hydraulic Hose 114" 10A
BH-7236-45 Forward 992160

Hydraulic Hose 114" DPO9A

BH-7236-37 Forward 992131

Hydraulic Hose 117" 9B

BH-7237-61 Forward 992172

Hydraulic Hose 119" DPO12/15TP 2'ext

BH-7237-60 Forward 992170

Hydraulic Hose 130" DPO12/15TP 2'ext

BH-7237-66 Forward 992181

Hydraulic Hose 142" WalMart LR

BH-7237-65 Forward 992184

Hydraulic Hose 144" WalMart TC

BH-7237-56 Forward 992168

Hydraulic Hose 147" 15TP/DPO12

BH-7237-52 Forward 992154

Hydraulic Hose 162" 10KA2 LP

BH-7236-48 Forward 992159

Hydraulic Hose 176" DPO9A2

BH-7236-29 Forward 992183

Hydraulic Hose 18K 4-Post

BH-7237-53 Forward 992146

Hydraulic Hose 195" DPO7A

BH-7236-31 Forward 992136

Hydraulic Hose 200" 7A

BH-7236-40 Forward 992143

Hydraulic Hose 205" 10A

BH-7236-44 Forward 992157

Hydraulic Hose 209" DPO9A

BH-7237-55 Forward 992166

Hydraulic Hose 21" 15TP/DPO12

BH-7237-67 Forward 992182

Hydraulic Hose 221" WalMart LR

BH-7237-57 Forward 992167

Hydraulic Hose 222" 15TP/DPO12

BH-7237-62 Forward 992173 Hydraulic Hose 246" DPO12/15TP 2'ext
BH-7237-51 Forward 992153

Hydraulic Hose 253" 10KA2 HP

BH-7236-46 Forward 992158

Hydraulic Hose 257" DPO9A2A

BH-7237-63 Forward 992188

Hydraulic Hose 30" 40RV

BH-7236-35 Forward 992130

Hydraulic Hose 338" 8A

BH-7236-34 Forward 992108

Hydraulic Hose 353"

BH-7236-36 Forward 992106

Hydraulic Hose 363" 9OH

BH-7237-59 Forward 992169

Hydraulic Hose 45" DPO12/15TP 2'ext

BH-7235-30 Forward 992134

Hydraulic Hose 48" 7A

BH-7236-38 Forward 992141

Hydraulic Hose 55" 10A

BH-7236-42 Forward 992156

Hydraulic Hose 56" DPO9A,A2

BH-7236-39 Forward 992142

Hydraulic Hose 62" 10A

BH-7235-31 Forward 992135

Hydraulic Hose 64" 7A

BH-7236-50 Forward 992101

Hydraulic Hose 68" all 2 Post

BH-7237-54 Forward 992161

Hydraulic Hose 77" DPO9A2 LP

BH-7237-64 Forward 992189

Hydraulic Hose 88" 40RV

BH-7239-109 Forward 970904

Hydraulic Hose Kit

BH-7239-17S Forward 106706

Inner Arm Front DP97S

BH-7239-501 Forward

Inner Swing Arm

BH-7239-507 Forward 991127

Installation Shim Pack

BA-1200-05 Forward 991096

L Pin

BA-1200-05C Forward 992609

L Pin Cable

BH-7237-88 Forward 120303

Latch Cam

BH-7235-64 Forward 106521

Latch Pivot

BH-7237-86 Forward 991071

Latch Spring

BH-7239-87 Forward 1070620

Left Rear Arm Assembly

BA-1200-07 Forward 010715

Leveling Lock Bar

BH-7237-31 Forward 992613

Lift Chain 2 Post 8A,9B

BH-7239-71 Forward H4P-5002-1 H4P-5002B

Lifting Cable Assy 156" CR14

BH-7239-70 Forward H4P-5002-2 H4P-5002A

Lifting Cable Assy 219-1/2" CR14

BH-7239-73 Forward H4P-5002-3 H4P-5002D

Lifting Cable Assy 360" CR14

BH-7239-72 Forward H4P-5002-4 H4P-5002C

Lifting Cable Assy 422-1/2" CR14

BH-7236-12 Forward 991088

Limit Switch

BH-7237-27 Forward 45631

Locator Plate

BH-7239-94 Forward 70525

Lock Latch

BH-7235-69 Forward 913604

Lock Nut

BH-7237-19 Forward 90541

Lock Release Rod 17"

