Parts For ALM Repair

Part #sort descending OEM OEM Ref. #1 OEM Ref. #2 Description
BH-7150-01 ALM

6" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7150-02 ALM A94208 Round Rubber Arm Pad for ALM Lifts
BH-7150-03 ALM

6" Slip-On Height Extension ARND

BH-7150-04 ALM

9" Slip-On Height Extension ARND

BH-7150-05 ALM

Seal Kit 7001 w/Davis Cyl

BH-7150-06 ALM A93102

Hyd Cylinder Mdl 7001A 9001

BH-7150-07 ALM 94-029A

Screw Up Height Extension

BH-7150-08 ALM A73128-01

Equalizer Cable 7002A

BH-7150-10 ALM 7001

Equalizer Cable 7000lb Symmetric

BH-7150-11 ALM 7001A

Equalizer Cable 7000lb Asymmetric 31' 6"

BH-7150-11L ALM 7001A

Equalizer Cable 7000lb Asymmetric 34' 7"

BH-7150-12 ALM 9920601

Equalizer Cable ends 5" lgth 27'-10"

BH-7150-13 ALM A93133-01

Equalizer Cable Model 9001

BH-7150-14 ALM A92115 Slider Block
BH-7150-15 ALM A12100009 Equalizer Cable-Short Front
BH-7150-16 ALM A12100008 Equalizer Cable
BH-7150-17 ALM A93133-03 Equalizer Cable
BH-7150-18 ALM 12-1215K1

Cable & Sheave Kit 12,000 lb

BH-7150-19 ALM A93102 Cylinder
BH-7150-20 ALM A073120 Cable Sheave for 7002A
BH-7150-20A ALM Shaft for Sheave 7000 lb
BH-7150-20B ALM

Retainer for Sheave

BH-7150-21 ALM 07-4160A Adapter Base 7002 Drop In
BH-7150-22 ALM

3" Slip-On Height Extension ARND

BH-7150-23 ALM

4" Slip-On Height Extension ARND

BH-7150-24 ALM

5" Slip-On Height Extension ARND

BH-7150-25 ALM

7" Slip-On Height Extension ARND

BH-7150-26 ALM

8" Slip-On Height Extension ARND

BH-7150-27 ALM

10" Slip-On Height Extension ARND

BH-7150-28 ALM

4"-6" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AARND

BH-7150-29 ALM

6"-9.5" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AARND

BH-7150-30 ALM B121215-10 Cable Assy 12,000 p/u 126.25"
BH-7150-30A ALM B121215-09 Cable Assy 12,000 p/u 334.5"
BH-7150-30B ALM B121215-16

Cable Assy 12,000 p/u 149"

BH-7150-30C ALM B121215-08

Cable Assy 12,000 p/u 33' 1-7/8"

BH-7150-30D ALM B121215-17

Cable Assy 13' 3-1/4"

BH-7150-31 ALM

3" Slip-On Height Extension LDM

BH-7150-32 ALM

6" Slip-On Height Extension LDM

BH-7150-33 ALM

9" Slip-On Height Extension LDM

BH-7150-34 ALM

3" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7150-35 ALM

4" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7150-36 ALM

5" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7150-38 ALM

7" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7150-39 ALM

8" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7150-40 ALM

9" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7150-41 ALM

10" Slip-On Height Extension LDH

BH-7150-42 ALM

3" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7150-43 ALM

4" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7150-44 ALM

5" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7150-45 ALM

6" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7150-46 ALM

7" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7150-47 ALM

8" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7150-48 ALM

9" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7150-49 ALM

10" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7150-50 ALM

11" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7150-51 ALM

12" Slip-On Height Extension HDR

BH-7150-52 ALM

4"-6" Slip-On Adj Height Extension ALDH

BH-7150-53 ALM

6"-9.5" Slip-On Adj Height Extension ALDH

BH-7150-54 ALM

4"-6" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDR

BH-7150-55 ALM

6"-9.5" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDR

BH-7150-56 ALM 92-117 Manual Pull Cable
BH-7150-56K ALM 92-117K Manual Pull Cable Assembly
BH-7150-57 ALM A00021-16 Crimper
BH-7150-58 ALM X00031-6 Flex Tubing
BH-7150-59 ALM 07-1004A

Drive Weldment

BH-7150-60 ALM 12-5123A

Axle Lock Assy

BH-7150-60A ALM 1180434


BH-7150-61 ALM 93-222A Yoke Bracket
BH-7150-62 ALM A0-7311 07-3110 Hydraulic Cylinder 7002A / 9002A
BH-7150-63 ALM 12-1212A Dual Pulley 12,000 WT
BH-7150-64 ALM 12-3122A


BH-7150-65 ALM 12-1106A

Runway Ramp

BH-7150-66 ALM 12-1121 Ramp Wheels
BH-7150-67 ALM 12-1213A Single Sheave for Track Assembly
BH-7150-68 ALM A-43457


BH-7150-69 ALM 12-400041A Rope Guide
BH-7150-70 ALM X00185


BH-7150-71 ALM 93-120A Air Line Kit 9001
BH-7150-72 ALM

3" Slip-On Height Extension HDRNRW

BH-7150-73 ALM

6" Slip-On Height Extension HDRNRW

BH-7150-74 ALM

9" Slip-On Height Extension HDRNRW

BH-7150-75 ALM

4"-6" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDRNRW

BH-7150-76 ALM

6"-9" Slip-On Adj Height Extension AHDRNRW

BH-7150-77 ALM 12-5216A Wheel
BH-7150-78 ALM 1181165

Spring Washer

BH-7150-79 ALM X125177 Compression Spring
BH-7150-80 ALM A-00003-08


BH-7150-81 ALM A-00008-18 Bolt
BH-7150-82 ALM A-00073-08

Lock Nut

BH-7150-83 ALM

Axle & Wheel Assy (1) RLB6000

BH-7150-84 ALM 15195

Low Oil Control Cylinder

BH-7150-85 ALM 9003A

Complete Arm Restraint

BH-7150-86 ALM B121215-19 Cable Assembly
BH-7150-87 ALM B121215-20 Cable Assembly
BH-7150-88 ALM B121215-21 Cable Assembly
BH-7150-89 ALM B121215-22 Cable Assembly
BH-7150-90 ALM X00629 Seal Kit
BH-7150-91 ALM 93-014A


