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Products for Properly Lifting Porsche Vehicles

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Model SC-363 Lift for Porsche 911 and Others

DeKalb, Illinois: Well-known for over 35 years, SVI continues its solid and steady commitment to the auto lift industry through a non-stop approach to problem solving and innovative solutions.

SVI offers a variety of products to help properly lift Porsche vehicles

  • Specialty Lift Point Adapters for Porsche
  • Lift Point Adapter Leather Covers
  • 2-1/2″ Rubber Riser Pads
  • Model SC-363 Lift for Porsche 911 and others

While accidental, many shops that service Porsche and other high-end vehicles use lifts that can cause undercarriage damage. These outdated, oversized above-ground lifts are supplied with adapters that work fine for trucks with frames. However, they are not well-suited for cars with special lifting points that require specific and proper engagement for lifting. Undercarriage damage occurs all the time and often goes unnoticed by technicians or the vehicle owner until the day they look under their car. SVI will help put an end to damage due to lifting. By properly supporting the vehicle with adapters specific for the application, you will be taking better care of your customers’ cars.

Porsche Lift Adapters for Rotary Lifts
Specialty Adapters for Rotary Lifts to Properly Lift Porsches

These adapters not only help prevent damage, they also help to more securely hold the vehicle on the lift by nesting nicely together forming a more slip-resistant engagement with the vehicle. Safer and more properly suited tools for your shop are always a good idea, right?

Order a set of four adapters for use on each of your Rotary lifts today. Leather covers are also available.

SVI can also help you with specialty adapters for any other lift makes you may own such as Bend Pak, Challenger or Nussbaum Lifts—just call.


Porsche Lift Point Adapter (Set of 4)

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Porsche Lift Point Adapter (set of 4)

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2-1/2" Rubber Riser Pad (1)

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2-1/2" Rubber Riser Pad (set of 4)

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Clutch Lever and Shaft Removal Tool

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Lift Point Adapter Leather Cover (1)

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Lift Point Adapter Leather Cover (set of 4)

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