BH-7236-16 Forward 250437

Long Rod-Left Hand

BH-7236-15 Forward 250403

Long Rod-Right Hand

BH-7236-19 Forward 991403 Lowering Valve
BH-7239-76 Forward 143534

Main Restraint Gear

BH-7237-29 Forward 991072

Master Link

BH-7238-19 Forward 991226

Micro/Limit Switch

BH-7239-45 Forward 991404 Microswitch - double pole
BH-7239-120 Forward 994257

Nesting Height Extension Kit

BH-7239-102 Forward 108803

OH DP97A2/S2, DP10A2/S2

BH-7239-69A Forward 1070625

Outer Front Swing Arm - Right

BH-7239-82A Forward 1070623

Outer Rear Swing Arm - Left

BH-7239-226 Forward 106705

Outer Rear Swing Arm LH

BH-7239-230 Forward 1080602

Outer Rear Swing Arm LH DP-10

BH-7239-225 Forward 106704

Outer Rear Swing Arm RH

BH-7239-68A Forward 970620

Outer Swing Arm Rear I-DP9A

BH-7239-233 Forward 1070625

Outer Swing Arm RH - DP-10A

BH-7239-122 Forward 1070803


BH-7239-228 Forward 57803


BH-7239-91 Forward 119801

Overhead Beam DPO7A

BH-7239-89 Forward 106804

Overhead Cable Ring Weldment

BH-7239-500 Forward 137802

Overhead DP12 and 15

BH-7239-123 Forward 1070805

Overhead for Narrow Model

BH-7239-227 Forward 56805

Overhead Limit Cable Ring

BH-7239-229 Forward 57804

Overhead Limit Cable Ring

BH-7239-104 Forward 991476

Overhead Limit Switch

BH-7239-114 Forward 970902

Overhead Limit Switch

BH-7239-99 Forward 991480

Overhead Shutoff Bar Spacer

BH-7239-113 Forward 970811

Overhead Structure

BH-7239-101 Forward 119801

Overhead Weldment DP7

BH-7239-100 Forward 106801

Overhead Weldment DP97, DP10

BH-7239-80 Forward 145605

Pad Weldment

BH-7239-103 Forward 991481

Padded Overhead Limit Switch Bar

BH-7239-95 Forward 70530

Pivot Latch Bushing

BH-7236-13 Forward 250440

Pivot Link

BH-7237-80 Forward 250433

Pivot Link

BH-7235-60 Forward 991414

Plunger and Spring

BA-1200-12 Forward 010801


BH-7238-25 Forward 995320

Ramp Pin

BH-7238-62 Forward 45130

Ramp Stop Plate

BH-7239-234 Forward 1070619

Rear Arm Assembly

BH-7239-47 Forward 1070629

Rear Inner Arm

BH-7235-59 Forward 45501

Rear Slip Plate 12,000#

BH-7236-55 Forward 10714

Retraint Rod

BH-7238-63 Forward 994215

Return Hose

BH-7239-75 Forward 791060

Roll Pin

BH-7237-91 Forward -- Roller Assembly Kit for AJ6
BH-7237-87 Forward 996010

Roller Body Bushing Insert

BH-7237-78 Forward 030400 30400 Roller Jack Roller Assy (1)
BH-7239-46-2 Forward

Roller Spacer

BH-7239-46-1 Forward

Roller Spacer w/flat

BH-7238-06A Forward 15400

Roller Wheel Retro Kit Need 2 per lift

BH-7239-46 Forward 120K06 Roller, Spacers and Axle Kit 12K Models
BH-7238-22 Forward 991235

Rolling Jack Roller Wheel

BH-7235-94R Forward -- Round Lift Adapter
BH-7235-94RC Forward -- Round Lift Pad Adapter with 1-1/4" Pin Diameter
BH-7235-90AX Forward Rubber Arm Pad - Heavy Duty
BH-7235-90 Forward 994105 Rubber Arm Pad Kit (4)
BH-7235-90A Forward 991234 991222

Rubber Arm Pad Only (ea)

BH-7235-40 Forward 991269

Rubber Bumper Overhead Stop

BH-7235-93 Forward 991112

Rubber Contact Pad 6000TL

BH-7235-92 Forward 991338

Rubber Contact Pad DPO9P

BH-7239-110 Forward 991491

Rubber Grommet

BH-7235-90K Forward Rubber Pad Kit (4 pads and hardware) - Heavy Duty
BH-7239-301 Forward H4P-3005

Runway Cable Sheave Shaft CR14

BH-7239-84 Forward H4P-3005

Runway Cable Sheave Shaft CR14

BH-7235-46 Forward 137502

Safety Latch

BH-7237-77 Forward 250402

Safety Latch 27TL

BH-7237-74 Forward 134402

Safety Latch 40RV

BH-7235-45 Forward 106502 RR31002 Safety Latch for Forward Lifts
BH-7235-63 Forward 070528M

Safety Latch Release Pawl

BH-7239-324 Forward H4P-1002DC

Safety Lock CR14, RFP14

BH-7239-320 Forward H4P-1002 Safety Lock CR14, RFP14
BH-7239-326 Forward H4P-1005 Safety Lock Shaft CR14, RFP14
BH-7237-30-1 Forward 106K07 Safety Release Assembly, Nov 1999 to Jan 2002
BH-7237-30 Forward 70502