BH-7150-92 ALM X00614

Seal Kit

BH-7150-93 ALM 15-4027A

Height Extension 1-3/8" Thread

BH-7150-93A ALM 15-4027A-01

Height Extension 2" Thread

BH-7150-94 ALM A094312 Arm Pin & Restraint
BH-7150-95 ALM A094312-01 Knob
BH-7150-96 ALM A094312-12 Lock Plate
BH-7150-97 ALM 15-4031A 2-Post Pad Assy
BH-7150-98 ALM 93-221A Chain Sheave Bracket Enclosed Style
BH-7150-99 ALM A93133-02 Cable Assy 7001
BH-7151-01 ALM X00254

Seal Kit for 7001/9001 Waltco

BH-7151-01N ALM X00549

Seal Kit for 7001/9001 Current Cylinder

BH-7151-02 ALM X00256 Seal Kit for 9001 (some)
BH-7151-03 ALM X00257 Seal Kit for Davis made Cylinder
BH-7151-04 ALM X00252 Seal Kit for 9,000 lb. ALM Lift with Waltco Cylinder
BH-7151-05 ALM X00260 Seal Kit for 12,000 lb ALM Lift with Waltco Cylinder
BH-7151-06 ALM 95-107A Arm Lock Rod
BH-7151-07 ALM 92-436A

Safety Weldment

BH-7151-08 ALM 225356

Lift Nut Assy HH70

BH-7151-09 ALM 227321

Safety Nut Assy HH70

BH-7151-10 ALM 0752156A

Short Rod Weldment

BH-7151-11 ALM 92-131 End Cap
BH-7151-12 ALM A92132 Spring
BH-7151-13 ALM 92-130 Arm Restraint Plunger
BH-7151-14 ALM 92-129 Housing
BH-7151-15 ALM A00098-04


BH-7151-16 ALM 92-137 Safety Dog Release Bracket
BH-7151-17 ALM A00056-08

Cotter Key

BH-7151-18 ALM A00126-18


BH-7151-19 ALM 07-3146A Arm Restraint Assembly-Short (1)
BH-7151-19-1 ALM

Arm Restraint Inner Bar

BH-7151-19-2 ALM

Arm Restraint Outer Tube

BH-7151-19-3 ALM

Arm Restraint Engage Gear

BH-7151-19A ALM 07-3147A Arm Restraint Assembly - Long (1)
BH-7151-19A-1 ALM

Arm Restraint Inner Bar

BH-7151-19A-2 ALM

Arm Restraint Outer Tube

BH-7151-19A-3 ALM

Arm Restraint Engage Gear

BH-7151-19M ALM

Arm Restraint Assembly-Medium

BH-7151-19M-2 ALM

Arm Restraint Outer Tube

BH-7151-20 ALM A91203

Rope Sheave 7001A

BH-7151-21 ALM 91-117 Sheave Axle
BH-7151-22 ALM A90124 Cable Pulley 5" for ALM Lifts
BH-7151-23 ALM 90-130

Sheave Axle

BH-7151-24 ALM 92-217A Roller
BH-7151-25 ALM 92-300A

Lock Assy-Complete

BH-7151-26 ALM X00097-10 Lockwasher
BH-7151-27 ALM 92-136A

Safety Weldment

BH-7151-28 ALM X00096

Air Lock Valve

BH-7151-29 ALM A073131

Lever for Release Valve

BH-7151-30 ALM 12-400011A


BH-7151-31 ALM 12-1104A Sheave / Pulley
BH-7151-32 ALM A93109-17


BH-7151-33 ALM A93109-18


BH-7151-34 ALM A93109-02


BH-7151-35 ALM 456371


BH-7151-36 ALM A93109-12

90 Degree Fitting

BH-7151-37 ALM A93109-14 Pipe Nipple
BH-7151-38 ALM 73-107

Overhead Hyd Line

BH-7151-39 ALM 91-119A


BH-7151-40 ALM A93108-03


BH-7151-46 ALM 12-5216A


BH-7151-47 ALM 73157-01

Hose 7002A

BH-7151-48 ALM 12-400007A Sheave-4 Post
BH-7151-49 ALM 74-129A


BH-7151-50 ALM A91119


BH-7151-51 ALM A00349

Lowering Valve

BH-7151-52 ALM X00342 Seal Kit
BH-7151-53 ALM A00103

Air Cylinder

BH-7151-54 ALM 251102

Bracket for Air Cylinder

BH-7151-55 ALM A00082-08

Tee Fitting

BH-7151-56 ALM 74-001ARH

Rear Arm 7001A

BH-7151-57 ALM 07-3129A

Arm Pin 7002A

BH-7151-58 ALM A251125A-01 Chain Sheave Only 7001A
BH-7151-59 ALM 12-4123A Dog
BH-7151-60 ALM 07-3151A

Lock Cover 7002A

BH-7151-61 ALM X000964788

Air Valve

BH-7151-62 ALM 90-129A

Roller Kit

BH-7151-63 ALM 94-001ARH

Left Front Arm 9001

BH-7151-64 ALM 4040305

Right Rear Arm 9001

BH-7151-65 ALM 93-117


BH-7151-66 ALM A093304

Cylinder w/ Roller

BH-7151-67 ALM 12-4000007A-1

Sheave Assembly

BH-7151-68 ALM A93133-16 Equalizer Cable
BH-7151-69 ALM 03-3157A-04

Overhead Hose

BH-7151-70 ALM A150002

Hydraulic Cylinder

BH-7151-71 ALM X00585 Seal Kit
BH-7151-72 ALM 25-6001A 3' Ramp Extension
BH-7151-73 ALM 105038 Air Valve
BH-7151-74 ALM X00623 Seal Kit for 15001
BH-7151-75 ALM A93133-23 Equalizer Cable
BH-7152-04 ALM 852352

Push Button up/down HH70A

BH-7152-05 ALM X00113 Air Release Valve
BH-7152-06 ALM A00095 Air Cylinder
BH-7152-07 ALM A00100


BH-7152-08 ALM A00084 Air Hose 100 ft.
BH-7152-09 ALM 12-1215K1 Cable & Sheave Kit
BH-7152-10 ALM 12-1215K2

Cable & Sheave Kit

BH-7152-11 ALM 12-1215K3

Cable & Sheave Kit

BH-7152-12 ALM A00083

Air Hose 25 ft.

