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Complete New Lifts – Sports Car Lifts – Model SC-363

Sports Car Lift for Porsche 911 and others

Capacity: 4000 lbs. / 1815 kg.

SC-363 Lifts are Made In America in SVI’s production facility in DeKalb, Illinois.

The SC-363 Series of Lifts from SVI are perfect for those engaged in the sale, service and use of supercars associated with the racing and high performance vehicle markets. The SC-363 was built with the Porsche 911 model in mind.

  • Design that lasts more than a lifetime.
  • Low maintenance, simple design
  • Operates off shop-air compressor / Self-contained unit, no under floor piping, no external air/oil tank
  • Thick fiberglass and gel coat protective coating applied to casing to prevent corrosion and provide decades of trouble-free use.
  • The best purchase a serious shop or enthusiast can make!

SC-363 comes standard with a safety leg. An Optional Safety Leg Rotator is available, giving the ability for full 360 degree rotation so that the vehicle being serviced can be positioned close to tools needed for work.

SVI has applied the best in ingenuity and simplicity to make this lift functional, affordable and flexible in its uses.

Installation of the SC-363 lift for your Porsche is simple and takes little time when you have the proper equipment on hand.
Just five steps:

  • Simply saw through concrete.
  • Auger holes for cylinder and safety leg.
  • Place cylinder in hole.
  • Drill holes, anchor down, and add fluid.
  • Install lifting structure and take full advantage of your cool, new time-saving tool!
Model SC-363 Lift for Porsche 911 and Others

Super Safe Operation: Whether fully loaded or empty, this lift ascends and descends at a very safe and stable travel rate. Even if the air line is severed, the lift will still move at a very controlled and stable rate of speed. Hands-down and unequivocally safer than any old-fashioned lift found widely in use in shops today. An SC-363 lift does its work from directly under the vehicle. Most two-post lifts commonly used today lift from outside of the vehicle footprint providing no protection from instant, unstoppable free fall of a vehicle. An SC-363 exceeds industry standards for minimum descent time allowed if a system failure should ever occur.

Need to lift a different supercar? SC-363 Sports Car Lift is ideal for Porsche Models 911, 912, 356, 914, 996, 964, 997, 912, 930, 993, 991, Cayman and Boxster models. The SC-363 is also available for use on Corvettes, Lotus, Ferrari, Lamborghini and so many other models of different makes. No matter what your lifting needs may be—SVI is your Answer!

Call SVI today at (800) 321-8173 for more information about model SC-363
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