Safety Release Assy (must specify model)

BH-7235-26 Forward

Safety Release Cable

BH-7236-08 Forward 994293

Seal Kit

BH-7235-96 Forward 991513

Seal Kit 6000TL

BH-7235-97 Forward 992317 YG32-9180

Seal Kit Cyl. 992317 (China) DP10

BH-7235-14 Forward 991308 Seal Kit for 4-Post Trucklift - Waltco
BH-7236-09 Forward 992302SKAA

Seal Kit for Arlington cylinder, 4 post

BH-7239-74 Forward 991510

Seal Kit for DP10A with Tex. Hyd Cyl

BH-7236-02H Forward

Seal Kit for Holmac BH-7236-02

BA-1200-13 Forward 991091

Set Screw

BH-7235-32 Forward

Shaft for Cable Sheave

BH-7239-115 Forward 970901


BH-7239-128 Forward 991211

Sheave Bushing

BH-7239-116 Forward 970802

Sheave Pin

BH-7239-136 Forward Shim for Top Rail Sheave Kit
BH-7236-17 Forward 250434

Short Rod

BH-7239-85 Forward H4P-1014

Slack Cable Latch Roller CR14, RFP14

BH-7239-323 Forward H4P-1003DCG

Slack Cable Safety Latch CR14, RFP14

BH-7239-322 Forward H4P-1003G Slack Cable Safety Latch CR14, RFP14
BH-7239-206 Forward 90502

Slack Chain Lever Linkage

BH-7239-208 Forward 90540

Slack Chain Lock

BH-7239-124 Forward 90542

Slack Chain Rod

BH-7239-207 Forward 991121

Slack Chain Spring

BA-1200-17 Forward 010803

Slider - Guide Plate

BH-7236-06 Forward 996390

Slider Block 12,000

BH-7236-14 Forward 995420

Slot Link

BH-7239-134 Forward 991503 Snap Ring
BH-7237-32 Forward 995840

Spacer for Large Chain Pulley

BH-7239-86 Forward H4P-3001


BH-7238-20 Forward 991321


BH-7239-321 Forward H4P-1015 Spring CR14, RFP14
BH-7237-94 Forward For C & D Jack Spring for AJ6 Roller Assembly
BH-7235-86 Forward 106605

Stack Pad Weldment

BA-1200-04 Forward 991115 Steel Ball 1"
BH-7237-23 Forward 991115

Steel Balls

BA-1200-19 Forward 045515

Support Bar

BH-7237-18 Forward 51601

Swing Arm 12,000 OH

BH-7237-01 Forward 70601

Swing Arm 7000

BH-7237-08 Forward 90601

Swing Arm 9000 OH

BH-7239-68 Forward 970619

Swing Arm Assembly Rear I-DP9A

BH-7237-17 Forward 105602

Swing Arm LH DPO9S

BH-7237-15 Forward 106604

Swing Arm LH Long DPO9A

BH-7237-10 Forward 57602

Swing Arm LH Short 10,000

BH-7237-03 Forward 56602

Swing Arm LH Short 7000

BH-7237-12 Forward 106K02 106601

Swing Arm LH Short DPO9A

BH-7237-11 Forward 57603

Swing Arm Long 10,000

BH-7237-04 Forward 56603

Swing Arm Long 7000

BH-7237-07 Forward 37603

Swing Arm Long 8000

BH-7237-16 Forward 105601

Swing Arm RH DPO9S

BH-7237-14 Forward 106603

Swing Arm RH Long DPO9A

BH-7237-09 Forward 57601

Swing Arm RH Short 10,000

BH-7237-02 Forward 56601

Swing Arm RH Short 7000

BH-7237-13 Forward 106602

Swing Arm RH Short DPO9A

BH-7236-07 Forward 992055


BH-7235-85 Forward 70606

Swivel Pad Formed Top 2 Post

BH-7236-18 Forward 250438

Threaded Coupling

BA-1200-16 Forward 991093

Tooth Washer

BH-7239-127 Forward 70301

Top Cable Sheave Support

BH-7237-22 Forward 120k06 995890

Top Rail Chain Sheave

BH-7239-135 Forward 120K12 Top Rail Sheave Kit 12000LR-M1L
BH-7237-85 Forward 991030

Top Rail Snap Ring

BH-7235-94 Forward

Truck Adapter 1-1/4" dia. Pin

BA-1200-08 Forward 917001

U Bolt

BH-7238-24 Forward 917001


BA-1200-11 Forward 991158

Warning Sticker

BH-7235-62 Forward 137052


BH-7237-79 Forward 250462


BH-7236-01A Forward 116K02

Yoke & Pin for BH-7236-01