BH-7152-13 ALM 07-2156A Arm Restraint Rod
BH-7152-14 ALM 15-4021A Arm Restraint Rod
BH-7152-15 ALM 15-4019A Arm Restraint Rod
BH-7152-16 ALM B121215-K5 Cable Kit 12000A
BH-7152-17 ALM A00348 Omron Switch
BH-7152-18 ALM 99-0136A Sheave Upgrade Kit 9003AC
BH-7152-19 ALM 09-4248A Arm Restraint Plunger
BH-7152-20 ALM 12-4122A

Dog with Sensor

BH-7152-21 ALM 12-4121A

Dog with Sensor

BH-7152-22 ALM 12-1139

Wheel Stop

BH-7152-23 ALM 12-1140

Wheel Stop

BH-7152-24 ALM 90-004A

Rubber Guards

BH-7152-25 ALM A00082-09 Male Elbow
BH-7152-26 ALM A073132 Spring
BH-7152-27 ALM 12-400029A-01 Slack Cable Latch - Assy
BH-7152-27L ALM 12-400006A-01

Slack Cable Latch only

BH-7152-27R ALM 12-400041A Slack Cable Roller
BH-7152-28 ALM A00459A

Air Button Release

BH-7152-29 ALM 12-1133A

Ramp Right Side

BH-7152-30 ALM 93-207A

Yoke Roller 7001A

BH-7152-31 ALM 93-209A

Yoke Roller Pin 7001A

BH-7152-32 ALM A12100007 Cable w/ Eye Bolt on One End
BH-7152-33 ALM A12100006

Cable - Right Front

BH-7152-34 ALM A093033-01 Cable
BH-7152-35 ALM 94-006A Slip On Height Extension 9"
BH-7152-36 ALM X00441 Seal Kit
BH-7152-37 ALM X00365 Seal Kit
BH-7152-38 ALM 15-4001A

Rear Arm Passenger

BH-7152-39 ALM

Seal Kit 15001 Serial No 812-01075

BH-7152-40 ALM 12-00005A

Seal Kit for 12K s/n203J01057

BH-7152-41 ALM 15-3003A

Mini Cable Carrier 15K

BH-7153-01 ALM A00242


BH-7153-02 ALM 225133

Chain Guide Sprocket HH70

BH-7153-03 ALM 225136

Chain Guide Housing HH70

BH-7153-04 ALM 225505


BH-7153-05 ALM 656625

Flange Bearing

BH-7153-06 ALM 227238


BH-7153-07 ALM 65806

Thrust Bearing

BH-7153-08 ALM 225337

Spacing Ring

BH-7153-09 ALM 656706

Sperical Bearing

BH-7153-10 ALM 225340

Spacing Washer

BH-7153-11 ALM 225336

Top Cover

BH-7153-12 ALM A-94208

Rubber Arm Pad For H. Hougard

BH-7153-13 ALM 852352

Down Switch

BH-7153-14 ALM 225503-A

Equalizer Cable

BH-7153-15 ALM 225504-A

Equalizer Cable

BH-7153-16 ALM 121215K4

Cable Kit 12000, 12000WT, 12000QLC

BH-7153-17 ALM 121215K6

Cable Kit 12000 Short

BH-7153-18 ALM B121215-07

Cable 12,000 4 Post

BH-7153-19 ALM B121215-13

Cable for Alignment Rack

BH-7153-20 ALM B121215-14

Cable for Alignment Rack

BH-7153-21 ALM B121215-15

Cable for Alignment Rack

BH-7153-22 ALM 225140


BH-7153-23 ALM A93133-05

Equalizer Cable 3/8" Dia. X 378" (7001A)

BH-7153-24 ALM 93-114A

Pulley Bracket

BH-7153-25 ALM X93206

Ball Bearing

BH-7153-26 ALM 93-204


BH-7153-27 ALM X00034

3/4" External Retaining Ring

BH-7153-28 ALM 70-007A

Drive Column Assy

BH-7153-29 ALM A73109

Hydraulic Power Unit 7001A

BH-7153-30 ALM 93-104

Hydraulic Tube 3/8" Dia. X 20"

BH-7153-31 ALM 93-105-02

Hydraulic Tube 64-3/8"

BH-7153-32 ALM 93-105-04

Hydraulic Tube 3/8" Dia. X 32-1/4"

BH-7153-33 ALM 73-106

Hydraulic Tube 3/8" Dia. X 40-1/8"

BH-7153-34 ALM 93-105-05

Hydraulic Tube 3/8" Dia. X 98-1/2"

BH-7153-35 ALM A93108-01

Male Elbow 3/8" x 3/8" NPT

BH-7153-36 ALM A93108-02

Tee Union 3/8 x 3/8 x 3/8

BH-7153-37 ALM A93108-05

Female Elbow 3/8 x 1/4

BH-7153-38 ALM 93-111

Cylinder Shim

BH-7153-39 ALM A93110


BH-7153-40 ALM A93108-08

Ferrulok Ferrule 3/8"

BH-7153-41 ALM 90-012A

Column Top Plate Assy

BH-7153-42 ALM 70-008A

Idle Column Assy

BH-7153-43 ALM 90-014A

Top Plate Assy, Idle Column

BH-7153-44 ALM 70-004A

Front Gasket Assy

BH-7153-45 ALM 70-104

Column Cover Plate

BH-7153-46 ALM X90109


BH-7153-47 ALM A00002-04

Split Lockwasher 1/4"

