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Bend-Pak (now BendPak) began in 1965 and can found everywhere. BendPak introduced the Ranger Product brand name in 1997.

BendPak and Ranger have seen huge growth over the years and their name is very well known in the United States. SVI carries a huge selection of inventory for Bend-Pak and Ranger products. If it’s the stainless steel duckhead you need or a seal kit for the cylinder or replacement parts for your Ranger brake lathe or Ranger tire changer, be sure to call SVI.

SVI can help with auto lift parts, tire changer repair parts, brake lathe repair parts for your Ranger RL-8500, and wheel balancer parts. SVI offers three ready-ship warehouses for quick on-demand delivery of replacement parts for Ranger equipment.

Ranger Products are a brand made by BendPak, well-known maker of auto lifts, and SVI is prepared to help keep your BendPak and Ranger equipment in working order. SVI’s Direct Fit brand of replacement parts make us the #1 supplier of repair parts for a great price.

While, BendPak is a more popular name for automotive lifts in the industry, you will also find lifts with Ranger’s name down the column. Ranger is mostly known for tire changers, brake lathes, floor jacks, motorcycle/ATV lifts, work benches and other equipment found around the shop.

SVI is the name to know when searching for reasonably priced repair parts for Bend-Pak and Ranger lifts, tire changers, brake lathes and other shop products. We’re here to get your shop back in working order.

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 to discuss your repair or manufacturing needs.