BH-7153-48 ALM A00006-12

Hex Bolt 3/8-16 x 1-1/4

BH-7153-49 ALM A00003-06

Washer 3/8

BH-7153-50 ALM 90-122

Column Cover Clip

BH-7153-51 ALM 90-118

Keeper Plate

BH-7153-52 ALM A00194

Socket Head Cap Screw 7/16-14 x 3

BH-7153-53 ALM 93-115A

Pulley Bracket

BH-7153-54 ALM X00011-14

Machine Screw 1/4-20 x 1-3/4

BH-7153-55 ALM A00003-04

Washer 1/4

BH-7153-56 ALM 91-004A

Corner Assy

BH-7153-57 ALM 71-004A

Pedestal Weldment

BH-7153-58 ALM A00006-08

Hex Bolt 3/8-16 x 1

BH-7153-59 ALM A00001-06

Hex Nut 3/8-16

BH-7153-60 ALM A00002-06

Split Washer 3/8

BH-7153-61 ALM 72-006A

Carriage Weldment

BH-7153-62 ALM 72-110A

Arm Pin Assy

BH-7153-63 ALM A00023-28

Roll Pin 1/4" x 1-3/4

BH-7153-64 ALM 92-303

Safety Block Spacer

BH-7153-65 ALM A00003-12

3/4" Washer

BH-7153-66 ALM A00013-24

Hex Bolt 3/4-10 x 3

BH-7153-67 ALM A92111

Chain Dead End

BH-7153-68 ALM A92123

3/4" Pitch Leaf Chain 7001A

BH-7153-69 ALM A00027

Shoulder Bolt 5/16 X 1-1/2

BH-7153-70 ALM A00007-04

Security Locknut 1/4-20

BH-7153-71 ALM A00050-32

Socket Head Screw 7/16-14 x 4

BH-7153-72 ALM A00007-07

Locknut 7/16-14

BH-7153-73 ALM A00084-07

Tubing 5/32 x 40"

BH-7153-74 ALM 74-001ALH

LH Long Arm Assy

BH-7153-75 ALM 74-002ALH

LH Short Arm Assy

BH-7153-76 ALM A073110 A94208

Rubber Lift Pad

BH-7153-77 ALM X00032

1-1/2" Snap Ring

BH-7153-78 ALM 71-101

Overhead Profile Tube

BH-7153-79 ALM X00030-14

Cotter Pin 3/16 x 1-3/4

BH-7153-80 ALM A00012-24

Hex Bolt 3/4-10 x 3

BH-7153-81 ALM A00007-12

Locknut 3/4-10

BH-7153-82 ALM X00015

3/4 x 5-1/2 Wedge Anchor

BH-7153-83 ALM A00017-197

1/16 x 197" Wire Cable

BH-7153-84 ALM A00021-04

Cable Clamp 1/16"

BH-7153-85 ALM A00004-04

Hex Bolt 1/4-20 x 1/2

BH-7153-86 ALM A00081-08

Pipe Swivel Adapter 1/8 NPT/JIC

BH-7153-87 ALM A00001-05

Hex Nut 5/16-18

BH-7153-88 ALM A00002-05

Split Lockwasher 5/16

BH-7153-89 ALM A00003-05

Washer 5/16

BH-7153-90 ALM X00025

Wire Tie 5-1/2"

BH-7153-91 ALM A00082-16

Air Hose Coupling 5/32 to 5/32

BH-7153-92 ALM A00084-09

Tubing 5/32 x 101"

BH-7153-93 ALM A00084-21

Tubing 5/31 x 287"

BH-7153-94 ALM A00082-13

Male Connector 1/4 Hose to 1/4 NPT

BH-7153-95 ALM A00094-02

Tubing 1/4 x 48"

BH-7153-96 ALM A00082-10

Male Connector 1/4 to 1/8 NPT

BH-7153-97 ALM A00082-15

Male Running Tee 5/32 x 5/32 x 1/8

BH-7153-98 ALM A00004-08

Hex Bolt 1/4-20 x 1

BH-7153-99 ALM A00082-14

Plug In Elbow 5/32 to 5/32

BH-7154-00 ALM A00084-14

Tubing 5/32 x 55-1/4"

BH-7154-01 ALM A00082-03

Male Air Hose Fitting 5/32 x 1/8 MNPT

BH-7154-02 ALM 74-002ARH

RH Short Arm Assy

BH-7154-03 ALM 92-120A

Arm Pin

BH-7154-04 ALM 12-300014A-01 Cable Pulley
BH-7154-05 ALM A00004-12

Hex Bolt 1/4-20 x 1-1/2

BH-7154-06 ALM 94-001ALH

LH Arm Assembly 9001

BH-7154-07 ALM 94-209A Lift Pad Assy 9001
BH-7154-08 ALM 91-113

Overhead Tube

BH-7154-09 ALM A00017-220

Wire Cable 1/16 x 220"

BH-7154-10 ALM A00084-11

Pneumatic Tubing 5/32 x 104 (9001)

BH-7154-11 ALM A00094-03

Pneumatic Tubing 1/4 x 51" (9001)

BH-7154-12 ALM 90-009A

Drive Column Weldment (9001)

BH-7154-13 ALM A93103

Hydraulic Power Unit 9001

BH-7154-14 ALM 93-105-01

Hydraulic Tubing 3/8 x 35-1/4 (9001)

BH-7154-15 ALM 93-106

Hydraulic Tubing 3/8 x 54 (9001)

BH-7154-16 ALM 93-107

Hydraulic Tubing 3/8 x 60-1/8 (9001)

BH-7154-17 ALM 93-105-03

Hydraulic Tubing 3/8 x 101-1/2 (9001)

BH-7154-18 ALM 90-010A

Idle Column Assy 9001

BH-7154-19 ALM 90-123

Column Cover Plate 9001

BH-7154-20 ALM 91-003A

Pedestal Weldment 9001

BH-7154-21 ALM 92-004A

Carriage Weldment 9001

BH-7154-22 ALM 12-2003A

Column Weldment - Idle

BH-7154-23 ALM 12-2004A

Column Weldment - Drive

BH-7154-24 ALM 12-3002A

Track Weldment - Idle (12000)

BH-7154-25 ALM 12-3001A

Track Weldment - Drive (12000)

BH-7154-26 ALM 12-4011A

Crosstube Weldment - Drive

BH-7154-27 ALM 12-4012A

Crosstube Weldment - Idle

BH-7154-28 ALM B123117

Hydraulic Cylinder

BH-7154-29 ALM 443375

Cylinder Mounting Pin

BH-7154-30 ALM A00030-16

Cotter Pin 3/16 x 2

BH-7154-31 ALM 448488


BH-7154-32 ALM 448123

Hydraulic Tube 3/8 x 104-1/2 (12000)

BH-7154-33 ALM A93108-11

Bulkhead Fitting 3/8"

BH-7154-34 ALM 12-1118A

Hydraulic Hose Assy

BH-7154-35 ALM A93108-01

Male Elbow 3/8 x 3/8

BH-7154-36 ALM B121115

Power Unit

BH-7154-37 ALM 12-3109A

End Plate Assy

BH-7154-38 ALM 453602

Cylinder Rod End Guide

BH-7154-39 ALM A00001-18

Hex Nut 1-1/8-7

BH-7154-40 ALM A00060-18

Hex Jam Nut 1-1/8-7

BH-7154-41 ALM B121101-07

Cable 7/16 x 189-5/8"

BH-7154-42 ALM B121101-08

Cable 7/16 x 397-7/8" (12000)

BH-7154-43 ALM B121101-09

Cable 7/16 x 334-1/2" (12000)

BH-7154-44 ALM B121101-10

Cable 7/16 x 126-1/4"

BH-7154-45 ALM A00007-14

Security Locknut 7/8-9

BH-7154-46 ALM A00003-14

Plain Washer 7/8"

BH-7154-47 ALM 12-1111A

Sheave Axle Assy - Crosstube

BH-7154-48 ALM X00061-08

Socket Capscrew 1/4-20 x 1

BH-7154-49 ALM 12-1128

Sheave Cover

BH-7154-50 ALM 12-2116A

Safety Channel Assy

BH-7154-51 ALM A00001-16

Hex Nut 1-8

BH-7154-52 ALM A00003-16

Plain Washer 1"

BH-7154-53 ALM A00060-16

Hex Jam Nut 1-8

BH-7154-54 ALM A00008-10

Hex Bolt 1/2-13 x 1-1/4

BH-7154-55 ALM A00002-08

Split Lockwasher 1/2

BH-7154-56 ALM 12-4124A

Safety Dog Assy

BH-7154-57 ALM B121119-02

LH Torsion Spring

BH-7154-58 ALM B121119-01

RH Torsion Spring

BH-7154-59 ALM 12-4110A

Safety Dog Mounting Pin Assy

BH-7154-60 ALM A00030-14

Cotter Pin 3/16 x 1-3/4

BH-7154-61 ALM A00004-32

Hex Bolt 1/4-20 x 4

BH-7154-62 ALM A00006-36

Hex Head Capscrew 3/8-16 x 4-1/2

BH-7154-63 ALM A00007-06

Security Locknut 3/8-16

BH-7154-64 ALM 814462

Guide Roller

BH-7154-65 ALM 12-1196

Safety Release Bracket

BH-7154-66 ALM X00089

Hair Pin Cotter 1/2

BH-7154-67 ALM A00084-04

Pneumatic Tubing 5/32 x 13-3/8

BH-7154-68 ALM A00084-05

Pneumatic Tubing 5/32 x 94-3/4

BH-7154-69 ALM A00084-02

Pneumatic Tubing 5/32 x 10

BH-7154-70 ALM A00082-07

Branch Tee 5/32 x 5/32 x 1/4

BH-7154-71 ALM A00084-06

Pneumatic Tubing 5/32 x 190-1/2

BH-7154-72 ALM A00082-06

Bulkhead Fitting 1/4 Hose x 1/4 NPT

BH-7154-73 ALM A00094-01

Pneumatic Tubing 1/4 x 74-1/2

BH-7154-74 ALM A00001-04

Hex Nut 1/4-20

BH-7154-75 ALM A00008-12

Hex Bolt 1/2-13 x 1-1/2

BH-7154-76 ALM 12-1110

Wheel Stop

BH-7154-77 ALM A00008-14

Hex Bolt 1/2-13 x 1-3/4

BH-7154-78 ALM A00001-08

Hex Nut 1/2-13

BH-7154-79 ALM 12-1109

Ramp Pin

BH-7154-80 ALM X00056-08

Cotter Pin 3/32 x 1

BH-7154-81 ALM X00133

Anchor 5/8 x 4-3/4

BH-7154-82 ALM 12-3004A

Track Weldment - Idle (12000S)

BH-7154-83 ALM 12-3005A

Track Weldment - Drive (12000S)

BH-7154-84 ALM 449949

Hydraulic Tubing 3/8 x 80-1/2

BH-7154-85 ALM B121215-11 B121101-11

Cable 7/16 x 373-7/8 (12000S)

BH-7154-86 ALM B121215-12 B121101-12

Cable 7/16 x 310-1/2 (12000S)

BH-7154-87 ALM 12-3030A

Track Weldment - Idle 12000WT

BH-7154-88 ALM 12-3029A

Track Weldment - Drive 12000 WT

BH-7154-89 ALM 12-1132A

LH Ramp Assy 12000WT & WTS

BH-7154-90 ALM 12-3033A

Track Weldment - Idle 12000WTS

BH-7154-91 ALM 12-3032A

Track Weldment - Drive 12000 WTS

BH-7154-92 ALM A00084-03

Pneumatic Tube 5/32 x 166-1/2 WTS

BH-7154-93 ALM 12-3026A

Track Weldment - Idle 12000A

BH-7154-94 ALM 12-3025A

Track Weldment - Drive 12000A

BH-7154-95 ALM 12-4015A

Crosstube Weldment - Drive

BH-7154-96 ALM 12-4016A

Crosstube Weldment

BH-7154-97 ALM 464559

Hydraulic Tube 3/8 x 82

BH-7154-98 ALM B121101-13

Cable 7/16 x 212-3/8

BH-7154-99 ALM B121101-14

Cable 7/16 x 420-5/8

BH-7155-00 ALM B121101-15

Cable 7/16 x 357-1/4

BH-7155-01 ALM B121101-16

Cable 7/16 x 149

BH-7155-02 ALM 12-1172A

Slip Plate Assy

BH-7155-03 ALM 12-1177

Bearing Spacer

BH-7155-04 ALM B121178

1" Steel Ball

BH-7155-05 ALM 12-1176

Rioller Plate

BH-7155-06 ALM A00019-030

Cable 3/32 x 30

BH-7155-07 ALM A00021-06

Cable Clamp 3/32

BH-7155-08 ALM 12-1179

Lock Pin

BH-7155-09 ALM A00004-07

Hex Bolt 1/4-20 x 7/8

BH-7155-10 ALM 25-3002A

Track Weldment w/Jacking Rail

BH-7155-11 ALM 25-1126

Track Spacer

BH-7155-12 ALM 25-2004A

Front Drive Column Assy

BH-7155-13 ALM 25-2002A

Rear Pump Mounting Column

BH-7155-14 ALM 25-2003A

Idle Side Column

BH-7155-15 ALM 25-3001A

Track Weldment 25000

BH-7155-16 ALM 25-4004A

Front Crosstube

BH-7155-17 ALM 25-4003A

Rear Crosstube

BH-7155-18 ALM 25-5002A

Cylinder Tube

BH-7155-19 ALM B251115

Power Unit 4 HP

BH-7155-20 ALM B255101

Hydraulic Cylinder

BH-7155-21 ALM 25-5109

Hydraulic Cylinder Mounting Pin

BH-7155-22 ALM 25-1116A

Hydraulic Hose Assy

BH-7155-23 ALM A93108-04

Female Elbow 3/8 NPT

BH-7155-24 ALM A93109-05

Nipple 3/8 NPT x 2-1/2

BH-7155-25 ALM 25-1125A

Chain Sheave Assy

BH-7155-26 ALM A00013-56

Hex Bolt 3/4-10 x 7

BH-7155-27 ALM 25-1103

Chain Dead End

BH-7155-28 ALM B251101-01

Lifting Chain 91"

BH-7155-29 ALM B251101-02

Lifting Chain 325"

BH-7155-30 ALM A00108-46

Cap Screw 3/8-24 x 5-3/4

BH-7155-31 ALM A00107-06

Security Locknut 3/8-24

BH-7155-32 ALM 25-1104

Chain Dead End

BH-7155-33 ALM A00108-40

Cap Screw 3/8-24 x 5

BH-7155-34 ALM A00105-06

Security Locknut 3/8-24

BH-7155-35 ALM A00106-16

Shoulder Screw 3/4 x 2

BH-7155-36 ALM A00007-05

Nylock Locknut 5/16-18

BH-7155-37 ALM B251101-03

Lift Chain 201"

BH-7155-38 ALM X251108

Connecting Link Assy

BH-7155-39 ALM 25-1106

Chain Dead End

BH-7155-40 ALM A00003-18

Plain Washer 1-1/8

BH-7155-41 ALM A00107-18

Security Locknut 1-1/8-12

BH-7155-42 ALM 25-4107A-01

RH Safety Dog Assy

BH-7155-43 ALM 25-4107A-02

LH Safety Dog Assy

BH-7155-44 ALM A00104-44

Hex Bolt 1-14 x 5-1/2

BH-7155-45 ALM 25-4109

Safety Block Spacer

BH-7155-46 ALM A00105-16

Thin Security Locknut 1-14

BH-7155-47 ALM A00013-36

Hex Bolt 3/4-10 x 4-1/2

BH-7155-48 ALM 25-1102

Safety Dog Release Bracket

BH-7155-49 ALM A00084-15

Pnuematic Tubing 5/32 x 6

BH-7155-50 ALM A00084-16

Pneumatic Tubing 5/32 x 109

BH-7155-51 ALM 25-1120A

Air Hose Assy

BH-7155-52 ALM 25-1119A

Air Hose Assy

BH-7155-53 ALM A00084-17

Pneumatic Tubing 5/32 x 276

BH-7155-54 ALM A00082-17

Branch Tee 5/32 Hose X 1/8 NPT

BH-7155-55 ALM A00084-18

Pneumatic Tubing 5/32 x 36

BH-7155-56 ALM A00082-11

Male Air Hose Elbow 5/32 x 1/4 NPT

BH-7155-57 ALM 25-1109

Front Wheel Stop

BH-7155-58 ALM 25-1111A

Ramp Weldment

BH-7155-59 ALM A00012-20

Hex Bolt 3/4-10 x 2-1/2

BH-7155-60 ALM A00001-12

Hex Nut 3/4-10

BH-7155-61 ALM A00008-18

Hex Bolt 1/2-13 x 2-1/4

BH-7155-62 ALM 25-1110

Rear Wheel Chock

BH-7155-63 ALM X00123

Hose Tie Mounting Clip

BH-7155-64 ALM X00129

Hydraulic Hose Support Pad

BH-7155-65 ALM E062004A

Base Weldment

BH-7155-66 ALM E063007A

Top Frame Weldment w/Extension

BH-7155-67 ALM E064011A

Inside Lower Hinge Assy

BH-7155-68 ALM E064012A

Inside Upper Hinge Assy

BH-7155-69 ALM E064013A

Outside Lower Hinge Assy

BH-7155-70 ALM E064014A

Outside Upper Hinge Assy

BH-7155-71 ALM E061195A

Cylinder Assy

BH-7155-72 ALM E061142A

Safety Bracket Assy

BH-7155-73 ALM E061146A

Safety Dog Assy

BH-7155-74 ALM E061151-01

Lower Cylinder Pin 10-7/8"

BH-7155-75 ALM E061151-02

Upper Cylinder Pin 11-25/32"

BH-7155-76 ALM E061150


BH-7155-77 ALM E061169

Center Pin

BH-7155-78 ALM A00003-20

1-1/4" Plain Washer

BH-7155-79 ALM A00073-12

Security Locknut 1-1/4-7

BH-7155-80 ALM E061152

Hinge Roller

BH-7155-81 ALM E061153

Roller Axle

BH-7155-82 ALM X00138

Self Tapping Zerk Fitting .234 Dia.

BH-7155-83 ALM E061155

Keeper Plate

BH-7155-84 ALM E061154

Hinge Pin

BH-7155-85 ALM E061163

Hinge Pin

BH-7155-86 ALM E0631164

Keeper Key

BH-7155-87 ALM A00005-06

Hex Bolt 5/16-18 x 3/4

BH-7155-88 ALM E061156

Guide Strip

BH-7155-89 ALM E061159A

Toe Guard Mounting Assy

BH-7155-90 ALM E061157A

Toe Guard Assy

BH-7155-91 ALM E061265A

Toe Guard Extension Weldment

BH-7155-92 ALM E061165

Toe Guard Spring

BH-7155-93 ALM A00004-14

Hex Bolt 1/4-20 x 1-3/4

BH-7155-94 ALM A00012-48

Hex Bolt 3/4-10 x 4

BH-7155-95 ALM A00060-12

Hex Jam Nut 3/4-10

BH-7155-96 ALM A00081-11

Street Elbow 1/4"

BH-7155-97 ALM E061183-02

Hydraulic Hose Assy 15' 11-7/8"

BH-7155-98 ALM E061183-01

Hydraulic Hose Assy 13' 5-7/8"

BH-7155-99 ALM A93109-09

Quick Disconnect Coupler 1/4 FNPT

BH-7156-00 ALM E061186

Linear Potentiometer

BH-7156-01 ALM A00149-06

Machine Screw 8-32 x 3/8

BH-7156-02 ALM A00158-08

Split Lockwasher

BH-7156-03 ALM E061193

Pontentiometer Mounting Plate

BH-7156-04 ALM A00150-02

Machine Screw 4-40 x 1/2

BH-7156-05 ALM A00158-04

Split Lockwasher

BH-7156-06 ALM A00150-04

Machine Screw 4-40 x 1/2

BH-7156-07 ALM A00144-04

Hex Nut

BH-7156-08 ALM E061172

Air Cylinder

BH-7156-09 ALM A00152-06

Cap Screw 6-32 x 3/4

BH-7156-10 ALM X00141

High Collar Lockwasher

BH-7156-11 ALM A00082-04

Tube Elbow 5/32 Tube x 10/32 NPT

BH-7156-12 ALM A00084-19

Pneumatic Tubing 5/32 x 144

BH-7156-13 ALM A00176-08

Machine Screw 10-32 x 1/2

BH-7156-14 ALM A00085-10

Hex Jam Nut 10-32

BH-7156-15 ALM E061225A

Lift Pad Assy

BH-7156-16 ALM E061239A

Box & Pedestal Weldment

BH-7156-17 ALM E061185A

Pedestal Weldment

BH-7156-18 ALM E061235

2 HP Pump

BH-7156-19 ALM E061251

Control Panel Plate

BH-7156-20 ALM E061234


BH-7156-21 ALM E061242


BH-7156-22 ALM E061247


BH-7156-23 ALM E061248

Fuse Block

BH-7156-24 ALM E061249

1/2 Amp Fuse

BH-7156-25 ALM E061250

10 Amp Fuse

BH-7156-26 ALM E061240

Air Valve

BH-7156-27 ALM E061174

Pressure Switch

BH-7156-28 ALM A00081-03

Close Nipple

BH-7156-29 ALM A00081-13

Bell Reducer 1/4 Female x 1/8 Female

BH-7156-30 ALM A00081-06

Female Tee 1/8 NPT

BH-7156-31 ALM A00082-12

Male Elbow 1/4 Tube x 1/8 NPT

BH-7156-32 ALM A00084-22

Pneumatic Tubing 5/32 x 180

BH-7156-33 ALM E061210

Front Cover

BH-7156-34 ALM A93109-10

Hex Pipe Nipple 1/4 Male x 1/4 MNPT

BH-7156-35 ALM A93109-08

Quick Disconnect Coupler 1/4 FNPT

BH-7156-36 ALM X00168


BH-7156-37 ALM A00005-07

Hex Bolt 1/4-20 7/8

BH-7156-38 ALM X00172-18

Machine Screw 6-32 x 1-1/8

BH-7156-39 ALM A00158-06

Split Lockwasher

BH-7156-40 ALM A00144-06

Hex Nut 6-32

BH-7156-41 ALM A00151-06

Machine Screw 10-24 x 3/8

BH-7156-42 ALM A00143-10

Split Lockwasher

BH-7156-43 ALM A00151-08

Machine Screw 10-24 x 1/2

BH-7156-44 ALM X00086-06

Machine Screw 10-32 x 3/8

BH-7156-45 ALM X00145-10

External Tooth Lockwasher

BH-7156-46 ALM X00192

Female Stand-Off 10-32

BH-7156-47 ALM X00144-08

Hex Nut 8-32

BH-7156-48 ALM X00172-08

Machine Screw 6-32 x 1/2

BH-7156-49 ALM E061245

Raise Pushbutton

BH-7156-50 ALM E061244

Lower Pushbutton

BH-7156-51 ALM E061243

Park Pushbutton

BH-7156-52 ALM E061246

Emergency Push/Pull Switch

BH-7156-53 ALM A00083-01

Pneumatic Tubing 5/16 x 13"

BH-7156-54 ALM A00083-02

Pneumatic Tubing 5/16 x 16"

BH-7156-55 ALM A00083-03

Pneumatic Tubing 5/16 x 23-1/4"

BH-7156-56 ALM A00083-04

Pneumatic Tubing 5/16 x 23-1/4"

BH-7156-57 ALM A00083-05

Pneumatic Tubing 5/16 x 12-1/2"

BH-7156-58 ALM A00083-06

Pneumatic Tubing 5/16 x 17"

BH-7156-59 ALM A00083-07

Pneumatic Tubing 5/16 x 27-1/2"

BH-7156-60 ALM A00084-01

Pneumatic Tubing 5/32 x 17"

BH-7156-61 ALM A00082-02

Male Elbow 5/16 x 1/8

BH-7156-62 ALM A00081-05

Street Elbow 1/4"

BH-7156-63 ALM 12-5101A

Lower Frame Weldment

BH-7156-64 ALM 12-5102A

Upper Housing & Arm Weldment

BH-7156-65 ALM 12-5152A

Inner Scissor Assy

BH-7156-66 ALM 12-5153A

Outer Scissor Assy

BH-7156-67 ALM 12-5157A

Safety Dog Assy

BH-7156-68 ALM 12-5163A

Safety Dog Assy

BH-7156-69 ALM 12-5181A

Safety Dog Mounting Pin Assy

BH-7156-70 ALM X00090

Hair Pin Cotter 1-5/8

BH-7156-71 ALM X125176

Cam Follower Bearing

BH-7156-72 ALM X125178

Air Spring

BH-7156-73 ALM 1193218

Lower Scissor Rod

BH-7156-74 ALM 1193583

Upper Scissor Rod

BH-7156-75 ALM 12-5146A

Lift Pad Assy

BH-7156-76 ALM 12-5145-02

Extension Pin 4-5/8 x 3

BH-7156-77 ALM 12-5145-03

Extension Pin 7-5/8 x 6

BH-7156-78 ALM X125179

Air Cylinder

BH-7156-79 ALM X125171

3-Way Valve 1/8 NPT

BH-7156-80 ALM X125172

110 PSI Regulator

BH-7156-81 ALM 1170573

Anti Kick Up Bracket

BH-7156-82 ALM 1194314

Scissor Lock Plate

BH-7156-83 ALM 1193949

Rod Lock Plate

BH-7156-84 ALM 12-5136A

Scissor Pin Weldment

BH-7156-85 ALM 1180800


BH-7156-86 ALM X00086-08

Machine Screw 10-32 x 1/4

BH-7156-87 ALM A00006-07

Hex Bolt 3/8-16 x 7/8

BH-7156-88 ALM A00073-05

Thin Security Locknut 5/16-18

BH-7156-89 ALM A00005-08

Hex Bolt 5/16-18 x 1

BH-7156-90 ALM A00082-05

Tube Fitting 5/16 Tube x 1/4 NPT

BH-7156-91 ALM A00082-01

Tube Fitting 5/16 Tube x 1/8 NPT

BH-7156-92 ALM A00081-09

Pipe Plug 1/4 NPT

BH-7156-93 ALM X125173

Muffler 1/8 NPT

BH-7156-94 ALM A00081-04

Pipe Plug 1/8 NPT

BH-7156-95 ALM 09-4329A

Rear Arm w/out Pick-Up Pad

BH-7156-96 ALM X00310


BH-7156-97 ALM X00403

Overhead Switch

BH-7156-98 ALM 74-003ALH

LH Arm Assembly 7001

BH-7156-99 ALM 74-003ARH

RH Arm Assembly 7001

BH-7157-00 ALM A00017-203

Wire Cable 1/16 x 203" 7001

BH-7157-01 ALM 07-0014A

Drive Side Column 7002A

BH-7157-02 ALM 07-0015A

Final Column 7002A

BH-7157-03 ALM 07-4014A

Idle Side Long Arm Assy 7002A

BH-7157-04 ALM 07-4024A

Drive Side Long Arm Assy 7002A

BH-7157-05 ALM 07-4020A

Drive Side Short Arm Assy 7002A

BH-7157-06 ALM 07-4023A

Idle Side Short Arm Assy 7002A

BH-7157-07 ALM 07-2009A

Drive Carriage 7002A

BH-7157-08 ALM 07-2012A

Idle Side Carriage Assy 7002A

BH-7157-09 ALM 07-1008A

Drive Side Column Extension 7002A

BH-7157-10 ALM 07-1009A

Idle Side Column Extension 7002A

BH-7157-11 ALM 07-1005A

Inner Profile Top Member 7002A

BH-7157-12 ALM A00187-06

Self Tap Screw 1/4-20 x 3/4

BH-7157-13 ALM 07-2158A

Long Arm - Arm Restraint Rod 7002A

BH-7157-14 ALM 07-4171A

3" Arm Pad Extension 7002A

BH-7157-15 ALM 460389

Sheave Guard 7002A

BH-7157-16 ALM X00185-.75

3/4" Retaining Ring 7002A

BH-7157-17 ALM 07-1112-02

Spacer Tube 7002A

BH-7157-18 ALM 07-1112-01

Spacer Tube 7002A

BH-7157-19 ALM 07-1113

Sheave Pin 7002A

BH-7157-20 ALM A073128-01

Cable Assy 364-1/2" 7002A

BH-7157-21 ALM A00007-08

Nylock Locknut 1/2-13

BH-7157-22 ALM A073161

Hydraulic Power Unit 7002A

BH-7157-23 ALM A93109-11

Nipple 3/8 NPT x 1-1/2

BH-7157-24 ALM A93109-07

Female Tee 3/8 NPT

BH-7157-25 ALM 07-3152-01

Hydraulic Hose Assy 3/8 x 44" 7002A

BH-7157-26 ALM 07-3157-01

Hydraulic Hose Assy 3/8 x 30" 7002A

BH-7157-27 ALM 448335

Orifice Housing Fitting 7002A

BH-7157-28 ALM A073110

Hydraulic Cylinder 7002A

BH-7157-29 ALM 07-3121A

Safety Dog 7002A

BH-7157-30 ALM 07-3125A

Safety Dog Axle 7002A

BH-7157-31 ALM A00030-12

Cotter Pin 3/16 x 1-1/2

BH-7157-32 ALM A00017-05.7

Cable 1/16" x 5.7" 7002A

BH-7157-33 ALM A073150

Air Cylinder Clevis 7002A

BH-7157-34 ALM A00084-23

Air Hose 5/32 x 312 7002A

BH-7157-35 ALM A00094-04

Air Hose 1/4 x 96 7002A

BH-7157-36 ALM A00017-210

Cable 1/16 x 210 7002A

BH-7157-37 ALM A00006-10

Hex Bolt 3/8-16 x 1-1/4

BH-7157-38 ALM 457832

Hose Mounting Clip 7002A

BH-7157-39 ALM A00186

Hose Clip 7002A

BH-7157-40 ALM A00189-04

Hex Head Screw 1/4-20 x 1/2

BH-7157-41 ALM A00060-06

Hex Jam Nut 3/8-16

BH-7157-42 ALM A00183-12

Dog Point Set Screw 3/8-16 x 1-1/2

BH-7157-43 ALM A93109-13

1/4 NPT x 2-1/2" Nipple

BH-7157-44 ALM 07-2160A

Idle Side Base Plate Extension 7002A

BH-7157-45 ALM 07-2162A

Drive Side Base Plate Extension 7002A

BH-7157-46 ALM 12-300010A-01

Track Sheave

BH-7157-47 ALM X-00549

Seal Kit

BH-7157-48 ALM 99-0053A

Sheave Replacement Kit

BH-7157-49 ALM A073169

Arm Slider Block

BH-7157-50 ALM 93133-09


BH-7157-51 ALM 15-1003A

Height Extension

BH-7157-52 ALM 12-400006A-01


BH-7157-53 ALM 09-3035A-01


BH-7157-54 ALM 09-4253A Arm Restraint Rod
BH-7157-55 ALM A00081-07


BH-7157-56 ALM X125200

Valve for Rolling Jack

BH-7157-57 ALM A094312-05

Set Screw

BH-7157-58 ALM A094312-13

Jam Nut

BH-7157-59 ALM X00096x

Air Valve supercedes BH-7151-28